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    There is one thing to clear up first. 1. There is a misconception that heralds know when another herald dies. This is true for a "true" death, but in the prelude to the Way of Kings, Kelek does not know which of the heralds have died in the final battle. Instead, he goes to meet at a predetermined meeting place. Jezrian tells him who had survived, and Kelek had no idea that Taln didn't make it. As well, Kelek realizes the others must be alive because he notices their blades are stuck in the ground and that those blades would have disappeared on their own. If another herald died, the remaining heralds on Roshar would not know (at least for some time). [edit: Ishar may be an exception to this as he made the Oathpact] ---- Weird Questions: 1) What broke Taln? He is crazy and insensate for 4000 years and then one day he says "No thank you". Many of us can't figure out what could have broke Taln. Edit: WOB that Taln did not break 2) Why was the Davar family so connected to secret societies despite being a Vaden house of little note? They have connections to the Ghostbloods and the Ghostbloods have handed them a confirmed soulcaster AND possibly a Seon box. Why? 3) Why did the cryptic go to Shallan as a child? Lift was chosen due to her strange connection to Cultivation, but why Shallan? And why twice? And what were Shallan's parents fighting about? Shallan remembers her parents having huge fights over Shallan's future starting from a very young age. What was that about? Connected to that, why is an dark influence attacking the Davar family? Why is Heleran given a shardblade and brought into the skybreakers? No other Skybreaker acolyte was given a dead-blade and sent to war (that we know of), so why is Helaran so non-standard? 4) Why was Shallan's mother so quick to try and kill "one of them". 5) What is Shallan's last secret. There is still something horrible in Shallan's past, and this has something to do with a Seon box and whatever Radiant was created to protect Shallan from. What is worse than killing testament? 6) Shallan says her father put the sword into the safe. That was Testament. If Testament was trapped in the safe, how did Shallan go talk to Testament in the garden to unbond her? Shallan literally knows Testament is not her mother's soul, so why does Shallan believe something to patently false? Shallan does lie to herself, but this seems more inaccurate than an outright lie? And why does Shallan see a glowing light coming from the box? We have seen other glowing lights (Dawnshard and Dalinar hearing TwoK), so is she just mad, or did she really see something? Whatever it is, it does not make sense that Shallan thinks Testament is trapped in the safe if Shallan went and yelled at Testament after her mother was killed. ---- It All Put Together - A Timeline 1) Chararach settled in the Davar estate in rural Jah Kaved. Chanarach is involved in several of the secret societies of Roshar just like most of the other heralds we have seen. Chanarach eventually has a daughter and names that daughter after her friend Shalash (Shallan says she was named after Shalash). Chanarach commands a fair bit of influence and even has a Seon to communicate off world. It is unclear who knows who Chanarach is, but as she did settle in a rural area it is likely Chana's identity is not common knowledge even within secret societies (similar to Restares and Amaram). 2) Chanarach learns of the theory that a return of surgebinders will bring about a desolation. Chararach is completely terrified of returning to Braize and supports the culling of nascent surgebinding. 3) The Cryptics find out that one of the heralds has children or they discover a weird child who stands-out and is similar to the child of a Returned. The Cryptics send a delegation to investigate (WOB confirms heralds can have children though maybe it is difficult). At the same time, an unmade is drawn to the family. Testament begins to bond Shallan similar to what happened with Lift. Shallan eventually discovers what her mother is by playing with a Seon box at the Davar estate. The unmade's influence increases in an attempt to get the Herald to go insane and potentially get herself killed by Lin Devar or Shallan. EDIT: WOB that non-returned Cognative Shadows have had children 4a) Shallan is discovered to be a surge binder by her mother. Her mother, fearing a return to Braize, refers to Shallan as "one of them". Note that Chanarach does not seem surprised that surgebinders are real. Chanarach has an absolute PTSD breakdown and attacks her daughter. Lin, who likely knew, steps in and Shallan is able to kill her mother in self defence. 