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  1. Shape of Aons is directly tied to geographical features of Arelon. So there's no reason cities on Roshar would be linked to them. BTW we know that Dawncities are based upon cymatic patterns.
  2. Singers have gemhearts and they can take forms when taking in a spren. Some spren grant powers that way. A Cognitive Shadow is basically a spren. A Fused is basically a parasitic form that destroys the host. It makes sense that the spren/Cognitive Shadow carries the Surge. But humans did not evolve to include spren in their bodies. They don't have gemhearts. When they bond a spren, it is something external. Presumably that's why Honor made Honorblades and did not bestow Surges directly on Heralds.
  3. Era 3 books are gonna be more like Era 1 books in length.
  4. End of an arc is harder, not easier. Tying up plot threads, interweaving them together, while still having a story going on and not just "This needs to wrap up, so this thing is happening". Even without Hollywood - Brandon has said that he'd known it would require extra care. Just like The Lost Metal did (which also pushed Stomrlight 5 back).
  5. Exactly opposite: Metal determines which abilities you can steal, placement determines which one gets stolen. After you have created the spike, it has a specific power and will grant that power to people the spike is put in (of course, bindpoints still are a thing, you can't just insert the spike randomly and expect it to work).
  6. Stormlight books were not supposed to be as long as the first, and yet they keep getting longer than the previous one. Each one is a huge piece of work. Exhausting, long work. Add to that the fact that long series by themselves tend to burn authors out. Multiply by the fact that Stormlight books are such bricks of a book. Good thing Stormlight is divided into two halves. Book 5 will wrap up some plotlines and he can be done with them. And it's maintaining long plot threads and character arcs over the course of many books that is difficult and tedious; it's something you don't have to worry about in standalones and that's why one-shots are more fun to write.
  7. Isn't a dragonsteel also a thing in cosmere? I'm not sure. I might be remembering wrong. But for obvious reasons Arcanum has almost three hundred WoBs that contain that word so it ain't exactly easy to sift through them...
  8. Storing speed won't decelerate you. When you store steel, your movements are slower. It strikes me as something very dangerous to do: you don't want to be sluggish and have your movements impaired while sliding at high speeds. And even then, I doubt you'd get any significant amounts of speed stored.
  9. If a metalmind is unkeyed, any Allomancer (of that metal) can burn it and Compound. However, without the Feruchemical ability they won't be able to store the result for later. If he has the Feruchemical ability (regardless of the source), he can both store and tap it normally, so in conjunction with his being a Mistborn it means he is can Compound like a regular Compounder.
  10. You mean the ability to tap nicrosil, right? Yes, that is another thing to make note of. Although I believe it's more that each medallion itself is hacked in a way to let anyone use it, not that it grants the Feruchemical nicrosil power. But that is a good point! We need to ask whether someone using a medallion would be able to use Feruchemical nicrosil.
  11. I wrote down a few back in they day: Surge of Abrasion + Feruchemical steel is one of my favorites. You only need steel in very short bursts, so they can be very powerful, the rest of the way you use Abrasion. AonDor + either Feruchemical steel or zinc. Steel allows you to bulllet time and draw Aons instantly, zinc allows you to get a lot of thinking done in very short time. Another nice combination is Feruchemical copper, as you can store complex Aon sequences you wouldn't be able to remember normally.
  12. So, once an attribute is unkeyed, it would remain unkeyed even if someone (that is not storing aluminium) tapped and stored it? I can see that working. We probably need to wait for The Lost Metal to be out to know or for Brandon to start answering questions about it...
  13. So, first a quick reminder how medallions work: By some yet unknown hack you're granted ability to tap nicrosil. (some sDNA shenanigans) (my personal theory is some trace harmonium projecting Soulbearer ability) You tap an unkeyed nicrosilmind, which contains another ability. Nicrosil works like copper, so it's not that you have a set amount of attribute-hours, but you have a distinct thing that you tap, use, and store back (WoB). You can use the other ability, whatever it is (usually the other ring of metal is an unkeyed metalmind you can tap, like with heat, Connection or weight medallions). Now, I've not exactly been up to date with the community, so maybe someone has already noticed the problem. But in case nobody did, here it goes: The medallions should be single use. Why? Well, you've been hacked to be able to use nicrosil, so you should be able to store the ability you were using back into nicrosil, right? The problem is that it would create a nicrosilmind keyed to you. You'd need to be granted aluminum Feruchemy to be able to blank your Identity to be able to create an unkeyed metalmind. So after using medallion once nobody else should be able to use it. Of course, that's not the case. And we see nobody storing aluminum while they were using medallions, so there's yet another thing going on here.
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