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December 2022 Art Commission


*rolls sleeves up*
*cracks neck*
Spoilers for The Lost Metal
Alriiight. It's time to get the spoiler ball rolling. It's been almost a couple of months since the release of The Lost Metal - in fact, Tress of the Emerald Sea is now also out and we'll do a commission dedicated to it in February - which means it's time to reveal some things we've been working on. Starting with our first TLM piece, coming straight from the presses (and the ending of the book)! This is, of course, Wayne saving the day with his duralumin-enhanced speed bubble, with an extra close-up of him and Harmony, just for a bit of extra detail. 
A digital illustration depicting the climax of Wayne's arc from The Lost Metal. The image combines two versions of that scene. In the center is a view of the belly of the Pewternaut A16, with Wayne's supercharged speed bubble shown as vibrant blue, its base so saturated with power as to glow with powerful fiery light. The entire bubble mixes textures reminiscent of a soap bubble, swirling paint, and pure energy. Inside the bubble are Wayne, Harmony, and three blurry shapes representing Wayne's impossibly fast movement as he triggers and then kicks the three barrels packed with harmonium and trellium. The barrels themselves can be seen scattering away from the bubble, frozen mid-explosion. Complementing this scene is a close-up shot of Wayne and Harmony on the side, both wearing earrings and metalminds of matching golden color. Wayne's outfit is modern, but with subtle triangular motifs. Harmony's visage blurs and extends into a cosmic background, while white mist swirls around Wayne's.
If you were keeping an eye on 2022's #CosmereInktober challenge, you might recognize the iconic art style of one Diego Lopez, whose Instagram page features a few more Lost Metal illustrations, plus a heap of other Cosmere art. Working with him was a pleasure, so don't be surprised if we go to him for a future piece again :)
In the meantime, our January poll closes tonight, so if you are a patron and want to go cast your vote for the next TLM illustration we commission, time is running out!

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Wow, I love the parallels between the appearances of Sazed and Wayne! In the end, I suppose Wayne did invest a little bit of ruin along with his other types of magic... and there's nothing better to balance both Intents than an explosion to save a town

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