4b) Lin Devar takes something and locks it away in the safe. We are told this is the Shardblade and Shallan's mother's soul. 4c) Shallan goes to the garden to scream at Testament and break her bond AFTER Testament is supposedly locked away in the safe. This timeline does not make sense even if we believe Testament could escape the safe. Why does Shallan believe her spren was trapped but also then in the garden? And how is Testament-blade = her mother's soul? There isn't a connection there logically. 5) Shallan realized what she has done and perhaps even realized that she has sent her mother back to damnation. She pretends that her mother's soul is trapped in the box so she does not have to remember that her mother has been sent to hell. Shallan goes to Testament and breaks her bond. It is possible Testament told her more here as well. Shallan then begins to repress everything since Shallan has, in her mind, done the most evil act in history. "The world ended, and Shallan was to blame. - Words of Radiance, Chapter 10. Mentioned by @honorblades 6) Lin Devar begins to be corrupted even more. Lin also has mental guilt and wrestles with killing his herald-wife to save his daughter. He beings to protect Shallan at all costs for reasons that may be more than just guilt. Then Davar family hell ensues. The ghostbloods continue to cultivate the family. The Ghostbloods may not believe a herald could be killed by Lin or may not know she was a Herald. The Cryptics stay with Shallan as they don't blame her for what happened. They are still curious about what Shallan is and are researching what happens to a bonded-deadeye to its original radiant. The dark influence in the house may be more than an unmade as well. One of Chana's divine attributes is "obedient". I think this is significant. Lin is driven to rage every time one of his children will not obey him, and the word obey is emphasized many times. It may be possible the Lin's rage was a dark consequence of something Chana was doing. It is also possible that Lin thought his children would inherit the divine attribute, and the fact they dont obey him drives him to rage. 7) Chanarach returns to Braize. It may have taken 5 years to find her as her arrival was unexpected and because in early returns the heralds were able to "hide" for some time. The other heralds do not know that that has happened as they cannot detect the pain-bond while on Roshar. Edit: Ishar created the oathpact so he may be able to sense changes in it. 8) Chanarach is eventually found on Braize. Chanarach decides to immediately give up and return to Roshar (or something else Odium promises). 9) Shallan, with no bond, goes to Middlefest. Wit's magic or memory allow him to detect that there is something very strange about Shallan. Wit somehow knows what Shallan fights "is not truly natural" and encourages her to make a path for the light. It is unclear what Wit saw, but he knew more than the fact she was a surgebinder (even though she's actually a deadeye-binder at the time). 10) Taln returns to Roshar completely insane and without breaking. What happens to Chanarach is unknown. All assume Taln broke. 11) Radiant is created from memories of Shallan's mother. Radiant dresses in the same blue and red warrior outfit as the Herald Chanarach in artworks. Radiant is Shallan's repressed memories of who her mother was. It is also possible that Radiant is in someway Shallan's mother (connection mumbo jumbo and cognitive shadow stuff along with cultivation weirdness possibilities) 12) Shallan is forced to confront what happened with Testament, and Radiant begins to see that she must help Shallan deal with her final truth. Shallan knows she killed a herald and that she sent her mother to damnation - possibly ending the world and starting the final desolation. or Shallan does not know her mother was a herald, but will put that together in regards to the "hole" in her memory" --- Here is a description of Radiant: “She [Radiant] had chosen to wear her vakama; the traditional Vaden’s warrior clothing. It was similar to the Alethi takama but the skirt was pleeted instead of straight. She wore a loose matching coat with a tight vest and shirt beneath. The bright clothing features vibrant blues embroidered over reds with gold woven between and it had trim on the skirt” Here is Chanarach: Edit: On 2/6/2021 at 9:58 PM, CROSSENuUP said: After reading this and doing some investigating I think that Shallan's mom is Chanarach. If you look at the picture of Chanarach and read the description of Shallan's mom they are very similar. Also, I had a theory that the breaking of Chanarach (after her death as Shallan's mom), not Taln, is what brought about this last desolation. Brandon is often quoted as saying that the desolation process started going down once Gavilar died so I looked up the dates of Gavilar's death and Shallan's mom's death. THEY WERE THE EXACT SAME MONTH.
