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    On earth. If you can get me to Scadrial, I'd be eternally grateful!
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    Wasting time, reading books, and giving people headaches with philosophical questions.
    Oh, also with insane theories about the Cosmere I never get to share for reason.
    Dude also fancies himself as a fantasy writer. (Gotta have dreams people haha).

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  1. Death from shardblade or death from a million little lacerations courtesy of allomancy-propelled coins. Are you kidding me? Szeth dear god Szeth. Szeth is like the only sane answer to that question. Now, in the same vein of this questioning let me ask you this. Which assassin would you rather prefer hunting you down? Vin in all her fury? Or Kaladin believing you are just another pawn of Amaram?
  2. I'm just getting back to the Shard after a couple months hiatus so I'm currently unsteady on my feet so this is probably going to be nonsensical post but first - yes, @kenod I'm probably going to update this quiz but first I'm going to have to get my copy of Oathbringer first (because literature in my country sucks and they can never ship the books I want in time so I'm probably going to end up with a copy in May kmn) @Curiousity's Splinter thank you for the earnest opinion. In terms of balancing the scales I'm pretty sure I have the bases covered but yes I'll admit that the questions may be skewed to certain KR orders (or more likely it is extremely difficult to find a sharder who checks the more warrior-esque orders because everybody in the shard is a scholar or an intellectual in some manner or the other XD)
  3. Jesus! I'm finally back! Whoo! 2017 was such a ballbuster of a year... now time to wreak some mayhem here in the Shard once more!

  4. Of Devil and Feykind And it lives and it dies withheld in our chests - a circle like a merry-go-round. But nothing about it is merry, and rarely is it actually round. If you are lucky, you get to hold it in the palm of your hands like a butterfly with damaged wings - and you can croon to it, sing softly to it with shallow words and sentiments like passing headlights in the dark. For it is a fey thing to love. It isn't human. Gravity may keep the earth in a tether, but love free and unconstrained will splinter even that which keeps us aground. For it is not light and air but crushing defeat and monstrous force. Love is the bullet in the cartridge, the recoil of a shotgun that breaks the shoulder holding it aloft. It blackens the teeth, lines the throat and lungs with scum. It is the bittersweet kiss of ampethatimine's peak, the acrid smoke of cannabis. And yet even after all this we breathe it freely like god's own grace. So may it break us then like lego pieces for we foolishly accept it like candy and medicine. Let us open our chests with surgical knives and damage each other in turn - with broken ribs and fractured spines. The coruscating sound of thunder in the beating of skin and the pulsating of muscle, the song that follows every man's woe and every woman's whimper. Love is not for humanity - it is for devious gods and martyred poets. But maybe - just maybe, we are in fact devious gods.
  5. Summer school has me whipped like a misbehaving chull. Will log in every now and then but no promises.

  6. The nightwatcher temporarily steps down for @Drake Marshall. (Wohoo) (Oh wait. Does this mean he'll be the one to...? Oh storms.) It seems a harmless boon (for you) so the nightwatcher decides on an innocuous bane for you. You get to temporarily replace Wyndle as Lift's cultivationspren for a day. Hurray! I wish to know the true name of shshshshshshshsh and not be rendered mad in the process.
  7. Finally an intro savvy-sharder. P.S. Though technically some sharders can only go so far as offer you "cookies", some of the older denizens have been known to circumvent this by just going ahead and stabbing you with the sp- er, "cookies." (I'm looking at you @Oversleep...) If you see the aforementioned name above coming. Just run, kay?
  8. Mr. Staccato

