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September 2022 Art Commission


This one is coming to you all the way from September of last year, so apologies for the long wait but we like to give the artists we work with as much time as they need with these commissions - we are under no deadline, and we don't want to impose one either. In this case - and in all other cases - the wait has been worth it, as this illustration turned out beyond great!

Those of you who have read The Alloy of Law will recognize the iconic "tea's poisoned" scene from about halfway through the book. What you might not recognize is the artist, Rixt Heerschop, even though you may have seen their art in this illustrations depicting the climaxes of Oathbringer and Rhythm of War respectively. They have a good eye for color and composition, and happened to be available when we needed someone for this - so, good fortune all around!

A digital illustration of Wax, Wayne, and Marasi in the Ladrian manor library discussing their options inside a speed bubble as an explosion slowly approaches them. Wayne, in a constable uniform is sitting on the floor in the center of the image, head turned to face Wax, looking unconcerned in a constable's uniform. Wax is on the left, gesticulating animatedly, dressed in a checkered vest over a white shirt, sleeves rolled up, metalmind bracelets clearly visible. Marasi is on the other side, looking concerned and pointing at the approaching ball of fire consuming shelved books and equipment that line the walls of the study; she wears a long blue skirt and a white shirt, her hair tied practically in a bun. Both she and Wax are down on one knee, hunched over, in order to fit inside Wayne's speed bubble whose borders are barely visible but recognizable for their oil-on-water-like texture. A porcelain teacup in a saucer lies on the floor next to Wayne, tea spilling out of it.

Edited by Argent


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