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Long Game 99: Scourges of the Saturated Seas


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Let me tell you a story. A story about those rogues who sail the spore seas. Yes, that's right. I'm talking about pirates.

Once upon a time, on a quiet night in the lower decks of the Crooked Moon, a villainous plan was hatched. A group of ruffians, seeking easy plunder and riches, decided to do what no honest sea crew would do. They decided to become deadrunners, and stage a mutiny against the captain. If they could take over the ship, by whittling down the loyal sailors, they could make a killing. Their first step was simple. It was time to raid the Spore supplies.



You may view the rules in this google doc.

Scourges of the Saturated Seas: Tress of the Emerald Sea LG

  • Synopsis:

    • You are a band of privateers, sailing Lumar for treasure and gold. However, some among you believe a more lethal approach is necessary, and are plotting a mutiny. Will the crew rise to the occasion, or will the deadrunners sink their chances?

  • Factions:

    • Loyal Crew: You are a normal privateer, seeking adventure on the high seas. You win the game when all Deadrunners have been killed.

    • Deadrunner: You believe that this crew needs to resort to more violent means, and are prepared to mutiny to get your way. You win the game when the Deadrunners outnumber the Loyal Crew. You act as a standard eliminator faction, with access to a google doc, as well as a nightly kill.

  • Spore Supply

    • The spore supply is the main mechanic of this game. There is a publicly available list of spore charges for the taking. During the day or night, you may take one spore charge from the supply.

    • During the day, you may submit a request in your GM PM to take one charge from the supply. At the end of the day, it will be announced who took what charges.

    • During the night, you may also submit a request in your GM PM to take one charge from the supply. It will not be announced who took what.

    • During the night, you may spend a spore charge to do that spore’s associated action, via a request in your GM PM.

    • You cannot pick up then use a spore in the same night.

    • During the night, you may spend as many charges as you wish to do that many of the associated actions.

      • E.G. If you had 2 zephyr spore charges, and 1 roseite spore charge, you could redirect 2 people, and protect 1 person, all in the same night.

    • If you die, your spore charges are returned to the supply.

    • If more people try to take spores from the supply than are available, that type of spore becomes exposed to water, leading to an explosive reaction. All spores of that type in the supply are destroyed, and the people who tried to grab that type are penalized.

      • E.G. There are 2 charges of zephyr spores in the supply, but 3 people try to grab zephyr spores. Those 3 people would be penalized.

    • The explosive reaction is different depending on the type of spore.

  • The Spores

    • Zephyr: The wind buffets and redirects your foes

      • Action: Choose a target. Redirect one of their actions to a player of your choice. If they take multiple actions, a random one is affected.

      • Explosive Reaction: The wind knocks you off course. For this cycle and the next, any actions you take target a random player instead.

    • Sunlight: A little light is perfect for private conversations.

      • Action: Choose a target. You form a 1-on-1 PM with them for the rest of the game.

      • Explosive Reaction: You are blinded by the light. Your vote is cast randomly during the following day. Any PMs you had are closed.

    • Verdant: Choking vines

      • Action: Choose a target. One of their actions is canceled. If they take multiple actions, a random one is canceled.

      • Explosive Reaction: The vines constrain you. You cannot take any actions for the following cycle.

    • Roseite: Crystals form a sturdy wall

      • Action: Choose a target. Protect them from one attack.

      • Explosive Reaction: The crystals flatten someone. One person who tried to grab Roseite spores is killed.

    • Crimson: Deadly spikes

      • Action: Choose a target. They die, unless they are protected somehow.

      • Explosive Reaction: Crimson spores are the deadliest spores known to man. All players who tried to grab Crimson spores are killed.

    • Midnight: The Midnight Essence, at your beck and call.

      • Action: Choose a target. You learn one action they took, and who they targeted with that action.

      • Explosive Reaction: The Luhel bond starts draining you of water. Lose a random spore charge at the start of every cycle. If you cannot, you die.

  • Roles:

    • Sprouter: Start with one spore of every type. However, due to your cautious nature, you can only use one type of spore at a time.

    • Spore Eater: Start with four spore charges of one type. At the start of each cycle (not the first), lose one spore charge of that type. If you cannot, you die.

    • Poor Shot: Gain a random spore charge at the start of every cycle. However, all of the targets for your actions are random. You will be informed who you end up targeting.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • PMs are closed, except for Sunlight Spores

    • Day turns are 48 hours, and Nights are 24 hours

    • A tied vote leads to one of the tied players being eliminated.

    • Players may start with a Spore Charge

    • If someone fails to post in the thread for two cycles, they will be thrown overboard and eliminated.




Player List:

Assuming we have enough players signed up by then, the game will start at 9 PM EST on March 5th.

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Add some players
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6 minutes ago, TheRavenHasLanded said:

a whatsy what?

Lumar is the setting from Tress and the Emerald Sea. I made a prototype ruleset for spores when I’d read the book and didn’t know anyone else took a shot at it, so I’m excited to see how the mechanics play out

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1 hour ago, Amanuensis said:

Whats our player count goal btw Mr. GM, sir

Unfortunately, I was aiming for at least 12 players. With Araris pulling out, we're 4 players short.

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Not really in the mood for an SE game. Someone @ me if it's go-time and you still can't make numbers and I'll decide then if I can commit. Dw, won't be a pity sign-up.

Edited to add:

Sigh okay.

Sign me up as Kelwin, a rather indifferent (defected) gunner from a Ducal militia.

Edited by Kasimir
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