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    Where the trees are tall, the stars are bright, and the pizza is good
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    Climbing trees, reading, writing, playing Ultimate Frisbee (or any sport really), sleeping, eating, family history, watching Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, and Studio Ghibli stuff, listening to their soundtracks

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  1. May I just say...the fact that you have a picture of Toph, Princess Mononoke, and a quote from Sokka on your profile just made my day :D

  2. Wow, havn't looked at this thread in so long. Glad to have found more people!
  3. @TheVillageIdiot Nice ones! I like the one under your username too.
  4. ryshadium90


    I really like how you've given her that "tall" look, how she's not just average height.
  5. I don't know if this was mentioned anytime, but here's one that was posted a while ago about Adolin and Shallan to Don't Stop Believing.
  6. The Lord gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors. The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend.
  7. ryshadium90


    Kind of, a little. But I love it anyway!
  8. The first cosmere books I read were the Mistborn ones and what struck me was how large a roel religion played. In the very first book, the uprising of skaa was lead by the "reappearance" of Kelsier to create the belief system of the Survivor. That whole conversation with Kelsier and Sazed about why faith was such a drive/motivation for people.
  9. Fight a Shardbearer. Get some adrenaline pumping and not just from fear. Being alone on Threnody would just be dark and fear. *shiver* Would you rather have all memories of a loved one wiped from you mind or watch everyone you've tried to protect die?
  10. I remember we had to do some hint fiction/iceberg prompts. Like that one: Baby shoes for sale: never used.
  11. Well, the most that I'm aware of in terms of "realms" with LDS beliefs is that we are made up of a spiritual and temporal(physical) selves and both have the ability to die (spiritual death/temporal death) It's not really three, as it's kind of missing the cognitive part. Guess that could be where the two kind of meet and the space that influences how you act in both spheres. Can I ask what your beliefs are?
  12. 41% Elsecaller 35% Bondsmith 35% Lightweaver 28% Willshaper 28% Stoneward 26% Windrunner 23%Edgedancer 17%Skybreaker 16%Truthcaller 0%Dustbringer Huh, this seems different than the other quiz, with Skybreaker near the the bottom and Elsecallers, Lightweavers, and Willshapers near the top.
  13. 66% Skybreaker 59% Bondsmith 56% Stoneward 53% Windrunner 13%Willshaper 6% Edgedancer 0% Dustbringer, Elsecaller, Lightweaver, Truthwatcher Yeah, I can see that. It's only a 6% match, but I've still got some Edgedancer in me! Awesome quiz.
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