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  1. Man, LG53 was a blast. I want to sign up for this Spiritual Sucessor so badly, but I know that's a bad Idea. Can I join Hael in the Spec doc?
  2. Sabenta Smedry rolled into the Archive on her skateboard, popped a 360, landed it, whipped off her sunglasses and pulled the trigger on her noisemaker. "Woo! We got'em!" Wow I was so stressed when I switched my vote, I had no evidence for it, just gut reads. Thank glass it worked out. I'm not going to do a full read, but I'll put down my thoughts: Wandering Wizard - It really feels like the Exe on TGK was an attempt by Fifth to save them. It would really only make sense if the other elims were also less active or just not online during the last 12 hours of the cycle. Steeldancer - I'm getting less comfortable thinking they are a villager as they haven't done anything about this game publicly. I'd love it if they did. JNV - Ehhh, I'm just kinda neutral on them. Novel - Ehhh, I'm just kinda neutral on them. Luck - Nothing that happened last cycle has made me doubt them. Other than how much Fifth has defended them. Hmm. Maybe they are evil? The God King - I'm willing to declare them a Villager in my eyes. Fifth voting on them to tie them with WW makes sense if WW is an elim, as TGK was the only one with votes enough for Fifth to tie the vote, and then hopefully have WW vote as well to break the tie. Kas - I'm still inclined to think of them as a Villager. Conq - Nothing that happened last cycle has made me trust them any less. Devo - I think they're a villager. If they're an eliminator they're either amazingly willing to bus a teammate, or WW, Fifth, and TGK are all Elims with them. EDIT: To be clear, I am voting for Wandering Wizard. That's not just a coloring thing.
  3. Ugh, my reads are going all over the place. I'm typing this at work on my phone, so this will be short. The exe on Wandering Wizard and TUN didn't feel like it did much. The TGK exe might be an attempt by Fifth to save WW? That doesn't seem too likely, but Fifth and Kas' interactions have been itching at the vack of my mind, so I'm going to move my vote from Wandering Wizard to Fifth Scholar. The vote is now: TUN(1) - Wandering Wizard Wandering Wizard(1) - Conq TGK(2) - Kasimir, Fifth Fifth(2) - TGK, Joe I'm sorta suspicious of a Fifth, WW, Drought team, but i don't know if that makes sense. This geels scummy yo do in the last 20 minutes. But I just got off work. I'm trusting my gut on this.
  4. At the time of your post, Luckspren, Ash, and Drought were in a three way tie. If one of them AND you were evil, I would expect you to vote on one of the villagers to break the tie and save your teammate. So if one of them is evil, you are more likely to be a villager because you did not take a simple move to save them. It's not that you didn't want to vote on evil, otherwise everyone who didn't vote on day 1 would have to be considered evil if one of those three are evil. Those notes were unedited and unpolished. I had planned to go through and make them prettier and also remove things I didn't want to be public, like Luckspren RP'ing having a Tracker's Lens. I had meant to only talk about that in PM's to avoid painting a target on their back. But by the time I had finished I changed my mind because of the sheer number of notes that were just "33 - PLAYER talks." And I had already spent far too much time on SE yesterday. So I summarized player reads instead based on the notes I took. We're already halfway through the cycle and only The Unknown Novel and Wandering Wizard have votes on them. No one else has even been offered up as a candidate for votes. I'm inclined to think that I'm barking at the wrong bush with these two. Does anyone have literally any alternative candidates? Or an opinion on which to vote for? I don't want this entire cycle to be just about these two and Luck, especially if all three are villagers.
  5. Is there any player you'd rather get voted on rather then TUN or yourself?
  6. In Ps, Luckspren has given pretty good village vibes, so I'm no longer willing to vote them this cycle. My only teonsuspicions are Wandering Wizard and Novel. Since Novel already has a vote and has started to contribute more, I'll vote for Wandering Wizard.
  7. Yea I didn't clarify about being safe from kills. I don't know if I would have phrased it so bluntly in the synopsis. Was there anything else I missed? I would appreciate enlightenment Do you prefer TGK? I can switch to that easily. Like I mentioned, those notes were not supposed to make it into the thread. They were just my own summaries of posts. You did not miss anything else. My vote on Drought was just to expand the tie. I knew Drought was an inactive player. This cycle I'm willing to vote on Luckspren, Novel, or Wizard. Unless of course new information comes to light.