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    I got my question asked! My breakdown: If I wasn't 100% behind Soulburner being a videogame before, I am now. I think there's a not small chance that Soulburner is actually the PS4 game Forspoken. Reddit sniffed out a couple of sources a few months ago, and the information from that speculation has been proved accurate. Add in Brandon's comment about doing a call with a videogame company earlier this week, and it feels like there's something brewing. This also matches up with Brandon not being able to tell us anything IMO. The only problem is why Brandon would have an NDA so far into this project when others seemingly don't. And that's something I can't answer. Other things of note: I asked Steven Bohls if he and Brandon have any cool ideas for the next Lux book in terms of cool settings or cities - he mentioned that Book 5 will most likely be set in the New Orleans bayou/deep swamp area. (Or at least that's what he'd like.) It will most likely be a shorter book, at around 100k words overall; and there's a good chance that Mizzy will be a major POV character in the next book. Fun fact - Mizzy was supposed to show up in Lux, as Jax was supposed to go from Boston through New York, meet Mizzy and see Regalia flood the city, and then end up in Texas. This part ended up being cut as it was too tangential to the story. (Wingflare's original gimmick was going to be sound and a sound effect, but this was cut - as were most sound effects - as it felt too much like a gimmick.) Brandon currently wants Lux to be a trilogy, and the second book in that trilogy may be released sometime next November. (The two have ideas, but they were waiting on some sales reports and contract stuff first, and that may have just arrived this past week.) Dan is writing the novelization of Dark One at the moment. It's not following the outline, so don't expect it to end up like the graphic novel (sadly). Dan is planning on this being about a 100-120k novel overall. Janci unofficially announced more Skyward novellas, with a surprise POV character for one of them coming up. Brandon will give the official announcement tomorrow/today. This isn't really big spoiler-y or surprising news, as Janci a few months ago mentioned that there were things she couldn't talk about related to Skyward and that we can infer from there, and then Brandon mentioned that he had talks with Janci during his 11/19 SandoWriMo update - the one where he also talks about a meeting with a videogame company. Brandon Q&A tidbits, all paraphrased: Hoid should not be a Rosharan and Yolish Lightweaver, as it's getting close to something related to Dawnshards. There are other Surges related to Yolish magic. There are other Godmetals that can be used/burned by anyone. The "Crown, Tower, Spear" Death Rattle has not happened yet, either on-screen or off-screen.
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    Death and the Survivor 26: (Mistborn spoilers)
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    From the album My Stormlight Stuff

    I drew this at school today. Been inspired by re-reading all the Stormlight books. I’m almost done with WoR, currently, and the dynamic between these three is just… *chef’s kiss* Maybe I’ll color this eventually, we’ll see.
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    I was going to put something clever here, but I'll do it later.
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    Welcome to the official thread for all sample chapters, unpublished books, and short stories that Brandon has put out on the internet. He has been gracious enough to allow people the opportunity to get to know his different works by providing these samples and short stories for free. Please note that unpublished works are not necessarily canonical. If you know of anything we might be missing, please let us know; we will try to keep this as up to date as possible. PMing Ene is likely the quickest way to have a change made. Thank you for your assistance in helping us create a comprehensive list! Full Published Works: Books: Warbreaker Short Fiction: The Hope of Elantris Firstborn Unpublished Works: Full Books: The Way of Kings Prime Aether of Night Sign up for Brandon's email newsletter to receive the prose version of White Sand. There are physical copies of Dragonsteel Prime at Brigham Young University as part of Brandon's Master's Thesis, which can be checked out from their library. There is a chapter of The Final Empire Prime available on Brandon's website, and through the Contact form, you can ask for a copy of TFE Prime. Unfinished Books: Mythwalker Adamant scene Some Liar of Partinel scenes The Silence Divine scene Dragonsteel Prime Mistborn Prime Final Empire Prime Full Short Fiction: The Traveler Centrifugal Defending Elysium Unfinished Short Fiction: I Hate Dragons (Extended Version) Sample Content: Books: Elantris Mistborn: The Final Empire The Well of Ascension The Hero of Ages Shadows of Self The Way of Kings Words of Radiance Oathbringer Rhythm of War Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians The Scrivener's Bones The Knights of Crystallia The Shattered Lens Steelheart Firefight The Rithmatist Short Fiction: The Emperor's Soul The Eleventh Metal Legion Perfect State Infinity Blade: Awakening Dreamer Deleted Scenes: Books: Elantris scenes Mistborn scenes (includes a TFEP scene) Jasnah scene from Words of Radiance Words of Radiance interludes Warbreaker scene Short Fiction: The Emperor's Soul prologue Please follow the 17th Shard's spoiler policies when discussing this content. Enjoy your reading!
