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  1. Mm, gotcha, just reread it and what I’m understanding is this: every cycle, the elims choose who would be revealed by the Fang. If <1/2 the players send in the Fang, nothing happens. The next cycle, the elims can change who the Fang would reveal. On whatever cycle where >1/2 players send in a Fang, the last submitted elim would be revealed. Yes? Are these Darkfriends considered dead for the win cons even if they’re barred from the dead doc?
  2. I’m assuming the elim chosen by the Fang is publicly revealed? So if the elim team were to rotate who the fang was on, they’d reveal their whole team? If the Fang goes through, does the elim team spend the whole next cycle choosing who it’s on?
  3. This is all elim play is. So I think you succeeded.
  4. Thanks Lotus! It was fun to be back for a bit! Sorry there wasn't much RP this game. Looks like even the dead people thought I was evil... I honestly think I just play so differently from a meta perspective than most people here at this point that people just can't see it as village. Except Kas and Orlok who were dead on about my playstyle (but they also were the only ones who knew for a fact that I was good). It's always been a struggle for me, but especially now that I'm so out of touch with this community, I think my playstyle is just read totally differently. I'm not sure how Archer ended up so completely convinced against me or how I was so against Ash (again, if only I had flipped my suspect team which was Ash, Kas/Illwei, Orlok as of C5 and then increasingly Kas replaced Illwei and then she died, so it had to be Kas). So well done pitting us against each other.
  5. You did get me at the very end there. I had you and Orlok once I did my actual analysis, but for whatever reason, I was convinced Ash was the best starting point. Wish I’d gone for Orlok then instead. But your arguments in thread were so intensive that I started second guessing it right at the end and Archer’s posts today did feel weird, so at the end I thought maybe it had been him the whole time.
  6. Fair enough, I’m also good with the cycle ending then. @Lotus @Araris Valerian
  7. This cycle has brought me around to thinking archer is evil and Kas just had frustrated village vibes. But, up to you Kas. If you don’t want to go archer then I’m good with an early end to the cycle and my death/loss.
  8. I knew I wouldn’t be NKd but yeah I thought this was game over and I’m happy with that. Edit: there was no way you or I’d be killed Kas since we’re the main suspicions left. On that note, I’m so thoroughly confused that I’d be fine voting Archer if you are. @Kasimir I don’t know why he wasn’t NKd. At this point, I might be at crackpot levels but idk, he wasn’t NKed and his post this cycle is weird. Why back off me? @Archer No, if you don’t vote, I will vote for myself and end this. There won’t be any 50/50 chance.
  9. I already stole the peacing out thunder edit: if archer wants to vote me too, I vote we ask Lotus to end this early since I don’t have anything else to say. edit 2: if archer has no chance of voting Kas at least because I know I have nothing left to say to convince him. Last cycle should be evidence enough and there was plenty of discussion to look at. So, whatever you want, Archer.
  10. Are you joking? I wanted this to be over. I’ll start. Maill. I’m not going to try to debate Kas again like last cycle, sorry village. Well played elims.
  11. I’m so storming confused. I’ve been talking myself in circles this entire cycle trying to figure out the most logical pairing of elims and I can’t. I sold myself on Orlok and Kas but why would they spend this amount of time and energy debating when they could’ve coasted to a win with much less of a show? I am having a hard time imagining a world where Kas isn’t evil though. Kas and Archer? Sure but then Archer played a deep wolf game that was impressive as it was risky. TUA and anyone is another risky one and banks on him coasting under the radar. TUA and Archer is a supreme matchup and however you got Orlok, Kas, and I to duke it out, you are the masters of this game. Archer/Orlok makes no sense but I guess is an option? I can basically argue myself into thinking it’s any of these or none of these and that’s what I’ve been struggling with all cycle. I have gone back and forth over and over and don’t even know. So I’m just assuming this game is over and it was a pleasure y’all.
  12. I have nothing else to say. I’ve tapped out. Kas is too over-confident for V!Kas personality but we can exe me, that’s fine. See you in the aftermath.
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