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Quick Fix 65: More Deception: Murder in the Cosmere

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Welcome to QF65! This game is a rerun of @Herowannabe's QF33 Deception: Murder in the Cosmere, and like that game, is very different from other SE games, so make sure to read the rules carefully.

Somewhere in the Cosmere, a murder has taken place, and it's up to (most of) you to solve it before the murderer gets away. An abundance of suspicious objects have been located at the scene of the crime, and the players must identify both the "Method of Murder" as well as the "Key Evidence".

Complicating things is that the Assassin and possibly some of their Co-conspirators have infiltrated your numbers, and will try their best to foil your efforts to solve the mystery. However, two things may come to your aid. The first is the Oracle, a powerful being that knows all the details of the crime, but is limited in it's ability to communicate. Additionally, one of the Investigators may also be a Witness to the killing, able to identify all of the conspirators so long as you can keep their identity hidden.

The complete rules can be found in doc form here, or in the spoilers below:


Factions and Roles


There are two factions in the game, the Investigators and the Conspirators.

The possible roles are listed below and colored to represent the faction they are in (The numbers in parentheses indicates how many of each role will be in the game).

Oracle (1- the GM)

The GM in this game is called “the Oracle,” and plays a role in the investigation. The Oracle knows everything about the crime- The identities of the Assassin and Co-conspirator(s), as well as what the Means of Murder and Key Evidence are, and it is their job to assist the Investigators in identifying each of these. They are not allowed to post freely and discuss things openly like the rest of the players, but instead have specific “Tiles” that they can use to give clues to the Investigators (see below). The Oracle wins/loses the game with the Investigators.

Investigators (Unlimited #)

Your job is to correctly identify the Assassin, as well as the Method of Murder they used and the Key Evidence they left behind. If any player successfully solves the crime before the end of Cycle 3 (and if the Witness survives- see below), then the Assassin is caught and executed and the Investigators win the game.

Assassin (1)

You are the Assassin who killed the Victim. At the start of the game, you must choose 1 of the Evidence cards and 1 of the Method cards assigned to you. These become the “Key Evidence” and “Method of Murder,” respectively. You should focus your efforts on concealing your role and finding scapegoats to blame.

You win the game if the Investigators have not correctly identified you along with the Key Evidence and Method of Murder by the end of Cycle 3. Alternatively, if you are successfully accused and the Witness is in the game, you can win by successfully identifying (and eliminating) the Witness.

Co-conspirator (0+, depending on the # of players)

You are a Co-conspirator with the Assassin. You know who the Assassin is as well as the solution to the crime. If the Assassin gets away with the crime, you win, but if they are caught then you lose. You should try to obfuscate the truth and lead the investigation astray. The Co-conspirators share a document with the Assassin.

Witness (0-1, depending on the # of players)

You stumbled across the scene of the crime just in time to see the Assassin and their Co-conspirator(s) fleeing, so you begin the game knowing who the Conspirators are, but not which one of them is the Assassin. You should use your knowledge to help the Investigators correctly solve the crime, but beware- if the Conspirators can correctly identify you at the end of the game then the Assassin will slay you and without your testimony, they will get away with the murder. You win/lose the game with the Investigators.






This game shares some similarities with your typical SE game, but plays out quite differently. The Investigators have 3 Cycles (24 hours long) to correctly identify the Assassin along with the Method of Murder and the Key Evidence. Each player only gets 1 chance to solve the crime. During the 3rd cycle, players may extend the cycle to 48 hours by majority vote if the crime is not solved in the first 24 hours of that cycle.

There is no player elimination- everyone is in until the end of the game.

PMs are not allowed for this game.

The Assassin and Co-Conspirator(s) will have a doc with which to conspire in.

RP is allowed and welcome, but not required.

The GM’s spreadsheet will be used to randomly draw “cards” and “tiles,” and will be open info- all players will have access to the spreadsheet (though the important info will also be copied to the thread, so players do not need to reference the spreadsheet if they don’t want to).


At the beginning of the game, each player will be randomly assigned 5 Method cards and 5 Evidence cards. These cards are public knowledge- every player will know what Methods and Evidences the other players have. Players will also be told their role via PM, and it will be announced if a Witness is included. The Assassin will have 24 hours to select one Method of Murder and one Key Evidence from the cards assigned to them, and then the game proper will begin.

