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  1. I was ambivalent until now that Secret Project 1 is out.
  2. There are mostly minor changes - Delius blackmails the admirals not with the blockade threat, but with winding up the prices for Zaidon which he has been buying out (which is the way it was in the unpublished prose), for example. But also slatrification now definitely does not exist, as Brandon said it wouldn't. I also noticed something exciting: Aarik's POV mentions his Autonomy. I'm pretty sure it's a capital A Autonomy. I think him being influenced by her is a popular theory, but now it's even more suggested. I really want that sequel now. And, that's not a change from the graphic novels but from the prose, but
  3. So I don't want to start another thread on this, therefore I'll just post here. I recently saw that Graphic Audio adapted White Sand (adapted from the prose modified by Sanderson's team, from which the graphic novels were also adapted) - this got me excited because I love Graphic Audio, if surprised that I didn't hear about it sooner. I'm not sure which is canon, though there are minor changes - slatrification now definitely does not exist, as Brandon said it wouldn't, and Delius was buying zaidon after all. I noticed two other things: Aarik's POV mentions his Autonomy. I'm pretty sure it's a capital A Autonomy. I think him being influenced by her is a popular theory, but now it's even more suggested. I really want that sequel now. No pining after Kenton from Khriss, and vice versa; Kenton wants to visit the Darkside to reconnect with his mother's heritage, not for her. I guess that means this ship has sunk. Too bad, it's one of my Cosmere favorites, they had great chemistry (the lack of Khriss's insecurity is a fix though) and I had this whole tragic lovers-separated-by-god story in my head.
  4. I'm a fan of this theory and I think it fits after the whole OB perfectly.
  5. It was just a week though. But yes, he did have time to overcome his pain.
  6. It was a mistake, I managed to see it and change it before your reply I find it unlikely. Author of second letter from OB states he had the opportunity to become something more and refused. If he was a god before, he would already be something more.
  7. What the storms is with Kaladin/Jasnah ship? She's like 15 years older than him. He's a child to her. She also has a completely different morality and that's a huge thing in relationships. Stop it. Get help. It's not gonna happen.
  8. Not necessarily. Venli mentions that if the Fused saw Timbre they would immediately kill her. And she is just a normal Lightspren. It makes sense that the Fused will go to the great lengths to destroy something that will potentially give their enemy an edge.
  9. Like Ruin tricked people into thinking that the power of the Well must be released for greater good. I like that idea a lot. We know Cultivation is good at seeing the future and we have reasons to believe she is actually better at it than Odium - She is able to hide from him. It's easy for people to believe foreseeing is of Voidbringers, because Radiants don't get these powers. But if Odium actually has a weakness to future telling it would make much sense to give that ability to his pawns. Like Megan was Firefight to hide her weakness to fire.
  10. But since when a character has to be "special" to be relatable? :P I don't think her marvel is in her distinctiveness as the only well-known alethi heretic, but people can relate to her world view anyway. If you are an atheist you probably do to, even if you didn't think anything of her "uniqueness". There are probably people that relate to Jasnah because she's a black sheep, I for one, definitely was one because of this very reason in middle school, being the only one in my year not attending religion classes (yes, we have such thing in Poland). But it's not the main reason I like Jasnah, and I'm pretty sure most people have other reasons too. For me, the core of her personality is being a dedicated scholar and a stubborn one - Veristitalian. I also relate to her poor social skills ;P So yeah, what I meant to say is that it's not about being "special" but about having similar values as the reader. I mean, one of my favourite characters was Ym, every day, regular, normal guy (well, minus a spren). And I understand that some poeple might find her personality overrated, but come on, not because she's not special enough? Anyways. I find a lot of beloved main characters overrated because of their personality. Vin. Liked her in Mistborn 1, but absolutely hated her teenage heart dilemmas in Mistborn 2, could not look at her the same way ever again. Kelsier. He's just kind of a douche. Spook. Bland. Dull. Shallan. For someone so inteligent she makes a lot of bad choices. Or maybe I'm just a play-it-safe kind of person.
  11. Well, yeah, that too. But I REALLY would love Brandon to publish White Sand the novel and more importantly, to continue the saga as novels. I didn't really like the Graphic novel for many reasons, I cannot imagine trying to understand what in the name of Sand Lord is going on if I haven't read the prose before. The comic was so... flat. I don't know how to explain it. I would absolutely hate it if sequels would be only available in this form.
  12. I would like to "send the message" with my money, but I'm too weak for that. Im a simple woman, I see a thing by Brandon Sanderson, I buy it.
  13. I imagined almost all of them exactly how you portrayed them! Amazing!
  14. Yeah, I never believed Honor's perpendicularity was in the Highstorms and for the same reason you mentioned - Jasnah's chapter. But I didn't have any ideas for an alternative. So have my upvote because your theory is at least something I'm awaiting the discussion.
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