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  1. Happy birthday, Extesian!

  2. Some really compelling observations and linkages here Asmo. Ha and yeah a quarter the way through your post the 'Hoid being the original Taln' jumped into my head so i can sympathise with that unlikely-but-fun idea (unlikely only because it's hard to imagine a guy who didn't take a shard as he didn't want to be limited, to limit himself to eternity on Braize - but the thematic link is fun). It is a long post, you may want a TLDR.
  3. Today I'd like to thank @Overlord Jebus for smashing it out of the park since I first saw his OB videos a few years back. He's now well known as staff and as a semi-regular shardcaster. He's brought so much value into the community through participating in shardcasts, spending a lot of time editing shardcasts (bless you for that Ben), but also just as a regular in Discord, bringing interest in people's lives, good Cosmere insights, and above all making people laugh. As one of the funniest sharders, alongside his evil mirror (Argent), he's one of the most entertaining people in the fandom. So thank you, Ben, for the videos you make, for sharing your personal life and wife with us, for the time consuming work you do to make this community better, and for bringing many much needed smiles. Hope to see you on more shardcasts soon!
  4. Today I'd like to thank @asmodeus, who still feels relatively new to me but probably isn't! Asmo has been one of the most interesting 'new person suddenly talking about everything' people for a while. He gets into conversations about everything and has an interesting brand of theorising that many people (including sometimes myself) can really disagree with, but he's always calm, patient, resilient in the face of stiff debate, and a really fun person to have around the theorising channels. So thank you Asmo, for being a great addition to the fandom and sometimes I always enjoy a good chat with.
  5. Today I'd like to thank @Jazzy Kandra. Mare, as I'll always know her much to her eyerolling, is as versatile a member of the fandom as her kandra-iness would suggest, doing wonderful art, knowing a lot about the Cosmere despite pretending not to, being an Arcanist and being one of the most active people on Discord where she's fun, sharing and caring. So thank you Dani, for your art, for being a lovely person and a great contributor to the community, and for making me laugh
  6. Today I'd like to thank @Pagerunner for his level of dedication to the fandom. He's been around forever but takes a fairly minimalist approach, not posting heaps but posting utter gold when he does. But his dedication to the fandom encompasses massive amounts of reddit wob work, huge contributions to Arcanum (I'm guessing he may be the most prolific Arcanist other than Weiry), and for generally being a voice of reason and knowledge in all things Cosmere. So thank you Page, for being an amazing contributor to everything we love here.
  7. Today I'd like to thank @Chaos, for nothing less than this entire community. I don't need to say much about him, we all know him. And many others, historically and currently, put so much work in. But to me, Eric will always be the 17th Shard, his work and passion are tireless, he has just the amount of grump to be a great admin while still making people feel welcome in the fandom, and generally his services to Brandon and the fandom over well over a decade are unrivalled. Thank you Eric, for everything. Without you, it'd be Reddit
  8. Today I'd like to thank @Oversleep, my hivemate, for years of hearty laughs, and fantastic theorizing and wob hunting together, with Calderis and I. He's also done fantastic things for the community, including being a fellow pre-launch Arcanist and the work that involved, and large numbers of WoBs both asked and recorded before the days of Arcanum, when things were much more work. So thanks my man, many fun years.
  9. Love your signature! It took me until the end to figure it out. I’m glad to know that not everyone hates Kvothe!

    1. Extesian


      :D for all his flaws, that lad can turn a phrase!

  10. Today I'd like to thank @WeiryWriter for Arcanum. It was more than just him, Mestiv built it and Chaos did so much to pull everything together. But most people would have no idea just how much work and passion Ian put into it, from conception to transcribing and populating WoBs, a truly astonishing number (and as an Arcanist I know how much work that is), through to his ongoing work approving and running this. So thank you, Ian, for your enormous irreplaceable part in the best thing that happened in this fandom in the half decade I've been part of it.
  11. Today I'd like to thank @Argent. With the possible exception of Chaos (and only possible exception) there's probably noone in the fandom more widely known. And rightly so. Argent has the most WoBs in the community. He is a staff member and a feature of most shardcasts. He's one of the longest-time fans in the fandom. He's written up some of the best theories I've seen. There are few people who know more about the Cosmere, and more WoBs, than Argent. And he has put an amazing amount of time and effort into things like Arcanum, completely dwarfing my transcribing efforts. But mostly, he's just a larger than life personality, making people laugh, looking out for people who need it, being wilfully ridiculous. There are very few people without whom this fandom would just not be the same, but you're one of them Argent. So thank you for your contributions to the canon Argent, but even more so for your contributions to the community. We all need a good laugh nowadays, thanks for providing most of them!
  12. Today I'd like to thank @LadyLameness for contributions to the fandom (her coppermind word is amazing), for making Chaos smile more, and mostly for just being an uplifting breath of fresh air at all times. If there's someone who's struggling with something, she always has encouraging words, and shares her excitement of things in a way that somehow gives you a Tien-style ray of sunshine, like her love of bees. Thank you, Jess, for being Tien to the Kaladins of the fandom.
  13. Today I'd like to thank @Ravioli, who gives back to the fandom and to Brandon in a range of significant ways I won't go into. Ravi has also made massive contributions to the Will Wight fandom. Ravi always took the time to get to know me as a person, not just as a sharder, as he does with many people, remembering little facts about people that surprise them. Ravi, with Team Dragonsteel, also provided me out of the blue with an incredibly generous wedding present (even though I live in Australia) - the Elantris leatherbound, something that has since spurred me to get MB and Warbreaker, with SA to come! So thank you Ravi, for being a friend, for doing great but unsung things for the fandom, and for just being a generous and thoughtful guy all round. When I get to America, we'll have a drink.
  14. I'll start by thanking @Calderis who not only shared so much with me in our early days here in terms of learning the Cosmere together, but was always a friend, probably the first person I ever truly counted as a friend who I'd never met in person. So thank you Cal for being you, my Hivemate, my fellow theorizer and my friend.
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