First Cycle

At the start of the first cycle, the Oracle begins by posting 6 “tiles.” Each tile has a number of different details about the scene of the crime. The Oracle uses these tiles to give hints to the Investigators, as follows:

        The “Cause of Death” tile is used in every game.

        The Oracle chooses 1 of the 4 “Location” tiles.

        Lastly, the Oracle randomly selects 4 the “Scene” tiles  (Note: If the randomizer selects an “Event” tile, it is ignored and a new Scene tile is selected).

Once the tiles are chosen, the Oracle chooses and marks one item on each tile that best fits the crime. For example, the Oracle’s post at the start of the first round might look something like this:



Cause of Death

Location of Crime



Hint on Corpse

General Impression


Sitting Room





Severe Injury






Loss of Blood


























All players are then free to use the thread to discuss the Scene tiles, the Evidences and Methods, their suspicions, etc. A player may attempt to solve the crime at any time during the game by Making an Accusation (see below). 

Second and Third Cycles

At the start of each round after the First, the Oracle randomly selects a new Tile and does the following:

        If it is a Scene Tile, they choose one of the Scene Tiles in play except the “Cause of Death” and “Location” Tiles and replaces it with the new one.

        If it is an Event Tile, they display it for all players to see and resolve its effects.

Making an Accusation

The Investigators’ goal is to solve the crime by correctly identifying these 3 things:

  1. The Assassin
  2. The Method of Murder
  3. And the Key Evidence

Each player only gets one Attempt to solve the crime during the game- this is tracked on the spreadsheet and made public knowledge, so everybody knows who has/hasn’t made an Attempt yet. To Attempt to solve the crime, please do the following:

  1. Post in the thread that you are Making an Accusation, and color the text red.
  2. Declare which Player you are accusing, along with the Method you think they used and the Evidence they left behind (by choosing one of the Methods and one of the Evidences assigned to the accused player)
  3. Mention the Oracle by using the @<username> function of the site (or by quoting one of the Oracle’s posts).

An Accusation will not be counted unless it follows all 3 of these steps. For Example: When Dalinar is ready to make an accusation, his post might look something like this:

I am making an Accusation! I accuse Szeth of being the Assassin, and I think he used Lashing to commit the murder and that the Key Evidence he left behind is the Message Written in Blood.

The Oracle will respond to each Accusation as soon as possible (by the end of the current cycle, at the latest), as follows:

        If the Player, Method, and Evidence are all guessed correctly, they will say “Yes.” The Investigators then win the game.

        If any part of the Accusation is wrong, then the Oracle will simply answer “No” without giving any further information.

NOTE: If a player make an Accusation and is wrong, they are not eliminated from the game. They are free to continue discussing and posting their suspicions and trying to persuade other investigators to their point of view, but they are not allowed to make any more Accusations.

Killing the Key Witness

If the Witness role is in the game and the crime is successfully solved, then the Conspirators get one final chance to win the game. They will have 24 hours to discuss and decide which player they believe is the Witness. When ready they will post the Player’s name in the main thread in red. If they guess correctly, then they kill the Witness and successfully escape Justice, thus winning the game.

End of the Game

The game ends will end when one of the following things happens:

  1. A player makes an Accusation and correctly identifies the Assassin, the Method of Murder, and the Key Evidence.
  2. All players except for the Assassin and the Co-conspirator(s) have made their Accusations and have failed to correctly solve the crime
  3. The countdown timer for Cycle 3 ends.

The Investigators win if someone makes a successful Accusation and the Conspirators fail to correctly identify the Witness.

The Conspirators win if the Investigators fail to solve the Crime before the game ends OR if the Investigators solve the Crime and the Conspirators can correctly identify (and eliminate) the Witness.


Inactivity Filter


Every player is required to post at least once per cycle. At the end of each cycle, any player who has not made a post that cycle (exceptions may be made if the player announces in advance that they will not be able to participate for a particular cycle) will be replaced by a pinch hitter. If there are no pinch hitters available, then the inactive player loses their Attempt to solve for this game, and a random active player will be given an extra Attempt instead (if the inactive player has already used their Attempt, then nothing happens). Because there is no player elimination, Inactive players who are not replaced by a pinch hitter are still in the game and may still be Accused of being the Assassin (or the Witness).

