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Quick Fix Game 69: Dark One: Too Light


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Just now, Ookla of Ravens said:

we could also not vote, and whoever hasnt died yet we can narrow down.

Not an option. There’s nothing stopping the remaining elim from voting last-second and just winning.

Illwei saying they have to work until and hour before rollover is funny because I have to work starting an hour before rollover .-. Guess there won’t be any discussion here.

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Betting the farm on this but I'm never not voting Illwei here so there's no point in holding off.

@JNV, Illwei will wait until you vote before voting. If you vote me, we lose, because Illwei can double vote and I don't have manip anymore because I wasted it C1. Raven doesn't have manip either after wasting it yesterday, so even if they vote Illwei we lose to Illwei's manip. It is absolutely critical here that you vote Illwei. Doubling would be nice, but it's only necessary if Raven votes me.

@Ookla of Ravens it's not as critical that you vote correctly, but it sure makes this a whole lot cleaner.

If people want, I can v case myself but I don't like doing that and I don't really have the time. I feel like I've played differently enough from MR66 to be notable, but it's always hard to tell when it's your own playstyle.

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Yeah there's nothing to do but hope jnv votes right

26 minutes ago, Ookla of Ravens said:

illwei did mention about motivation, perhaps thats a clue? like, he refuted obligation in turn for motivation. which i find weird. 

What do you even mean by this

Obligation doesn't drive people to post, and if it does it'll be half assed small posts that have little motivation behind them

You can't bring up WiM and then tell me that motivation has nothing to do with it

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27 minutes ago, Ooklil the Wei said:


Yeah there's nothing to do but hope jnv votes right

What do you even mean by this

Obligation doesn't drive people to post, and if it does it'll be half assed small posts that have little motivation behind them

You can't bring up WiM and then tell me that motivation has nothing to do with it

ah- ok.

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2 minutes ago, Ooklil the Wei said:

Also mat how can you say that Kas was townreading you when he died with a vote on you

From my PoV he was townreading me, because my PoV was from before he voted me. I fully didn't see that coming.

That idea came from this post and also this post, and if there were signs of him reconsidering while I was still around I missed them. I see the post where he was theorizing a you/me team but that was after I logged off.

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1 hour ago, Ooklil the Wei said:

EDIT: @JNVhow was your dentist appointment

It was pretty alright honestly no cavities good health all victories for me

Anyway it looks like the fate of the village is in my hands no pressure right haha um Illwei you still have your vote manip charge right the other two dont I assume youre using it honestly Im kinda tempted to just like force a tie and winnow but like Id be the first on the chopping block and then its Raven deciding the fate of the village and the same situation so anyway the reason I said hm maybe Matrim earlier is cause Illwei did have a good point about me soloing like Ive never done that who knows if Id keep up my trend maybe its the collusion that drives activity and Matrim not even questioning it and just hopping on Illwei as thoughits a done deal kind of felt like I dont know it felt weird but vibes arent a reason to decide the fate of the game so Im going to look at past cycles 

Ack the shard update abbreviates post counts now there goes my way of separating mentions from actual posts with control F this is the worst


C1 first post calls Kas not reading rules a null thing second post banter third post apparent joke vote Aeoryi fourth post complaining about Aeoryi self voting which honestly fair fifth vote more Aeoryi talk sixth post thinks Aeoryi is mixed vibes  trusts nothing thinks evrything has been fluff seventh post thinks Aeoryis evil hm this Aeoryi progression was quick eighth post pro Novel ninth post banter tenth post retroactively justifying Aeoryi case eleventh post defensive response to Aeoryis defense twelfth post if dead look in the actives

C2 first post calls voting Aeoryi one of their apparent top suspicions off a waste second post apparently started reading Aeoryi village but didnt mention it third post talking about me fourth post would vote Stick over Illwei fifth post agrees with Kass Stick case sixth post comments was wrong about parity winning  seventh post voting Stick

And todays posts which hm I mean my instinctual read of their pitch tom e after the Illwei vote feels like fearmongering but like I get it if theyre village 


C1 first post Kas village second post banter thid post banter fourth post want to ote Aeoryi fifth post OOG stuff sixth post argues against self voting and wants to vote Matrim seventh post question eight post wants to vote Matrim ninth post banter enth post banter eleventh post still banter twelfth asks about Aeoryi thirteenth post banter fourteenth post questions fifteenth post votes Matrim sixteenth post banter seventeenth what if we tied eighteenth definitions and questions ninteenth question twentieth banter honestly my conclusion just from this cycle is I hve no idea how to read this person