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    Due to limited time and restrictive rules, I only had the opportunity to ask one question this time around. It's something I'd been wondering ever since I read The Bands of Mourning and noticed some suspicious characters at the party. I immediately thought "that woman and the gossippy guy are 'not from around here.'" (This was back before I was aware of the term "worldhopper." The woman, of course, was Khriss.) So last night, I finally asked about it: Q: In Bands of Mourning, at the party, Hoid and Khriss were both there, and talked with Wax. A: Yeah. Q: Were there any other worldhoppers present, and if so how many? A: Hmm... yes, at least one. Maybe two. Also, I collected a few awesome cosplayer pics. Steris: A flock of Mistborn: A giant Doomslug. (The person wearing it was standing upright inside the inflatable Doomslug near the front.) Also, me, (on the left, not in costume,) facing off against an opponent in Shardblade Sparring. If you couldn't come, you really missed out for that alone!
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    Hi there! My name is Allie and I am mom to 4 boys who I somehow convinced my husband to be on board with naming, Jordan, Perrin, Kaladin and Elend. The story of that convincing is long so I won't include it here, suffice it to say I have always loved books and unique names so I knew from a young age I would want my kids names to have literary references. I mostly came to the 17th shard to introduce myself because I met some awesome people at the Dragonsteel Mini-con this week and though I spent hours talking to them I did not get their names or contact info and I was hoping to figure out a way to find them. I am a stay at home mom to my small army of exhaustingly adorable little boys and so I have never really delved into the fandom even though I have enjoyed books and talking about them since I was young, I have always preferred in person conversation. Going to the mini-con though I realized how much I enjoy connecting with fellow book nerds. Those I talked to at the con probably remember me most as the crazy lady with very short dark brown hair and the kids with fandom names and the husband who good naturedly tagged along to a book convention. Those I was hoping to find are: Emily and Raymond-we ate lunch with you guys on Tuesday at the Mexican place. Hayden-Board game, nuskin guy, I sat in front of you at the signing event. Connor(I think I remembered that correctly)-In a clinical Psychology masters program at BYU, I sat in front of you at the signing event. The super awesome, I believe siblings? whose names they said so fast I do not remember but y'all sat behind my husband and I at the signing event and told me about the bone-conducting head phones. The Boomslug and Doomslug couple who we sat with in line for the release event and whose names I believe we never even asked. Anyways I am not on social media but I would love to find some of you all again so I can keep talking books and such. So that's me, crazy stalker person looking for more friends who read all the books and love to talk about them with other nerds
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    This WoB was recently posted to Arcanum. This heavily, heavily implies Odium and Autonomy have at least an understanding between them that they won't go after each other, if they aren't outright allied. The two shardholders were lumped together by Hoid in the Way of Kings letter to Frost. I wonder if Bavadin / Autonomy will send someone to send an Avatar to Roshar as they might be upset that someone killed Rayse if they had a pre-ascension relationship and a post-ascension alliance. Not all the Avatars do, but Bavadin might. Autonomy can mold their Avatars in OB Ch. 50 epigraph they mention instilling a new Avatar with an intense dislike of Hoid. Bavadin might make one that's really not happy about what happened to Rayse.
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    *enters* (Era 1) The Inquisitor Mantra: *leaves*
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    I haven’t read the full book yet, but my current opinion is: Cytonic is not a gripping, edge of your seat, OMG what happens next book. But it a very, VERY fun read and I’m really enjoying it. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I did SA or the other two books in the series. Not because those books were bad -they’re awesome - but because those books are more serious in many respects. They’re much darker in tone. I have to put a lot more emotional energy into the books, because I’m constantly worrying about the characters, or hurting over deaths, or any of a dozen other things. Cytonic, in contrast, is FUN. Yes, there’s danger still, albeit of a different sort. But overall this reads as a cross between a D&D campaign and an adventure novel. It’s similar to why I love BoM. There’s just a lightness to the narrative in this book, even though the darkness is still present. So while I don’t feel like I NEED to read the next chapter, as I often do with a Brandon book, I WANT to because I’m having fun and can just enjoy the story without being terrified (in a good way) of what will happen to the characters next. Like Spensa gets to just enjoy flying, I get to just enjoy reading. It’s a much needed breather for both of us. And I do mean needed. This is the first book where I really connected with Spensa and felt she was growing. From the beginning, Spensa has always been in survival mode. She had to be. Now she finally has a moment to breathe - and in that moment she’s finally getting a chance to figure out who she is and what she wants. I understand why some disagree with the choice to remove a major source of danger, but I don’t think Spensa could grow into herself if she didn’t have the momentary safety to do so. TL;DR: I love the book so far and I’m taking my time reading it so I can fully enjoy the experience. I don’t know that this will be my favorite book - that’s probably still Skyward - but it’s the read that’s been most fun for me.
