WOTaHoliday charity stream 2022

For two years, I (Cheyenne), Rob from Malkier Talks, and Andrew from the Black Tower Podcast have hosted WOTaHoliday to help raise funds for the Lightweaver Foundation during the holidays, and every year without fail, the Wheel of Time community has jumped in with their overwhelming support. This year, we're reaching for an even higher goal of $10k, and are looking forward to 24 hours of fun, laughter and joy.

The Lightweaver Foundation contributes to food pantries & homeless shelters, but also makes sure books are readily available to those in need. Join us on December 11th for year 2 of the Wot-A-Holiday livestream event, supported by the Charity of Time. Help us get books to schools, prisons, hospitals, and homeless shelters. The following are our schedule and promotional poster.

Livestream: https://youtu.be/Z0vEFC7zETo

I will be at the opening and closing ceremonies, since I am on the planning committee, as well as a slot at 3pm on Sunday with Ilana and Alfonsina, my cohosts on Worldhoppers. I hope that if you’re a fan of the Wheel of Time, whether it be the books or the show you can join us, and if you’re able, donate to this wonderful cause that the Lightweaver Foundation furthers. Brandon and Jane have prerecorded the answers to a couple of questions for us, which we appreciate immensely.  This is a cause I believe in and would like to invite you to participate in as well.

WoTaHoliday generic ad - Twitter Ad.png

WoTaHoliday Stream One - Twitter Ad.png

WoTaHoliday Stream Two - Twitter Ad.png

WoTaHoliday Stream Three - Twitter Ad.png

Edited by Cheyenne Sedai


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