  8. The only people I'm currently 'suspicious' of are Novel and Wizard, and both of those are only because of Play styles, which I don't know nearly enough about to condemn them for. I'm going to just watch them for now. I've been trying to think of questions to ask them to get a better read on them, but haven't come up with anything. If Luckspren is an Eliminator, JNV and you would likely be Villagers and I'd look very hard among Fifth, Conq and Devo for Eliminators. And that is good night! I have spent far too long on SE today. I'll hop back on to read in about 10 hours, but it won't be responsible for me to post again for about 20 hours. Yell at me if you view me reading the shard please. I'm remembering how easy it is to get sucked into these games, which might by why I stopped in the first place.
  9. Maybe? I'm not sure what that means. My primary reason for voting for Luckspren is that a lot of players have defended them, and they survived a tied lynch. If they're an eliminator we'll get a lot of info about those players. Their action is not a reason I am voting for them, it is simply something else I want to know. I'd love to know everyone's actions, but Luckspren is the one who claimed/implied to have a Pseudo-Scan.
  10. Defend was the wrong word, sorry. Explain was what I would have used if I had meant to post those notes. Player Reads: Steel - Due to their apparent lack of care about the game, I think they are a Villager. However, that will switch unless they either seek a pinch hitter or start to participate. JNV - I don’t have any reads on them. I will note that they didn’t want to vote on Luck, Ash, or Drought. If any of them turn out to be Elims, this will be soft evidence that JNV is a villager. WW - I would lean towards them being an Eliminator, mostly due to their vote and retraction after being voted. It felt kind of like trying to avoid notice. It is a very small lean towards Eliminator. Fifth - I think they’s a villager? They talk a lot, which is nice. They’ve expressed some level of suspicion on Novel, Mat, and Kas. They’ve defended Conq and Luck. Mat died though, which lessens my suspicion of them, as it did not seem that Mat was trusted, so I don’t see why Fifth would publicly suspect Mat and then kill him. Novel - Their light suspicion of Kas is the only read I remember them making. I would like to see more discussion from them, but I will be the first to admit that RL needs to come first. Drought - Please post bro. King - They declined to vote on Ash, Luck, or Drought. This doesn’t mean much since Ash was already set to die at this point. I would like to see more discussion from them. Kas - Whew boy. Kas has posted a lot. I’ve been accepting that they were a villager until I made my notes and realized that a lot of their posts are very helpful to the members of the community in a strictly meta sense rather than a ‘solve this game’ sense. I’m not suspicious of them, but I am trying to separate my gratitude at their help from my read of them. They are suspicious of Luck and have argured with Novel in a way that makes me think they two of them can’t be on an elim team together. Conq - I trust them more than anyone else. Still not a lot, but my strongest village read. They were the first to break the tie, so if Drought or Luck are evil I’ll flip on them. I’ve agreed with pretty much everything they’ve done. Devo - They’ve made a soft defense of Conq, and they cemented the lynch on Ash. I’m ambivalent about them but will revisit them if Luck or Drought are Eliminators. Luck - They RP’d as having Tracker’s Lens. I’ve pm’d them about this, and then accidentally pointed it out in the thread before they could respond. I’m not all that suspicious of them, but a lot of people have defended them, so I would like to know their alignment and their action if they did have a Tracker’s Lens. I admit that Kas' most recent defense of them makes me less willing to vote on them, but I don't have better candidates. Well you're definitely going to effort read me now.
  11. Interesting. Does anyone know why this cycle is tagged 'rng is hilarious'? EDIT: Did not mean to post this yet! Still working on it. I should really work in a Google doc instead of the shard.
  12. I'm here for the last time before Roll Over, and I don't have any strong opinions on the current vote lineup. No one seems to be all that bothered by the currwnt events thoigh, which isn't good from an Info perspective, so I'll toss a vote on Droughtbringer.
  13. I don't remember you from that game. I do remember you because of Alvron's Death Note game in which I betrayed and publicly killed you. Sorry about that! Hey @Steeldancer, I remember you from ages back. How are you doing in this fine Archive? Got any thoughts? Does anyone have thoughts on leaving it tied to see if the Elims are willing to break the tie to reduce risk of RNG lynching one of them?
  14. Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians Setting Primer: The Evil Librarians have conquered what we know as Earth (The Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia). As they conquer territory, they brain wash people to forget about magic. The Free Worlders are the 4 Earth Continents that have not yet been conquered. They use magical glasses to screw with people. Some people (The Smedries) are basically superheroes. This game takes place in the Free World, so there are no libraries. There are Archives (Not a Library) where free worlders store written things, but they don't organize them, because that would make them a Library. Imagine Earth run by Hoid, Wayne, and Spook. It'll get you pretty close to accurate. *Disclaimer, I haven't read the books in a couple of years.
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