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Long Game 91: A Fresh Start in Shinovar

They couldn't ignore their warriors' reports any longer. After nearly four hundred years of keeping the treasure the Heralds had left behind - well, most of them - someone had come looking for them. Someone not sent by Nin-son-God. No, these were Tukari. Stonewalkers. Some said they had a new leader, others just thought they had finally gotten word from some traitorous merchant. But the Tukari were coming for the Honorblades. And the Shin High Council must stand ready to face them.


Welcome to Long Game 91: A Fresh Start in Shinovar! This is a simplified version of my first game, LG72, and revolves around the changing of hands of Honorblades and thus abilities across the game. I, @Ashbringer, will be your GM, with @Devotary of Spontaneity as your IM. (If anyone would like to co-GM, let me know - additional vote counters are always welcome.)

There are two types of roles in this game, standard roles and Honorblade roles. Standard roles will be given to individual players and remain with them for the rest of the game (like normal roles) or until that player is eliminated. In this game, only the Shaman is a Standard role. Honorblades are transferable; they can be passed around and upon the Bearer’s death they will go to a new player. Each Honorblade grants two Surges; for recall’s sake, each Blade will be named by the Herald who held them.

General Rules:

  • Cycles will be split into 47-hour Days and 23-hour Nights, with rollover taking up to an hour after each turn.
  • The Shin High Council is the Village faction, and must eliminate all of the Tukari Invaders to win.
  • The Tukari Invaders is the Eliminator faction, and must outnumber the Shin High Council to win. They have an Elim doc to work with and a faction kill each Night.
  • Each player is limited to one action per turn (one Day, one Night), including the Elim kill.
  • PMs are closed unless opened by Abrasion or a similar ability, where they will be made by the GM. 
  • There is an execution every day turn; there is no vote minimum and ties will be decided randomly.
  • All players start with 2 Stormlight.
  • There are no secret rules this game.

Honorblade Rules:


Honorblade Bearers carry one of the eight Shin Honorblades, whether rightfully or stolen, which each give them access to two Surges as actions. They also gain 2 Stormlight charges every Highstorm (the end of every Third Night turn - N3, N6), which does carry over if left unused before the next Highstorm. Individuals can carry multiple Honorblades to get more Surges, but they do not gain more Stormlight. (Note that this game, every player will start with 2 Stormlight, not just the players that start with Honorblades.)

When an Honorblade Bearer is killed during the Night, the killer has one turn (the next Day turn) to claim one of their Honorblades for themselves. If an Honorblade goes unclaimed or the killer is executed, it will be given to a random player at the end of the Day turn. Whether the killer claimed the Honorblade is not announced, and they may only claim one Honorblade if the Bearer had multiple - the rest will go directly to random players. When an Honorblade Bearer is executed, their blades will be given to random players.

As a Night action, a player with an Honorblade can transfer control of that Honorblade to another player. They won’t know who gave them the Honorblade. The transferring player keeps any Stormlight they have, and the new Bearer must wait for the next Highstorm to get more Stormlight if they have none.

Note that the Shin do not currently possess Nale’s or Talenel’s Honorblade. (They do have Jezrien's.) Not every Honorblade of the eight is guaranteed to appear in game.

  • Jezrien’s Honorblade:
    • Adhesion and Gravitation
  • Chanarach’s Honorblade:
    • Division and Abrasion
  • Vedel’s Honorblade:
    • Abrasion and Progression
  • Pailiah’s Honorblade:
    • Progression and Illumination
  • Shalash’s Honorblade:
    • Illumination and Transformation
  • Battar’s Honorblade:
    • Transformation and Transportation
  • Kalak’s Honorblade:
    • Transportation and Cohesion
  • Ishar’s Honorblade:
    • Tension and Adhesion


  • Adhesion: Cancel target player’s vote. (Day only)
  • Gravitation: Learns who the target’s target this Night turn is, if any. (Night only)
  • Division: Kill target player. (Night only)
  • Abrasion: Open up to three 1-on-1 PMs. These PMs will last until the end of the game. (Day or Night)
  • Progression: Protect target player from one attack. You cannot target the same player with Progression two cycles in a row. (Night only)
  • Illumination: Prevent any roleblocks, scans, or vote manip targeting self and target other player (Adhesion, Gravitation, Transformation, Transportation, Cohesion) for 1 cycle. (Day or Night)
  • Transformation: Learn what Honorblades target player holds, if any. (Night only)
  • Transportation: Roleblock target player. (Day or Night)
  • Cohesion: Move a target player’s vote to another player in exchange for canceling your own vote. (Day only)
  • Tension: Grant two charges of Stormlight to target other player. (Night only)


  • Stone Shaman: Village-Only, unique. The Stone Shaman is in charge of the Honorblades: while they have taken an Oath not to use the weapons' powers, they are perfectly capable of preventing their misuse. They are also the only non-Honorblade-Bearer role in the game.
    • The Stone Shaman cannot gain Stormlight.
    • List: At the end of each Day cycle, the Stone Shaman receives a list of everyone with an Honorblade and how many they have (but not which Honorblades). This happens after any Honorblades are redistributed.
    • Reclaim: Once per night, the Stone Shaman can reclaim all Honorblades from a single target, removing them from the target and returning control of the blades to the Shaman. This occurs after Surge actions, but before normal blade transfers.
    • The Stone Shaman can only maintain hold over one Honorblade at a time – before they steal another Blade, they must transfer control of their current Blade to another chosen target. If Blade transfers or random distributions make the Stone Shaman end up with multiple Honorblades, they must transfer down to 1 Honorblade the next night turn. (This essentially limits the Honorblade reclamation to non-consecutive turns.)

