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    Captain and head of the Windrunners, and his ever-presents plus-one.
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    We all have two sides to us. But Szeth makes the rest of us look pretty one-dimensional.
  3. @Paleo I've got an author who's interested in hiring you to make a map for his book along the lines of what you've done with the interactive Roshar map (starting out much simpler, tho). I hope it's ok that I'm posting this in here, I just wasn't sure how else to reach you! Do you have a place where I could DM you for details?
  4. I know just how that feels if it helps, you can get 25% off with the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS
  5. grantmhansen

    Roshar Relief Map

    I just recently finished this piece. It was so much fun to work on, but man was it a rabbit hole to figure it out The finished product was a combination of a bunch of real satellite data from US Space Shuttle missions, blended together in photoshop and then passed through a 3D rendering program and a bunch of digital painting tools for the final result. I've attached a lower-res version of the piece here. For more detail, go to wayofthemap.com
  6. Aww shucks @Parttimedragon thanks! I totally nominate you back! @Parttimedragon nominated! Also @Bridge_Ojisan. Both fantastic artists that I aspire to be more like when I grow up!
  7. You. Do. Fantastic. Work. Honestly, you're a brilliant visual storyteller, Bridge. Thanks for sharing all of this! Love your character designs, love the emotion you put behind them, the compositions, the ALL OF IT!
  8. Hey y'all, sorry for my tardy reply. Yeah, I'm planning on putting up a process video for this piece (working on re-doing my website right now). And thanks for the compliments!!!
  9. Excited to see this progress!
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