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You Know You're a Sanderfan When...


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When you've taken off several days from work for Words of Radiance AND preordered the book, audible and e-book.


/rocks himself softly whilst in a strait jacket

Wow! I wish I could do that, locking myself in my home with the book and enough food to last for a week.

unfortunately i can't, i don't know how long shipping will take and my brother will also want to read it.

and yes, wishing to take vacation and lock myself at home counts. so does thinking about ordering two copies, one for me and one for my brother, so that no one will have to wait before reading

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When you see someone called Harmonie and the first thing you think of is Sazed.

When you dream about the prerelease party. (Though I can't be there).

Its gotten to the point where I see the name of a shard, and sometimes once rereading the sentence a few times I'm still not sure what it was meant to say. (I'm also gonna blame this one on the cosmere puns thread)
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When your staff complains of a nearly impossible project, and you say, "go to the board and start breaking it down into a manageable list", and wonder how easier things could be if you had Kelsier's crew.


When you use your signature stamp, wait a few moments to see if anything changes, and then sigh in frustration when nothing does.


Edit: When you celebrate Chinese New Year wearing Lightsong's colors.

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When you're discussing how Mistborn series 2 will work with modern tech, and your brother suggests burning kitten pictures with duralumin. Explosion of kitteny goodness :D

Edit: or if you burn duralumin while clicking 'like', you will save that child's life.

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When you watch Avengers and think of the Iron Man suit as Shardplate. But then you realize that Sadeas is the one with red Shardplate and want to cry.


When your astronomy notes on gravity and pressure in star formation devolve are in terms of Lashings.


When you try to use these notes to study for a test, and drift off for ten minutes remembering all the awesome Windrunnung moments in WOR.


When you can't use the word "awesome" without thinking of Lift. 


When you get mad at Words with Friends because it doesn't accept "skaa," "spren," or "crem" as words.

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