Order of Actions:

  • Day:
    • Illumination
    • Transportation
    • Cohesion / Adhesion
    • The Execution
    • Abrasion
    • Honorblade Claim / Redistribution
    • Shaman List
  • Night:
    • Illumination
    • Transportation
    • Progression
    • Elim Kill / Division
    • Abrasion / Tension
    • Shaman Reclaim
    • Honorblade Transfer
    • Gravitation / Transformation


The game will start on Sunday, November 20th at 11:00 PM PST. Because of scheduling, the actual rollover time may change before the start of the game and/or rollover may take longer depending on how life goes. Between college and Thanksgiving Break I don't really have a time that I'm available every single day besides the middle of the night... but the game starting Sunday will mean there's no rollover on Thanksgiving Day, which is nice.


One last thing - Ookla season is coming up, and this time it'll likely start during the game and not before. So if you plan on changing your name during Ookla season, please give me your old and new name in the GM PM and in thread once you do change it. Also please don't change both your name and profile picture. 



  • Rollover time is more planning for me being busy than a changing rollover.
  • Not every Shin Honorblade is confirmed to appear during the game. Nale's and Talenel's are confirmed to not appear. The Shaman is confirmed to appear.
  • Everyone starts with 2 Stormlight, but only players holding Honorblades during the Night->Day Rollover on Highstorm turns (or any player targeted by Tension) will gain additional Stormlight.
  • Gravitation will not detect a player using Abrasion; they will appear to have targeted no one (as opposed to targeting up to 6 people).
  • PMs are closed unless opened by Abrasion, in which case I the GM will open them.
  • Multiple Honorblades are distributed randomly and individually, although they theoretically could go to the same person.
  • Stormlight is expended regardless of whether the ability succeeded or not (ie an ability blocked by Illumination or Transportation will still consume Stormlight).
  • No secrets. Not this time.




  1. @Turtle - Evelt-son-Urtal
  2. @Araris Valerian - Hadrian-son-Penrod
  3. @The Unknown Novel - Dali-son-Nar
  4. @The Wandering Wizard - Tweedle-son-son-Dumb
  5. @Matrim's Dice - Dazi-son-ron
  6. @JNV - Jen-child-Verin
  7. @The Bookwyrm - Rizam-son-Azram
  8. @Shining Silhouette - Cheshire-son-Cat
  9. @xinoehp512
  10. @Kasimir - Kvaseth-son-Wysan
  11. @InfiniteInsanity
  12. @Chantara
  13. @_Stick_
  14. @Cash67 - Egg-son-Chicken
  15. @Illwei
  16. @Archer - Tweedle-son-Dee
  17. @Alvron - Izzy-daughter-Ammi
  18. @Tani - Daalna
  19. @Elkanah - Sun-son-son-Tsu
  20. @Szeth_Pancakes

Pinch Hitters:





Quick Links:


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I’ll be… Dazi-son-ron. Aka Daziron the Fused :P.

No secrets :(. The original run of this game was one of my favorites so I am excited. Granted I was one of those secrets :P But this should be good.

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"The Tukari are coming for the Honorblades," said Esaan.

Kvaseth-son-Wysan followed the woman who held his stone through the rows and rows of grapes on trellises. Once, he would have been in her place, he thought, bending down to inspect the vines more closely, determining if the grapes were infected, if they were doing too well and needed to be stressed. Stressed grapes, all Shin farmers knew, gave the best harvest.

"You know this?"

"A message from the High Council," Esaan replied, her expression grave. "I'm sending you to them, Kvaseth. To Vartan."

He wanted to ask her why. He was no great warrior, Kvaseth thought. But he had chosen the path himself, and damned himself in the eyes of all. And now, it was his to walk, one way or another.

He did not like Vartan. Did not like the man's condescension. Esaan, at least, had understood, however faintly. You did not really understand, until you had knelt in the burning wreckage. Until you held your daughter's cold hand in your own, soot-streaked hand.

Until you knew there was no going back, one way or another.

He would miss this life. Of grapes, of the cool breeze on the terraced slopes. Of wine presses, of rich mustus. The harvest was coming, but Kvaseth would not see it, if Esaan had her way. Sometimes, it hurt. Reminded him of what he'd given up.

The pain came less and less frequently now, as though there was only so much a man could allow himself to grieve.

She held his stone. There was only one answer he could give her.

"As you wish," said Kvaseth.

"Find out what's happening, Kvaseth," said Esaan. "And whatever happens, protect the Honorblades from the Tukari."

She was not one of them anymore. She preferred the solace of the grapes to the machinations of the High Council. But Kvaseth knew that more than anyone, Esaan had her thumb firmly on matters important to Shinovar.

"I will," he promised.

He was stonesworn.

Signing up as Kvaseth-son-Wysan, a swordsman dispatched from former Council member, Esaan.

Edited to add:

18 hours ago, Turtle said:

edit #2: smh rollover is at 2am how could u do this to me

If I had a dollar for every single SE game I've played that had a rollover time at some godforsaken hour in the morning or at night, I'd probably have $20. But that's only because I haven't played that many SE games, as compared to games that have been at awful hours for me :P

Case in point: QF63 was at 2AM, LG90 was at I think...4AM?

Edited by Kasimir
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