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    So I did like Cytonic. But the thing I found odd was how much time we interacted with pirates and how little tension there was in the space combat except at the very end. Spensa is just too good of a pilot, and with the worldbuilding decision that they didn't use live ammo... that made the fights decidedly not tense for me. One thing I am surprised about: I love the delvers again! I hated how easy the delver was to beat in Starsight, but I totally loved that that was now a corrupted, shunned delver. I dug that a lot. I found their backstory great. I am very surprised Brandon pulled it out for me because man, I was so deflated after Starsight. That said, I still think there should have been way more casualties from the delver there. It's kind of hilarious to me that the one casualty in Starsight came back to life in this book, with Hesho, haha.
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    My reactions to Cytonic (just the character stuff, because I'm a character sort of person) I like Chet, and his relationship with Spensa. I like characters who enjoy each other's company. The way they have they have their problems, but still remain friends who have each other's backs - I'm a sucker for that. Spensa's emotional journey really appealed to me, and she's a fun person to read about. Peg I also found interesting, and she's one of my new favourite characters. I would have liked to see more of Skyward Flight and Brade, but I understand that's what the novellas are for (I haven't read them yet.) Still, after Brade being a big part of Starsight, I expected her and Winzik to play a larger part in book three. It's nice to see Hesho again, although I'm not a fan of characters coming back from the dead. (Narratively speaking, as a reader I scudding love it.) My favorite line: “You will not distract me from my current purpose, adversary. Though you have fought admirably, I will defeat you, then compose poetry for your funeral.” “This…um…isn’t to the death, Hesho.” “I will defeat you,” he said in the same exact tone, “and compose poetry for your retirement party.” Cracked me up Overall, I enjoyed it better than Starsight, although I felt it suffered from the same problem of not having many characters from the previous book. I may even like it better than Skyward, although that's probably because I haven't reread it in a long time. Edit: I just reread it, and I still like Skyward best, though Cytonic is a very close second. So, that ended up being longer than I thought! Sorry if it's a bit disjointed - it's my first time writing any sort of review.
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    While it's possible that Jasnah wants Hoid's child (though not likely, in my opinion), I think there's a much simpler transactional reason outlined in Jasnah's PoV: Wit has vast depths of knowledge at his disposal -- some of which no other living creature has access to, and some of which only "gods" (i.e., shardholders) have access to. Jasnah is extremely passionate about knowledge, and it is Hoid's knowledge she is attracted to. In her estimation, her lack of a sex drive is not a dealbreaker when it comes to having a sexual relationship with Hoid, because she does get something from him that she is truly passionate about. It's similar to a classic transactional relationship, like a pre-modern woman choosing to marry someone she doesn't love because he can provide her with food, shelter, and children -- except that Jasnah may actually be attracted to Hoid himself because of his knowledge. As for Hoid -- despite his age, Hoid may not actually have experience dealing with (or coming to understand) asexual people. Jasnah notes that he engages in flirtatious physical contact, thinking that it will engender romantic feelings in her -- which for the vast majority of people would have proven true. It's a believable blindspot to have, because if he's caressed hundreds (or thousands) of people during his immortality, and the most frequent responses have been either attraction or revulsion, it would be easy for him to misinterpret Jasnah's lack of revulsion as attraction. It is human to paint with a broad brush and project our feelings on others.
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    I like it. Makes a ton of sense, and nothing I can think of rules any of it out. Fits well with my speculation that Jasnah and Hoid are heading towards an ugly breakup, followed by an EPIC "evil ex" dynamic - two powerful, resourceful, and dangerous people who used to love each other but are now bitter enemies. Nothing would get Jansah fired up more than Hoid betraying her trust and throwing all of Roshar under the bus.
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    I met someone with the last name “Bridgeman” yesterday.