And here is a schedule of events (the listed day is when that cycle starts):


Thursday C0 - just talking

Friday C1 - 

Saturday C2 - 

Sunday C3 - can be extended to

Monday too. Last day for accusations. 

Signups will close at 5:00PM EST on Thursday the 16th, and the game will start shortly afterwards. In addition, since this game runs rather quickly, if there is interest I will run it a second time shortly after the first round ends.

If you don't think you have the bandwidth to play as the Witness/Assassin/Co-conspirator, let me know in a PM or through Discord and I'll take that into consideration when building the distribution (no promises though).

@Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM for this game.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet I will be using to run the game.

Player List:

  1. @xinoehp512 - Jacob
  2. @JNV - Jen
  3. @Cinnamon - Jude
  4. @The Wandering Wizard - Jango
  5. @The Known Novel - Jounger Gerri
  6. @StrikerEZ - Jariel
  7. @Ashbringer - Jekyl
  8. @Sart - Jerome
  9. @Matrim's Dice - Jatrim
  10. @Amanuensis - J'aman
  11. @Kasimir - Jean-Guy Chrétien
  12. @Archer - Jello
  13. @|TJ| - JJ
  14. @The Bookwyrm - Jerald
  15. @Fifth Scholar - Just Judge Jehoshaphat
  16. @Shining Silhouette - Jaculiferous Jack
  17. @TheAlpha929 - Jorazh

Quick Links:

Pinch Hitters:



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16 minutes ago, Ashbringer said:

Can I make this?

… barely, I get back Thursday. Might be quiet that day but the rest I’m free.

Signing up as… Jekyll :ph34r:

Would you perhaps have an alter called Jyde?

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1 hour ago, StrikerEZ said:

Would you perhaps have an alter called Jyde?

That one may break the pattern to keep the pattern, we'll see.

I did just read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for a class so it's on the mind :P

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7 minutes ago, Ashbringer said:

That one may break the pattern to keep the pattern, we'll see.

I did just read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for a class so it's on the mind :P

I mean, how would it be breaking the pattern? Mat just signed up as Jatrim. And Jariel is just a play on my common RP character, Variel. There’s precedent to just use a normal name but with a J instead :P

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TBH I was planning on taking a break, but...

3 hours ago, JNV said:

Hi Ill sign up as Jen 

2 hours ago, Cinnamon said:

I’m in as Jude.

2 hours ago, xinoehp512 said:

I'll be Jacob :ph34r:

2 hours ago, The Wandering Wizard said:

I'll play as Jango

1 hour ago, StrikerEZ said:

I'll be in as Jariel.

1 hour ago, Ashbringer said:

Can I make this?

… barely, I get back Thursday. Might be quiet that day but the rest I’m free.

Signing up as… Jekyll :ph34r:

1 hour ago, Sart said:


Join as Jerome.

16 minutes ago, Matrim's Dice said:

In as Jatrim

/in as J'aman

2 hours ago, The Known Novel said:

I'll be Gerri.


Edited by Amanuensis
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5 minutes ago, Ashbringer said:

Might be Jyde, might just be Hyde. AraRaash vetoed JaraRaash :P

The obvious answer is to go with Jyde but pronounced the Spanish way so it sounds like Hyde but you get to keep the J theme also @The Known Novel please pretty please change your character name to have J in front Ill put cute quokka pictures here if you do but only if you do

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3 minutes ago, JNV said:

The obvious answer is to go with Jyde but pronounced the Spanish way so it sounds like Hyde but you get to keep the J theme also @The Known Novel please pretty please change your character name to have J in front Ill put cute quokka pictures here if you do but only if you do

This seems like a good time to remind everyone of @|TJ|'s Allomancer Jak pronunciation.

Edited by Amanuensis
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I need a break from SE but this is the one game I've been waiting over a year for, so...

Signing up as Jean-Guy Chrétien, an investigator from Scadrial who has Seen Some Drek.

Edited to add:

I move that all accusations be prefaced with J'accuse in keeping with the theme of this game!

Edited by Kasimir
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