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  1. That post was from over ten years ago . Looks like you can get them now at worldbuilder's market.
  2. I’m probably getting too hung up on the comparison to actual gravity, but I ran some numbers, and to get time dilation at a x1/7 factor across a planet would take hundreds of solar masses. Billions of times the mass of an earth-like planet. Probably not coincidently, this is because we’re talking about billions of times more time dilation than you’d normally experience on the earth’s surface. So I think any meaningful time dilation on this scale would have to be the result of Investiture being magic (i.e. like a Cadmium bubble), rather than it behaving like a black hole’s time dilation in any meaningful physics sense. Also the idea of different rates of time dilation across a planet’s surface just hurts me brain.
  3. To rewind back to the possibility of time dilation for a moment: I’d have to dust of my astrophysics minor to say with any precision, but it takes a lot of mass in one place to cause time dilation that would be meaningful on human time scales. Granted, the rules are probably different for Investiture—like allomantic time bubbles don’t require singularities to function— but I get the impression when Brandon is talking about Investiture warping time like a black hole, he’s talking about the raw density of Investiture in a small area causing a similar effect, not Investiture being put to that specific purpose. And if the quantities of Investiture needed for this are remotely comparable to those needed with mass, I just don’t see that happening on a planetary scale. Like, we’d be talking the planet’s mass in Investiture several times over. At that point the whole thing would just be a perpendicularity, I think.
  4. Me: *hears the title of chapter one* *frowns* “Alcatraz, what are you doing in medieval England?”
  5. I’m rather satisfied with the fact that I spied Hoid’s lemony narration for what it was, well before he was name-dropped.
  6. So, Zahel wasn't on Syl's list of people Kaladin can't intimidate. Theory confirmed! I legitimately feared for Kaladin in this moment. Fighting a master Awakener amidst the laundry is like fighting a Mistborn in a minting facility.
  7. Transporting Investiture off-world...my first thought was a Bondsmith power to sever the Connection somehow (Has Sja-anat corrupted the Sibling and that's why the Ghostbloods want an alliance with her?! ). My next idea was to encase the cargo in aluminum, like they're able to temporarily cut the connection between conjoined fabirals. Though I suppose this might cause problems once you take the Investiture out of the aluminum. With all the times Shallan was catching flaws in Mraize's disguise...did anyone else get the feeling she is going to end up underestimating him at some crucial point? I mean, Shallan has gotten pretty good at this, but my money is still on the probably-immortal creepy worldhopper.
  8. Nightblood: "Do you know what always makes me feel better?" Kaladin: "I really don't care." Nightblood: "Destroying evil!" Syl: "Maybe I should have gotten Jasnah instead..."
  9. My initial reaction was that Syl had made the perfect choice in fetching Adolin...but then Jasnah "Storming" Kohlin was mentioned as an option and now I really want that scene for some reason. Also "at best" there are three people that aren't intimated by Kaladin? Come on, Syl. You can do better than that. Off the top of my head, there's also: Dalinar, Lift, Hoid, Zahel, Mraize, Gallant, Taln, Nightblood, the Nightwatcher, Odium...The Stormfather doesn't make the list because he's a wuss. I'm just saying, we have more than three options here.
  10. Ah...mixing Investiture from different Shards. The 17th Shard isn't going to be happy with this... Shumin's, shall we say, "spunk" and willingness to join a violent revolt is all the more notable when you remember that one of workforms quirks is a tendency to avoid conflict. So it's been hinted at before, but this line seems to indicate pretty strongly that the Unmade were originally cognitive shadows.
  11. As amusing as Kaladin being ambassador to the Azish would be, I think there's an assignment that plays directly into his arc, and in fact he is probably the best equipped of any character for: ... Ambassador to the Singers.
  12. *surreptitiously puts away a large metal spike* I am very curious to know what the 17th Shard is up to right now. It would definitely be interesting to find out they’re behind one of the ongoing mysteries.
  13. My argument though is that these changes in personality don't constitute a separate "persona" in the same way that Veil and Radiant do. Chronologically, there is a shift in her persoanlity, starting with the flashbacks, through WoK, and then WoR, but it's gradual overtime. She doesn't slip in and out of entirely different outlooks like she does in Oathbringer. Veil thinks like Veil; she's tough, gritty, and revels in her difference from Shallan. When Shallan is being the "perfect daughter", she's constantly torn up inside. She's behaving differently sure, but her internal narrative doesn't suddenly switch to respecting her father and have all the sensibilities of proper lighteyed lady. Yes, she tries to be a different person, and acts accordingly, but there is a difference between that and literally thinking she is a different person with different skills and backstory. The former fits perfectly with someone whose suffered that kind of trauma and abuse, and doesn't require it being the result of a new "persona". (Though, granted that real-world dissociative identity problems are often the result of abuse and trauma. We might just be splitting hairs here.)
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