    Khriss & Nazh

    Is Khriss and Nazh a ship? After seeing this picture I felt like they really should be a ship.
  9. I honestly have no idea how to begin this seeing as so many people have already posted their opinions and whatnot but I decided to at least come back and say my piece if only for the sake of a quick apology. Hey @Rockobar - I haven't posted on this thread because the last time I opened this up a lot of things were going. I will admit that when I first took a look at your letter I also felt a little bit indignant. I've reconsidered things since then and what I'd like to say is this: You are strong, opinionated, and despite getting disagreements left and right you've held on to your stand and for that I commend you. Not a lot of people can process all that and still take the time to draft a politely-worded answer to every single reply. I personally wouldn't have been able to do something like that, so yeah, kudos. Second, I get your viewpoint - personally, sometimes I think on the same path too. But I also understand why so many people rallied against it because no matter how true that viewpoint may be, we are more than just the seconds we spend thinking of the graves that will be inevitably dug up for us. You are not wrong, your opinions are sound and logical - if not a little bit tilted to one side - but please do understand that some of us explicitly came to Brandon because of the way he humanizes concepts like this. With sex - it can sometimes be used to add a degree of reality and grit - because it is true human beings are really, really sexual creatures. But sometimes sex does nothing for a piece of fiction except putting something rather gratuitous between the pages simply for the sake of making characters seem mature and on point with adult interaction (YA novels). Brandon can manage that without sex and so far from what I've read, if he feels like adding something like that to a story would be necessary for advancement or realistic portrayal he'd do it. The fact that he hasn't done this doesn't necessarily mean that he's prude, he's conservative, or that he's keeping things safe for a community - he simply doesn't need it in. If you still think it's lacking then there's nothing we can really do about it - I will second the meaningful deaths part however because Brandon sometimes has a tendency to save them all and drop them like bombs and you can actually see it coming; but there's nothing technically wrong with the way he kills off his characters either. It's just multiple shades of tragic and if it gets me teary-eyed and heartbroken I think it still has pretty much done it's job well. As for the utilitarianism part of your letter I think Brandon's already doing that. No where in his books has he ever made religion or religious people ever look purely good the same way that he has never ever painted atheistic people or people who commit to no faiths as bad. In fact, I applaud the way he writes about religion because Brandon is one of the few writers I know who actually knows the distinction between having a religion and having faith. I hope you finish this post all the way because I will say this - I hope you stick around. I think you're a really interesting person in real life and that your arguments, although they rubbed some people the wrong way, I want you to know that they haven't gone completely unappreciated. Thank you for your post.
  10. So you spank Cultivation (I will leave the rest of the sordid details to you, my friend). However, be ready to get spanked in turn by the full force of an actual Shard. Don't worry - I'll be there to sweep up the molecular dust of your remains when the entire ordeal is over. In the mean time, I gift to you this alternate bane! You are now invisible, but only when no one is watching. (I honestly have no idea how that's going to work out...) I wish for an inter-Cosmere musical.
  11. Pretty much Shallan all the way here. Like Shallan I get the whole thing about image and the tweaking and adjusting and the way she presents herself in different ways to different people. I get why she has to lie and the way she sometimes confuses her own lies for the truth because the whole thing is relative to her. Though I am not as accomplished at that (c'mon she has lightweaving - no contest) I know what it feels like to be looked upon differently by other people and there's some part of me that protests at the idea of these boundaries finding out about each other even though I know I'm just pretty much being shallow about everything. My drawings are subpar but I've been told my writing is (if I may boast) excellent. Shallan has never been my favorite character in the series, but she is by far the closest thing I have to an avatar in the series.
  12. Hey @Zennix! Anyway, yeah, a lot of things don't function the same way when using the mobile. Quotes and post editing also run into a little bit of difficulty (but they work). I'm not sure about sigs since I've only worked on them while on a computer but I think yeah that's part of the problem. Have you also checked up on the signature restrictions? It's pinned somewhere on one of the boards. It may also be the reason why you can't change your sig. If you're confident it's not the mobile that's causing the problem I suggest you read the restrictions post. If it isn't, then you might have to borrow someone's PC for a mo.
  13. I was dropped into a vat of chemicals and arose with a glasglow smile and a tangle of seriously unfashionable sea-weed green hair. Voila. I wish Oathbringer would feature Brandon's first cross-over couple.
  14. So general comments. First off, I've read my fair share of magic systems in the past and I really think you're going to benefit from reading Brandon's own guide to magic systems. However so as not to rip off the content, I'm just going to go ahead and put in my observations. First off, I think the twist to "true names" in the form of intimate understanding of the object's riftself is innovative. It's not completely new territory but at least it isn't similar to the song cycle or Ursula Le Guin's works. The element thing is I assume like Fire, Water, etc.? I am going to stay clear of this for a moment because I am heavily biased with spell systems like this, however I will say that if you plan on going on this road impose strict conditions or employ a method of element control that isn't as simple as simply waving your hands in the air. *Avatar had specific stances and utilized sets of movement in order to control the elements. *Codex Alera compensates by using Furies, and that crafters couldn't overtly control their elemental powers, in fact element control in the series was more like letting these furies run rampant instead of guiding them. The crafters had minimal control over the overt manifestation of their abilities. *The Five Magics had strict laws that could not be circumvented for each magic. However, if you want magic to be easy or less sciensey that's your call. That can work too. The song system seems promising. I'd like more info on this. The lifedust thing though seems at odds with the prior two because if everything that you can fetter with your magic system can be considered an element why would you separate lifedust from the rest? It works on the same principles as the other two, right? Keep up the good work and oh btw I'm pretty sure that the rest of the shard would be happy reviewing your novel.
  15. And so she gets replaced - however since you named no replacement, the nightwatcher is instead succeeded by the Joker. And so we all die horrible deaths. @Drake Marshall you choke on a sandwich of Rock's own design. I drown in Shadesmar. And the next poster, whoever he or she is, gets mistaken by Kaladin as Amaram and dies accordingly. I wish for guidance.
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