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  1. I really didnt expect Aeoryi to be the Insider um please dont self vote next time I guess that couldve been bad if we hadnt gotten pretty lucky with how things turned out with Faerie but yeah honestly Informat not being able to kill vote makes it so as soon as enough evils drop the informat is just dead so I mean having more evils in there is like a temporary stopgap for that but that also just makes it harder for the village but letting the Informat do kill votes means you end up with the first run situation of zugzwang Octets the balancing act in this game is really tricky and theres lots of openings for swingyness anyway thanks Sart for trusting me over Neilash and killing them with me but yeah as soon as Archer claimed or like as soon as Archer confirmed my contact suspicions cause if they hadnt claimed they wouldve died and done the same thing but a cycle later the game was pretty much settled anyway turns out Kas can read me like a book good job Kas good game all this was pretty fun
  2. Archer if you are the Contact you just threw the game for us the Informat cant vote for the kill anymore so Sart can just kill them cause theres no one else in the doc and then Sart or the Insider sweeps you so honestly this makes me suspect you a little more mostly cause like were doomed if youre right so Im kinda just hoping youre lying
  3. Hi popping on for a bit wow I missed a lot how the heck did Faerie become the vote person anyway Faerie word for the wise in the future just leave the vote even if its post end of day thats for the GM to determine with timestamps and stuff and you blacking out your vote after the fact is technically speaking not allowed Anyway I kinda came on wanting to go push Neil agian but if they swapped out a lot of the weirdness becomes wel I dont really want to say more excusable but like less evil indicative and more oh somethings going on in real life and Ash doesnt set off my weridess alarms so maybe Ill actually get a real read on them Archer for now I dont really like the whole flashwagon thing and my current pet theory is doc elim thinking Faeries the Informat You do realize the kills a democratic process this game right so if you think Im evil and voted Amanuensis before the weird end of day you think both of the other people in the doc were also offline then and couldnt change vote or they didnt even kill vote at all and that cant be true cause Faerie was definitely online at the end and we know theyre Octet Anyway class is starting got to go bye
  4. Hi all anyway I dont understand the Archer flashwagon but I got a worse impression of Neil from that so yeaeh thats that um the saying one thing doing another also like the whole mattress thing like what anyway Ive got class in a minute but Im just popping in quick cause I dont know if Ill make it on tonight Ill reread last cycle and stuff
  5. So hi there um Im tryig to think of how much the new rules change the strategies and stuff as far as I can tell its just sort of equalized the contact insider pop hunt and the informant cant pull a Stick and zugzwang the Octets Anyway Ill keep thinking about this I guess its like one am I should be asleep night night
  6. This was weird and fun to watch cause I honestly didnt really do anything and Id be down to play again
  7. Honestly the problem with having reads on anyone is Im like decently sure the optimal outsider evil guy strategy without all this D1 chaos is to kill off all the doc evils get unilateral kill control and start mowing grass and even if they dont go for the murk team strategy they still have no knowledge of teammates but to answer your question brain is currently buzz buzzing at neil not sure why well ok same bucket as Aeoryi Im also feeling weirdly good about Sart for some reason Ok wargamin thoughts just to get it out of my head so if we kill the real evil before we kill the Insider we lose in two cycles the real evil actively wants this so we cant fire at the real evils at all until we winnow the field so say were unlucky and hit the actual contact they get voting equity at 4 people left so wed have between 3 and 6 cycles depending on how lucky we get with the kill coinflip or we keep hitting until just before vote equity and at 5 we just go for Drake and hope for the best Im trying to think of a better strategy and failing so yeah I guess thats it Um I guess AeoryiNeil not entirely sure about this but its good enough for now
  8. Ok sorry I missed the first cycle I had an event like all day and I thought Id have time in the evening to get on and stuff but nope going out for dinner for the new year you know how it is anyway by the looks of things everythings on fire and the Octets destroyed themselves from the inside and now were in a situation where whoever moves first dies cause if we kill the last real evil the Insider can use the kill to kill the Contact and also we never actually find out when we vote the Insider and we risk hitting the Contact every time we try is that everything or did I miss more pieces of this wargame Anyway placeholder vote for Aeoryi they dont feel right but like they never feel right Ill look over things more in the morning see you later bye bye
  9. Listen listen listen its not a kill and replace thing its a Ship of Theseus thing theres a large gang of quokkas typing all my responses and sometimes a few of them go on break and swap out with new qiokkas but the trick here is some of the quokkas are a bit evil so eventially you reach a critical mass of evil quokkas and you get evil JNV this is definitely how it all works and not a cover for GM distros and RNG
  10. Ok sorry for killing you it was my call and it was a bad call and I completely forgot you were the Raven who got murked so much and watching Kas do NK stuff and being like oh JNV has better integrity than that is like ack sorry sorry Anyway this was fun even though we lost good job village good job Kas for being psychic on me good job Matrim for a great game dont worry about the quokka cameo I think Kas being the real actual Brandon Sanderson is cool enough Also great job @neil the beguiled for an excellent first game and sorry for leaving you alone proud of you and hope you stick around also thanks Ash for being there a bit hope real life stops kicking you in the teeth
  11. This was really fun all the lies were twisty Archer I kkinda suspected you were gambiting but wow it paid off so no complaints Im honestly a little sad my role was of no help whatsoever at all but anyway this ruleset was fun the time loop was fun even if we never really did take advantage of it flip wise great job all
  12. I didnt lie so what mustve happened is we got pattern degradation N0 so that sucks or youre evil and lying and that would also suck Anyway lets look at the circle of claims theres a lot of tnagling here Matrim claims Innkeeper who N0 scanned and drunked Hael and Wizard returning zero evils for the pair Wizard claims Watchman who N0 randed Aeoryi Devotary claims Gleeman who N0 scanned Archer as village Hael claims Elder who got told N0 JNV and Wizard arent the Forsaken Archer claims Wisdom who asked D1 if Devotary is Forsaken and got a yes Aeoryi claims Gossip who got told D1 Devotary is Forsaken and Devotary is village World 1 Matrim completely truthful with no pattern nonsense then Hael and Wizard are village JNVs the Forsaken Archer got pattern degradated or poisoned or drunked Im personally discounting this world on the basis of Im not the Forsaken but other people can poke at it if they want World 2 Matrim completely truthful but theres pattern nonsense then at least one of Hael and wizard is evil and their scans cant be trusted but theyd still be drunk not sure if that means anything anyway World 2a Haels the good one meaning Wizards the Forsaken Wrold 2b Haels the evil one and just flatout lying about Elder now this doesnt mean theyre the Forsaken cause they claimed last so then either Devotarys the Forsaken or Archer got patterned or poison drunked and weve got no idea who the Forsaken is World 3 Matrims a Darkfriend Innkeeper who may or may not have poisoned Wizard and Hael cause like either of them could be a lie when they actally just poisoned elsewhere so those claims are a bundle mess of who knows but we still have either Devotarys Forsaken or Archers pattern drunk World 4 Matrims Forsaken Wizard and Hael arent drunk still in the Devotary or pattern drunk conundrum All in all um honestly I dont think were doing too hot Matrim if youre village you should vote Hael I think cause from your POV its either Hael evil or Wizard Forsaken and like Wizard village doesnt mean Hael Forsaken it just means Hael evil but Hael evil means Wizard Forsaken but from my POV right now Im in the conundrum of are you evil or not so Ill keep thinking
  13. Devotary until I get back to think about this Im out to lunch
  14. Well no you got poisoned or drunk cause you didnt die So at least we dont have to worry about pattern degradation misinfo
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