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    SQUEEEEEEEAK SQUEEEEEELLL yes I'm sure many of you have gotten ur books its not such a huge deal but this is my first time experiencing a book release (i wasn't that into sanderson when RoW came out) so i am HYYYYPPPEDDD ... Just gotta wait for my doomslug plushie/pin now SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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    The question about Hoid came up before I asked about Yolish magic relating to Rosharan magic. I believe that Brandon was referring to how powerful Light weaving can be (there will be lightweavers with lasers in the future) and now that Hoid has both, it's very dangerous. I also asked the question about godmetals. Here's a rough transcript of the questions I asked and the answers (two are from the spoiler Q&A, one is from the personal signing. I was one of the lucky 150) Q: We know Rosharan lightweaving is similar to Yolish lightweaving, and we learn in RoW that Stoneshaping may be a gimped version of microkinesis. Are there other surges which are modified versions of Yolish magic? A; Yes QAre there other godmetals that non Mistborn can burn? A: Yes (This was at the personal signing) Q: I am fascinated by godmetals. Can you tell me something new about godmetals, something that isn't known or isn't widely known? A: I can tell you this: the existence of godmetals is one reason why metal is so weird in the cosmere. I'm bad at remembering exact verbiage but this is at least close to what he said. He definitely used the word "weird" in the last one.
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    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss. Kingsdaughter pretty much summed up my entire experience but here's my own rant: I liked this book. It was FUN. I loved Starsight, but tbh when that ending implied that Spensa will be away from fighting the war with the Superiority and embark on a side quest, I was a bit worried that Cytonic will end up falling in the "just a filler book" category despite it being a main novel (and the series being about Spensa's story). In some ways it did feel that way, but hot damn I was wrong for the most part though. I found it more chill and enjoyable, a pleasant contrast to the others--novellas included--which dealt with more serious things. Can I just say though, Spensa and M-Bot's childish excitement to the stuff we would find pretty normal (like the ocean and mushrooms) was SO PURE. It made my heart melt seeing her finally just getting to live you know?? During the adventuring she acted just like a kid who'd been taken to a theme park for the first time and *incoherent babbling* I LOVE it. Loved the reveals and the stuff we learned. Space pirates were cool, I kinda hope we'll see them again (especially since Spensa still has that promise). The relationship between Spin, the pirates, M-Bot, Chet were fun (Oh and her relationship with Jorgen hhhhhh my precious babies got together, finally). Spensa's character development was one of the hit points of the book for me: she matured in this one yet still remains to be the little aggressive little gremlin who owns my heart (spoilering the next part because my main rant is getting too long XD, feel free to skip it) AND THAT ENDING *bangs fists on table* DAYUM BRANDON WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME. And the lore about the delvers, cytonics, AI was...wow it's great finally getting some answers, so now let's go beat Winzik's a- Super hyped for Evershore and Defiant!! Final thoughts: Liked and enjoyed it. A lot. The reveals were great, though I suspect it wouldn't be as fun on a reread anymore since the whole surprise aspect was what made them super exciting, but oh well. It was an enjoyable break from the more serious books, but in terms of the books as a whole I still think my ranking would be Starsight>>Skyward>>(Sunreach & Redawn)>>Cytonic. However, Cytonic does now hold the 'Most Favorite Book-ish Moments' title (sorry Skyward) and that says a lot.
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    I think my favorite part of this boon was something I least expected. the lack of physical danger, the lack of the threat of immediate death. Because as others have said this have not just Spensa, but also M-bot the environment they needed to grow, and this especially gave Spensa the chance to unpack her entire life-worth of trauma, and constantly struggling to survive. I thought this book was going to be one of the first branderson books to not make me outright sob, but when she was struggling with her decision to stay or continue her quest and journey home, and she asked... no, begged, for guilt to force her to go back to her friends ...and all she got was permission, permission to choose, to be and to live and to be selfish for once in her life if she so chose.... that scudding broke me.
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    Fun Fact: You can’t smell the rain, your sense of smell just works better with there is more moisture and humidity in the air.
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    This is a very interesting book. On first this first readthrough, I think I liked it better than Starsight. I'm really afraid I'll dislike it as I think about it more, but that rarely happens with Sanderson books. This book really felt like a Storm-lite book, but for Rhythm of War instead of just in general like Skyward was. Here, Spensa's journey was all about a new discover linked with old roots, not unlike Navani and Venli's discoveries in RoW. However, this felt more like The Empire Strikes Back instead of RoW's The Last Jedi. (Although Spensa's confrontations with Brade definitely felt like early Rey/Kylo Ren Force-times.) It's also interesting to see how much story Brandon is learning to compact into 100k words. I think he's practicing this now so that Stormlight books can be a little more compact in the future. This book is more akin to what I think I wanted from Starsight, but also not, if that makes sense. Like, I like who Spensa and M-Bot become during this book, but we needed Starsight to get there. As mentioned both others, this book does suffer from the same problems that Starsight did, but I don't think nearly to the degree the second book did. Here we got ample Jorgen; and while the rest of the flight was missing, the novellas really softened that blow. Defending Elysium's tie-ins were expected from Beta/Gamma reviews on Goodreads, but still very surprising in their implementation. And as @Chaos mentioned in his review, the book had a certain lack of tension that the first book did, and the sacrifices didn't hurt as much.* Still, it was an enjoyable, if safe and unsurprising (to me) ride. Still, this book has done a great job at hyping me up for Defiant, which I guess is officially the title now Evershore. My current Cytoverse ranking: Skyward ReDawn Sunreach & Cytonic Defending Elysium & Starsight *Although to be fair, sacrifices in books rarely hurt me emotionally, and I may just be too tired to have this one be sad.