C2 first post assumes Aeoryi doubled second post oh third post suspects Raven fourth post Aeoryis dead fifth post Ravens village sixth post response to Raven seventh post Ravens village but willing to vote in Stick Kas eighth post Stick response ninth post maybe tie tenth post ties good eleventh post votes Stick twelfth post teams weird if Stick evil thirteenth post we lose sadness 

And this cycle Ive already said why I like their thoughts anyway to sum it up I like Illweis tie efforts I dont like Matrims inconsistent reads and cases and honestly my analsys is only ever a tool to justify my mistakes to me so Matrim and if that loses it then well shucks guess you shouldnt have left the game deciding decisions to me yes I will be doubling that and Illwei probably will too

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25 minutes ago, Ookla of Ravens said:

also, that would be at 10 pm for me

Let us have Silence - wait for the aftermath to be posted then talk about the game there (the cycle is closed, no talking here)

Edited by Ookla the Resolute
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QF69: Aftermath: Three Strikes

The drull had one last chance to strike.

“It’s process of elimination now,” declared Mrat. “I’m processing who to eliminate.”

“It should be you!” hollered Wei.

“No way. No… Wei?”

“Why do you have to be so accusatory? Can’t we just let this whole thing go?”

They all exchanged sideways glances.

“That doesn’t sound like something a sensible drull would say,” muttered Bastam.


“I’m tired of living to die. You’re all crazy!”


Drull were grown to kill. When they tackled their former friend, what happened at the bottom of the pile would have made even the Dark One himself proud.


“Do I have skin in my teeth?” asked Jenvee.

Bastam squinted. “You’re good. Want to split the last leg, Mrat? Hey, why the long face?”

Mrat looked solemnly into the horizon. Far, far away, he could just see the towering silhouette of the Dark Keep. “It took us a long time to catch them.”

“Yeah. So?”

“If our hearts were truly black, Wei should never have been able to trick us, not even for a moment.”

Jenvee spat. “You’re saying they’ve corrupted us a little?”

Mrat nodded. “We can never forget what they said. Their heathen thoughts reside in us.”

Bastam wiped away a tear. “I think… I think I understand what must be done. Take up your spears, my brothers.”


A sensible drull lives for two things. To defeat the Dark One’s enemies and to die gloriously for their cause. In their final acts, the remaining drull would achieve both.

Mrat fell on their spear gazing into what counted for a sunset in Mirandus.

Jenvee made it quick with a slash across their throat.

And Bastam laughed at them both. “You animals.”

They waved their hands, dispelling the illusion spell that Koran had taught them. Wei could barely stand as they burst into a fit of laughter. “I’ve won! I’ve beat the Narrative!”

As they basked in their victory, the ground beneath them trembled. Change was coming to Mirandus.


@Ookla the Destined has been killed by vote. They were a Sensible Drull. @Ookla of Ravens has also been slain. They were a Sensible Drull.

Having reached parity, Illwei, @Ooklil the Wei, the lone Enlightened Drull, has won the game! 

My sincere thanks to my IM @Araris Valerian for watching over me, to my balance consultant @DrakeMarshall for their advice, and to you, the players for joining me on this journey.

Final Vote Tally

Mat / OT Destined (4): Illwei / OT Wei, JNV

Illwei / OT Wei (2): Mat / OT Destined, Raven / OT Ravens

Word Sneak Results

The following players are owed incredible prizes for their efforts. In lieu of those, here’s some meaningless awards!

@Ookla the Destined  is awarded a hefty trophy filled with purple and yellow confetti!

@Stick. has won a Bag of Beans!

@Ookla of Ravens has won a single coin, with the words Death and Life inscribed on opposite sides!

The award for guessing the most Word Sneaks goes to… no one! Nobody attempted that challenge, although TheRavenHasLanded thought Kasimir’s might have to do with mentioning his wrist...


Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v1yv0VtsNDfFif38E9VQhyNgIsu8_1aN3ShfNtJYh4M/edit?usp=sharing

Elim Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vejrkNRRmeMfUxSR3LfMb6b-AOmAguGY4G6x2EBa2Vk/edit?usp=sharing

Dead Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ldzjW07k_nj5XIBjU41DuR4t9bx76qMOKV6Yb387IIc/edit?usp=sharing



@Matrim's Dice


@Kasimir as Kelk


@The Known Novelas Koran

@Illwei - Enlightened Drull


@TheRavenHasLanded as Bastam


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Welp sorry guys my bad I guess anyway great job Illwei never would have suspected you and from a quick skim of the dead doc neither did them so yeah gold star honestly I feel like I should just predict that whatever my first impulse is is just wrong like all the time that might get me better results but anyway this was fun I had a good time

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