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  1. Happy birthday, Quitecontrary!

  2. I started to and when I saw that it had Navani in it, I had to stop myself. But it was sooo difficult. It would have to be Raids on the Unspeakable by Thomas Merton.
  3. Hard to decide. On his novellas:Emperor's Soul for the visual. For the epic ones, the SA books. Navani is my favorite character so any book that has her there, I'll gobble up.
  4. Nope, I haven't talked with anyone in person lately because quarantine. The art gallery is doing great! We launched a brand new exhibit called "Electric Youth" last week. Check it out! http://artstalkph.com I love eating out, and getting massages. Getting quarantined put a stop to that.
  5. Was it your idea to let us fight to the death and come back to you bloodied and torn so you can pick the last one standing? I get it now.
  6. Weren't you afraid your throat will burn when you drink it? It was a good idea at the time.
  7. Haha yes they do. It's just, anybody who looks at me, is reluctant to say, "that girl." I look too much like the scariest teacher you ever had in school.
  8. I just changed my avatar to just me, because what's the point of hiding? Recently have accepted that I really need glasses now that I'm getting old, and as my doctor said, "our retinas lose elasticity."
  9. Homo Sapiens 5.0 “What is it?”, the youngling whispered. “Its outer skin is soft. It has no blades for fingers, or claws. How can it defend itself? Only four limbs. No fangs. No scales.” The elder said, “It is one of the ancients from the portal. From the time of peace and plenty.”
  10. Sorry I just came from a really busy few months and I just dropped by to find an all-girl thread. With role-playing. What're the rules? Are there any or can you point me to the page where it is? Oh and I don't know if I should identify as a girl since a lot of you sound young enough to be my daughter if I had kids.
  11. Opinion - I think voting fish doesn't promote equality. They already occupy 75% of the earth's real estate. What more do they want? Thought for the day - If Kelsier was an American, he'd have murdered the orange person in the WH by now. Sound advice - Choosing to eat waffles is the best decision you can ever make today.
  12. That she did. Because if it's not in the calendar, it doesn't exist.
  13. Funny, I was busy so I recorded. I'm a huge fan of voice typing and voice notes. Chronological order it is! I put it in my calendar so I won't forget to have a listen. I'm one of those people whose schedules are ruled by the calendar. If it's not there, it won't happen, or didn't happen.
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