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    This summer I embarked to a project to log all of my SE games, since I was coming up on 100 games. Now, 4+ months later, my personal spreadsheet is done! I had a blast going back and rereading (or at least skimming) all of these games, and would highly recommend players to go back and reread their own older games, and some of the more iconic games that they might not have played in. I was kind of amazed at how many wildly different (and quite often broken) rulesets we have played with, and was somewhat inspired to try and think up my own overly complicated ruleset. Now that I've started GMing, who knows? I made notes of many of my favorite moments in the spreadsheet, and I found a couple of my own quotes regarding the meta that are worth remembering: From AG 6: From LG 68, in a PM with Kas: And this isn't a quote, but starting with LG 50, I explicitly ignored all the inactive players when doing my analysis, and this was where I first felt like I really was playing well as a villager. In terms of the actual numbers, I'm not sure that the percentages mean a whole lot, given the number of imbalanced games involved. But if they are significant, I'm clearly total garbage at MRs, and happy with where I fall on the other types of games. I'm currently in the middle of my longest losing streak , which is about to catch up to my longest evil streak. And @Quintessential destroyed what could have been an 11 game survival streak, with a C1 kill no less . We also need to run a QF faction game, a QF with neutral roles, and a free-for-all MR so that I can get rid of the divide by 0 errors . And I have some associated RP I started that I'll post underneath here whenever I get around to writing it. Possibly accompanied by a ruleset.
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    This was done for Fireflybooks21 on Tumblr. The other half of this will show up eventually. The song is “Come with me” by Chxrlotte. The song was chosen by Firefly.
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    The Ghostbloods make an offer - and woe betide those who think they can refuse. Top, from left to right: Mraize, Iyatil, Kelsier, Spook Bottom: Shallan The cat is a random cat Kelsier picked up outside. Bonus points to those who know their Godfather lore. (Do I think Kell being the Godfather of the Cosmere mafia is both awesome and totally fitting for the character? Yes. Yes, I do.)
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    Poll: would you be afraid of a supervillain if his "costume" was just a cardboard box he put over his head. If not, what if he's drawn a crude smiley face in marker on the front of the box. If not, what if there are no eye holes in the box because his powers allow him to perfectly sense everything within a mile radius of him without need for his other senses. If still not, what if he can choose to disintegrate anything around him into black dust at will. If still not, what if underneath his box he's actually a whirling, stirring mass of black dust in the rough shape of the human he once was before he disintegrated himself, now only clinging to life by sheer force of will and desire to crumble everything else in the world. If still not, please help me, because Box has been in my head all week and I'm scared.
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    I DID IT! I killed 4 Molduga 40 Talus's 40 Hinox/Stalnox 22 Lynels Calamity and Darkbeast Gannon All in one blood moon cycle, without eating! I also died twice but ignore that.
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    That makes a lot of sense! With the wiggle room, Autonomy could've done as little as just standing back and not interfering! With how subtle Autonomy has been acting currently I think they wouldn't do anything very direct. I have a pet theory that Axindweth is an agent of Autonomy sent to kickstart the True Desolation to lead to Odium's potential release. If the theories that Trell is affiliated with Autonomy are true, then a Feruchemist acting on behalf of Autonomy wouldn't be too farfetched. This is fairly speculative however. Thanks for the clarification! I'm an audiobook listener so searching the books is near impossible for me!
