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    Alright, hopefully you've had enough time to relax after all these commissions of Kelsier's crew, because today we have a big one for you! 
    This last August was the first time we got to spend our newly-expanded art budget on a single piece - you might recall that we had access to this level of funding back in April, when we commissioned a couple of pieces from Nozomi Matsuoka, but that was a couple of pieces and from an artist we had already worked with; and July was obviously a series of relatively simple illustrations. So we were all excited to see what kind of doors our larger budget could open for us.
    Follow us after the break to find out what's behind door number one ;)
    And finally, last but not least, we top thing things off with honorary crewmember Fuzz himself!
    This last commission is extra dear to our hearts because it comes from our very own FelCandy! She has long been involved with our art scene in ways both small (custom emoji, art ideas & direction) and big (almost singlehandedly making the Cosmere Inktober a thing; that's still going on, by the way, check out the #CosmereInktober2022 hashtag on your favorite social media website), so we've been wanting to give her one of these official commissions for a while now, and this was finally a good fit! 
    We are stretching the definition of a crewmember here a little bit, but Lord Renoux played an important role in Kelsier's plan to bring an end to the Final Empire, and even if Kelsier himself doesn't consider him crew, we do (at least for the purposes of this series of commissions).
    Barthollamew's signature colorful art style has long been something we love (plus, who doesn't love memes?). Now, the Final Empire is not the best place to showcase this style, but if anyone was going to wear some color, it was going to be the fancy nobleman.
    Ha ha! You didn't think we were done, did you? With all of the clever and subtle foreshadowing about "core crewmembers" in the previous posts, you should've known that we'd dip into some less central members of Kelsier's gang, and what better way to start this second batch than Mare herself?
    Viridia, often known as viridializard (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr), is better known in this fandom for her Stormlight art (just look at this Evi), but she liked the idea of tackling Mare enough, and who are we to stand between the artist and her art? 
    And finally, to round off Kelsier's crew, we give you one spooky boi - it is spooky month, after all, we would be remiss not to include Spook himself!
    We say this a lot 'round these parts, and especially so with these crewmember commissions, but this piece's artist - Theodore Oliver, a.k.a. lazifyre - is yet another artist we've been wanting to work with for a long time. They have a lot of good art we could show off here (like this Siri & Susebron), but none are more iconic than this Inktober piece of Harmony looking after the cast of both Mistborn Eras, except they are all children, and he is a single father of some truly chaotic kids.
    Those of you with an eye for patterns may have guessed the subject of today's reveal - Ham is the next core crewmember if we follow the alphabet. 
    We first took note of Esther, better known as Egilde.Art, over a year ago with these gorgeous Siri and Shallan illustrations - a little before she went and, impressively, completed all of 2021's Cosmere Inktober challenge; not to mention that her Sazed and Marsh illustration made it into the Spanish illustrated edition of Mistborn. So this is definitely not the last time we work together, more just a taste of things to come.
    No series of commission of Kelsier's crew would be complete without its most important member - the man, the myth, the legend himself, Dockson
    Artist SiarexKH caught our attention a while back with her excellent designs for both Kelsier and Dox (for example) and a truly brilliant AU idea in which [REDACTED BECAUSE SPOILERS FOR THE COSMERE], so we knew that we had to save a commission of one of these two just for her. So when the crew won its poll, we knew we were leaving Dox in good hands.
    Following the Breeze reveal, we've got another core crewmember for you today - the team's Smoker, Clubs! The grumpy old man is not exactly the heart of the crew, but he is certainly... iconic. 
    Those of you familiar with his art style might recognize the artist we picked for this piece - Ydunn Lopez. The aggressive lines and sharp shadows are something prominent in a lot of his art, and it ended up a nice match for Clubs's wrinkled gruff face. Plus, we had been looking for an excuse to work with Ydunn ever since we saw his recent Shardplate explorations, so this commission came at a good time.

    It's been some time since our patrons voted to see Kelsier's crew get updated portraits, but between scheduling nonsense and some crewmembers being a little tricky, it took us a bit longer than anticipated to get all of these done. But the good news is, now that they are done, we can dump a whole lot of art on you, and with very little downtime! 

    So let's start things off with the core crew, and more specifically - Breeze! We picked  Marie, better known as mushimallo (Instagram, Tumblr) for this scoundrel, and she did a great job. The bar behind him turned out extra cool, with a small Easter egg hiding (?) in plain sight... can you spot it?

    The time has come! The end is nigh!

    That is, the time to reveal our next art commission! The end of the wait to see it! This all sounded funnier in my head, but there's no going back, words written in a Patreon post are final and unchangeable. 

    So what do we have here? Follow us after the break to find out (it's not that difficult to figure it out though)

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