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  1. We’ve been reading the Alcatraz books with my 10 year old daughter and she loves them, and Brandon has quickly become her favorite Author. She has seen all the books and things that we have had him sign back when it was easier to get his signature, and she has heard our stories, and now she’s dying for the chance to meet him herself. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone is looking to unload a couple of badges for this year’s con, please DM me! Thanks in advance!
  2. Lovely art, though Dalinar would 100% be in Slytherin.
  3. Herowannabe

    Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the minis from the Mistborn: House War board game and it’s expansions, Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and are definitely my best work to date. Enjoy! #Mistborn #MistbornHouseWar #CraftyGames #MiniaturePainting
  4. For those of you who are into board games, Brotherwise Games (the guys who also happened to do the recent Call to Adventure: Stormlight Archive game) just announced that they are releasing a Dragon Prince Boardgame this fall! https://www.brotherwisegames.com/thedragonprince?fbclid=IwAR1M3voMioWxxAsr9aj1w6LZNwZkoxR9z6ay3vRaOeegTalvRyN1ADkNOXw
  5. Right? I can’t wait to find out how and why he was imprisoned.
  6. No worries, thanks for letting us know. Good luck with your test and with the rolling blackout situation! Once things settle down if you decide you’d still like to play let us know- there’s a good chance we’ll be able to let you take over for someone else who needs to step down. Such is the nature of PBP games.
  7. @Kasimir @Use the Falchion @JesterLavorre the discord server is up and (hopefully) ready to go: https://discord.gg/YqQe5v8F
  8. @Use the Falchion make that one spot left. Vinaya is the last character available if you still want in.
  9. Sure, or you can PM me in discord or add me as a friend and then I’ll respond with the invite. My username is Herowannabe#8665
  10. Oh yeah, definitely text only for this game, I should have mentioned that earlier. Okay cool, it’s official then. I’ll get a server set up for us and send out invites soon. Also, FYI I’m planning on getting this started sometime this weekend (So @Use the Falchion, if you still want in then you better hurry! There are only 2 slots still open)
  11. Hey everyone (and specifically: @Kasimir @JesterLavorre @Use the Falchion) in spreading the word for this game I stumbled across the CortexRPG Discord channel, which is actually set up to run PBP games and has a bot designed specifically for Cortex dice rolling (which is what ToX uses). I confess I’m not super familiar with discord- I have used it before but not much. However, what would you think of moving our game from the forum to Discord instead of RPGgeek? Personally, I am happy to do it either way, though I do see a few advantages to using discord: For one, it already has a thriving community of Dragon Prince / ToX fans, while RPGgeek is... well... pretty dead, to be blunt. Second, as I mentioned, the Cortex dice bot is specifically designed for rolling dice. You can set it so that it automatically totals your two highest dice and then picks the best effect die out of the remaining dice. I’ve tested it out and it’s pretty slick Third, I already know of at least one player who would want to join our group if we switched to Discord, but who isn’t interested in forum play. That said, if anyone is opposed to using Discord, then I don’t want to switch to it if doing so would mean losing any of you as players. #noplayerleftbehind Thoughts?
  12. Kas! Long time no see! Sure, we’d be happy to have you aboard. Speaking from past experience, playing in a PBP RP game takes a fraction of the amount of time commitment it takes to play in Sanderson Elimination game, so I’m betting you’ll be just fine. Just go here and follow the instructions to get officially signed up.
  13. Oh it will still be a few days at least before we get started, I just wanted to give you a chance to reserve a character before other people do, if you want.
  14. Any luck getting that confirmation email yet? I’m about to put out an invite on the ToX Facebook page, but I want to make sure you have first dibs on characters
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