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  1. Hmm. What if we try running multiple filters at once. If you fail to vote two times in a row or three times total, you are removed from the game. Simultaneously, if you have an action you can take and don't use it twice in a row or three times total, you are removed. There could be exceptions if the players are intentionally not voting or using their ability and still posting, but that might encourage activity overall
  2. Why would a villager ever ask Drake to claim either of these roles after Drake spent this cycle bemoaning me for my Contact claim is my current question
  3. Her first game was as Amber Vulture in AG10. She did very well having been an elim thug. Her admitting panic here feels genuine to me, given her minimal experience with technical things like AtE. Possible that having fewer teammates could account for that change, but that’s my take atp.
  4. Hm. I actually think Faerie is Village here, and Bee credence are lowered as a result. Fae, your vote will only save you on Archer atm. I am leaning village on Neil, even though I don’t agree with his Archer read.
  5. Idk. I always do them manually, usually working back from the last count
  6. Faerie Braids (3): Sart, Archer, neil the beguiled Archer (3): Stick, Drake, Amanuensis neil the beguiled (1): JNV TheRavenHasLanded (1): Faerie Braids Stick (1): RoyalBeeMage Sart(1): TheRavenHasLanded
  7. Oh I see. Misunderstood that bit. Fair enough. Your lobbying has been noted. Maybe you can switch to Braids to tie them, and we can see if anyone wants to step up or shift.
  8. Resurfacing this in case you missed it lol nice you edited So to be clear: you don’t think Archer is red, but you also don’t suspect anyone is red independently, so we should yolo shrug?
  9. Just to make sure, it was solely to create a four way tie for maximum pressure. Not because I have any read of you atp. That’s what I’m saying Oops sorry forgot to reply to this bit. You still think Sart is a better vote? Is your read of him currently an elim trying to pocket a contentious V!Archer?
  10. ED1T: Some observations / thoughts: Both Sart voters have not been active for a while. We may want to revisit their votes to figure out the motives / if there’s any merit, in the context of that phase of today. Sart is objectively buddying up with Archer to save them both. Archer is just kind of around, not seemingly invested in the results or pushing any narrative. I can maybe come around to village Sart, but I think Archer looks potentially frozen atm, perhaps making final kill adjustments JNV parked their vote on Neil and bounced. They’re also the kind of player that would kill Kas quick. Good chance this is elim vote indifference combined with genuine business IRL. Stick felt Village, or at least very different than last iteration, early on, but I do wonder if there’s some merit in Sart’s read of her / that her not being put on the immediate backfoot to claim Informant impacted the playstyle shift, but I never feel confident in my reads of her when she’s not in thread so that may be a part of it. As for Drake, I’m mostly just hoping he’s not Village, because I prefer that world over an unnecessary bro tunnel. I’d rather work together but that doesn’t seem possible until I’m dead Faerie who. Talk about a parked vote. Royal really fell off huh
  11. Sorry to hear that hope things are or will be okay! Back to Archer it is.
  12. Oops. Drake didn’t seem to catch Archer’s vote, and I’d not scrolled back to confirm accuracy. That’s 2/2/2/2 Neil, Archer, Sart, Faerie then (I think)
  13. Has enough time passed for me to vote Neil next ED1T: Turns out, yes. Vote Tally Sart (2): TheRavenHasLanded, neil the beguiled Stick. (2): RoyalBeeMage, Sart Archer (2): DrakeMarshall, Stick. neil the beguiled (2): JNV, Amanuensis TheRavenHasLanded (1): Faerie Braids Faerie Braids (1): Archer
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