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  1. Where are his feruchemical metals? Maybe one of the spikes?
  2. @BinarySecond see WoR ch 11. Its here under spoiler tag
  3. Some fun tidbits for you @Amira hope you'll enjoy them: 1. The title of chapter 75 is "in the top room", remember where this phrase was mentioned? See chapter 57, when Hoid is telling the story about Wandersail: “Derethil and his men came out of the tower a short time later, carrying a desiccated corpse in fine robes and jewelry. ‘This is your emperor?’ Derethil demanded. ‘We found him in the top room, alone.’" 2. In the epigraph to chapter 59: "Above the final void I hang, friends behind, friends before. The feast I must drink clings to their faces, and the words I must speak spark in my mind. The old oaths will be spoken anew." you should be able to guess now who is the subject of this, and what event it's referencing. See the end of chapter 67. If you enjoy such things, There are many more, but i'll leave them for you to find in the reread if you will do one one day, its more fun that way. If you have read this spoiler, there is a small fun tidbit related to it
  4. Lol, you mean the broken soulcaster device or the broken soulcaster practicer?
  5. I take the fleet story more as a metaphor. Kaldin is running from the shattered plains (natanatan) to shinovar (book 5) [urithiru is in the middle approximately] and the storm always almost catch him, meaning he is almost succumb to depression and to internal broken parts of himself, and in shinovar is arc is at end. I like the death rattle you chose for his 5th ideal very much! It has so many interesting interpretations. Maybe "the death is my life" means he understand that it can be right to kill to protect, or maybe the other way around, he understand that he need to stop making death and killing his way of life. The journey has ended can be interpreted accordingly, one option is that he become 5th ideal radiant and the other- he die [nooooooooo!!!]
  6. I forgot to warn you it can become so.. you dont need to be nervous though
  7. Mmm, I think its safe to tell you they are venli's and Eshonai's... but Venli chapters become better! They are more interesting and have more action.
  8. From my exprience, and I am from Israel so I know mostly about people here, in philosophical debates its very common. People from the street will just say "you feel that, I not, so its all right for you to believe and for me no to". and that's all. Side carry is very fun and meaningful, enjoy it!
  9. There was a discussion about the math part in Jasna argument, if you're interested in that: As to talking about religion, I think its all right if youre respectful, but idk the formal rules
  10. I love your theorizing!! I am afraid that info about Szeth is coming slow.. but you will find out evetually
  11. You had read the whole letter to Frost? Of course, there could be other interpretation, like maybe the forum is chasing Hoid because they want his signature on their leatherbounds..
  12. Here is the epigraph from RoW capter 79, these are kalak's words: "Jezrien is gone. Despite being all the way out here in Lasting Integrity, I felt him being ripped away. The Oathpact was broken already, but the Connection remained. Each of us can sense the others, to an extent. And with further investigation, I know the truth of what happened to him. It felt like death at first, and I think that is what it ultimately became." so, "each of us can sense the others, to an extent", and Kalak felt Jezrien capture, and conclude that he dies afterward.
  13. Minor spoiler, just about the timeline and expectations
  14. that was Rushur Kris, the artist and master artifabrian. When had he arrived? Who had invited him. RoW prologue. Its probably him.
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