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    That was specifically about
  36. 3 points
    Is this maybe a reference to how:[Dawnshard spoilers]
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    Linnea. @Otto Didact suggested it during the Sunreach spoiler period, and Janci liked the name, so she's been rolling with it. Regarding readings and Arcanum audio, things may either not happen, or take a little while. The official release event was livestreamed (privately) on YouTube, but I expect that one to become public at a later date (personal speculation). I am being told that the Spoiler Q&A was also recorded by Dragonsteel, presumably with the intent to post it at some point, but we don't know anything more there. Until these things become public, the only stuff we'll be putting in Arcanum are people's personal reports here, and elsewhere on the Internet. So if anyone has WoBs still fresh in their memory, post away
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    Brandon was asked what Shard is the source of Ashyn's magic, to which he responded Cultivation
  40. 3 points
    I asked a question at the spoiler Q&A
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    Currently I'm using this But I was using this I may, for a lark, briefly use this one
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    Yes I did start Ookla season early, I'm going to be out of town for a while and didn't want to miss it.
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    That’s plausible enough. Makes me wonder whether Yolish Lightweaving is somehow more volatile/powerful, just like Khriss suggests that another Yolish version of a surge was in the RoW Ars Arcanum.
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    @Kingsdaughter613 Yes. Thank you for summing up perfectly why I loved this book.
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    Alright, time for my final update of Q&A stuff for this Con, as I wasn't one of the lucky 150. I'll quote questions I asked, and paraphrase the responses. Direct quotes will be in quotation marks, and everything else is paraphrased. Janci was later asked which era she would like to write in, and confessed that it didn't really matter to her. She then went on to explain that she'd like to write a YA story that would ultimately bridge the gap between the times. (So more like what Wax & Wayne was originally intended as in an Era 1.5 sort of story.) Kimmalyn will most likely be a future Skyward novella character*, and will most likely be a LGBTQ+ character, as a future LGBTQ+ romance IS coming. (Not confirmed, but Janci wiggled her eyebrows suggestively when directly asked about Kimmalyn.) Janci also ships Alanik and Arturo and doesn't want their relationship to end at just friendship. Janci also wants to name Spensa's mom Linea (sp.) EDIT: Most of the above has already been listed. (By me...earlier today...whoops...) I'm keeping these up though, just for posterity's sake. White Sand Omnibus is done! They're working with the publisher on it, and it will probably be released next year sometime. Isaac is also about halfway through his Nikki story. Lastly are some questions and answers from tonight's Q&A. Since this one was streamed, I'm pretty sure the Arcanum will use that footage instead. Still: @Wyndlerunnerreported the Ashyn magic stuff. (Cultivation has briefly been to Ashyn as well.) At the Bands of Mourning dance ball where Hoid and Khriss are, there is at least one, but probably two other worldhoppers present. Dune's monopoly on intergalactic travel narrative influenced the Cytoverse. Once again Brandon mentioned a videogame project he can't announce.** Ilos (sp.) wanted to work with Brandon, but was rejected due to another project being accepted. This rejected project was one of two denied, and has enough information out there that people have started comparing it to Mistborn. (This may be Forspoken, but the compony mentioned - which I completely misspelled - is neither Luminous Projects or Square Enix, the two driving forces behind Forspoken. I may have misheard however.) Aimians don't have Parshendi blood, but RAFO on other races mixing to result in them. Rithmatist - getting someone who has Aztec heritage to co-author the sequel is being looked into and a probably direction. This is not new information. "What do Doomslugs taste like?" "They taste like...knowing you're a terrible person." A worldhopper in The Lost Metal comes from a culture inspired by the Indian subcontinent. (I believe there's been speculation about a potential Elantrian country/continent, but there's no hard WoBs on this.) Total Readings as far as I know: The Lost Metal (Chapters 1 & 2) Evershore (Prologue & Chapter 1) In the Shadow of Lightning (Brian McClellan's new book) (First part of a character's first viewpoint) Kingmaker (Prologue & Chapter 1) *This may or may not have been confirmed during the Skyward panel. I wasn't there. **Insert Soulburner speculation and hype.
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    Janci's spotlight panel stuff: Evershore Prologue and Chapter 1 read. Kimmalyn will most likely be a new novella character. She will also most likely be the LGBTQ+ character, as Janci wiggled her eyebrows suspiciously when asked. Janci would love to do a YA story set in Mistborn (it's not happening though, so don't spread rumors.) Also, will anyone be at the Skyward spotlight panel at 4? Janci teased some big announcements, but I won't be there - I'm heading to Brian McClellan's panel.
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    She also mentions that she so often thinks of her grandmother and the God Beyond as the same
  50. 2 points
    Ashyn comes to mind, as does Final Empire era Scadrial, planet-wide magic in the Cosmere are potentially extinction-level threats
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