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  1. Of Galactus. The power cosmic plus archery has some neat applications.
  2. Not sure I quite agree with this as the reason not to have it happen. There is a long-standing trope in fiction for male characters to be paired off with female characters who are younger than them, or (to use on screen examples) for men to play the long-interests to much younger women. Now, I admit, I'm a bit unclear on what the ages of the characters involved here are - my Cosmere knowledge is a lot more lakcing than it should be - but I don't think this ship should be ruled out on the basis of age difference, particularly since Jasnah seem's like the type of character who would be attracted to someone due to their intellect and personality rather than any kind of physical attraction. (There are still potential consent and rank issues involved, given she's a monarch and he's not, but still.) Anyway, point is, I don't think the age gap is a reason this romance couldn't work out. Granted, I also low-key shipped Kaladin/Jasnah back when I started reading the books, so I am far from objective on this.
  3. Now, as far as queer head canons go... it's not a headcanon, exactly, but I want a bisexual male protagonist at some point, because I feel like that is a group that get's so little exposure, especially as heroes. And while I may not think that Vorinsm quite makes sense as a queer positive place, I have no doubt that Nalthis is all about that, and I'm curious how being Returned might interact with someone's idea of gender and identity. The examples we see in the book are very much idealised perfection of an ideal, so I wonder what would happen if someone who was trans or non-binary returned.
  4. I've left enough messages around the board that I should proooobably introduce myself on this. So. Hi. I'm Quiver. And this year I finally realized I was bi-. I'm sort of flipping on what tag to put at the end of that label though, and I'm maybe leaning more towards biromantic (with a preference for women). I think the fact I facilitate on what to call myself qualifies me as a disaster (And hey, I'm cool with memes)
  5. Obviously, Fox is Vin. … I mean, isn't that obvious to anyone else? The blaster's are reskinned as coin shots, his UP+B move is Vin dropping a coin to "fly", the defclector shield is pushing metals away from her, and the dash attack is using Pewter for a burst of speed. Falco, presumably, would be Kelsier or Zane. Same abilities, slightly tweaked stat line. I vote for Zane, so that I can punch him in the face.
  6. That is the point I was getting at, and I blame my lack of scientific interest on not being able to phras eit more succinctly. Can alomancy work like a recessive gene and throw up again at later opportunities, or does the weirdness of it being magical supersede that in some way?
  7. That's the part I'm wondering about, and why I was discounting Allrianne in this scenario. As far as I'm aware, we don't know what her mother was - in terms of what abilities, if any, she may or may not have had - so I wasn't sure if we can use a non-powered father as evidence on it's own. Steris is actually a better example, but I also imagine that the... experiments were going to be conducted with proven Mistings. Then again, if they planned on mixing and matching bloodlines descended from Spook, maybe they were willing to wager that two non-Mistings were capable of having a powered child due to their legacy. (...I feel like I maybe need to apologise for the really dark implications and aspects of this question.)
  8. So, we know that -short of hemalurgy or weirdness like the Well of Ascension - that the metallic arts show up in families. I mean, it's an important aspect of the first novel, regarding Vin's father and Elend/Straff's relationship. It's the latter I'm most curious about, though. We know that Elend wasn't a Misting, despite Straff's… uh... best efforts. What I'm wondering, though, is whether that means that Elend's children couldn't be Mistings (or even Mistborn). Since Elend himself wasn't a Misting, does that preclude anyone he's the father of from becoming a Misting? (Ignoring the mother in this, partly because I'm assuming under this scenario that she doesn't have abilities). So, basically, can Allomancy skip a generation, or was Elend "the end of the line", so to speak.
  9. I know that Brandon has commented that Shallan is (or might be, or can be interpreted as) bisexual... but I would really, really like it if we had some canon bi!male's in the cast. It's a demographic that tends to get overlooked, I think, and OB has established that queer couples are treated as a normal thing in Alethkar*, and having a bisexual guy as THE lead of the story would be a pretty cool step. *I'm not entirely sure if that makes sense from a world-building perspective, just given some of the weirdness about Vorinism, but that's a side point
  10. Recently finished Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey, which I enjoyed; very different tone from a lot of fantasy that I'm more familiar with.
  11. Wherever you do, people burst into song and dance around you. Unfortunately, their singing is tone deaf, and their dance styles lack rhythm. I wish to have the wisdom of the Five Scholars.
  12. Kasnah. Jalladin? Not sure what the ship name is, but KaladinxJasnah. It's actually one of the ships I've had since the Way of Kings, because I feel it's a relationship which would have to be based on intellectual understanding. I can picture Jasnah being very interested in medicine, and getting a chance to focus on his medical training rather than as 'a soldier' wouldn't be a bad thing for Kaladin. While it's not as much of an obstacle these days, I also feel like Jasnah would have been one of the few people who wouldn't care about Kaladin's status, at least not enough to let them stop her from pursuing a relationship. And, of course, there is the irony of Kaladin falling for not just any Lighteyes, but one of the most important Lighteyes on Roshar, which would be amusing.
  13. Quiver

    Queen Queries

    Ya know, someone is gonna ask this question, so I might as well get it out of the way upfront: Are you really a Drama Queen? (I regret nothing)
  14. Sure, why not? Lot's of people do and it's a fun and easy way to introduce yourself to people, or to let them know stuff about you.
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