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  1. Keep going. You might just be one of the people that like this book.
  2. I mentioned this in a sign-up thread, but I think it warrants a post and a meme here. Me on the bus ride playing mafia with the wrestling team: As everyone would probably suspect from me, I had a roughly 50% village winrate, though with excellent mafia detection skills (nka is so much easier IRL). But a bit more in character, on the last round, I (and a coach, and a couple of other people that didn't do much) got maf. We then proceeded to get a clean sweep. So yeah, there was some good SE representation in the IRL mafia space.
  3. Don't you just love those types of games. Actually, I recently did something similar in IRL mafia. Probably put a brief description of that in SEAcropolis.
  4. I'd definitely agree on Red Rising, though if some things (no idea what exactly) make you uncomfortable, it might not be best book for you. I'm still waiting for Will of the Many to arrive, but I've enjoyed the author's other series (to this day, one of the best endings, and one of the more interesting worldbuilding concepts I've seen). I finished the Burning White (I remembered it this time!), really good ending. Just the right note of sadness behind the happiness. @Treamayne, I have opinions! I'll send you a PM about it, but suffice it to say that I disagree, at least a little. I also finished Maze Runner. It was some ending. I think I'm going to continue reading, but I didn't like it all that much. The worldbuilding so far is kinda meh, but I think the second book can bring some more. Not hopeful on a third though. I'm going to start To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. I'm looking forward to it, I heard some good things when it came out, and it will be fun to see all the improvements Paolini's made in the what, two decades since Eragon. Maybe eventually I'll grab Murtaugh too. I started listening to Night Angel 2. It had such an ending that I'm not sure if it can pull it off, but I have faith in Brent Weeks.
  5. I built a magic system with this goal (to make perpetual motion as easy as possible). It was actually pretty fun to mess around with it and think it through.
  6. If Exp doesn't want to go, I can take the LG slot provided sign-ups open after Valentines. Which would probably mean the QF would go first. @TheRavenHasLanded, if you're willing, I could really use a co-GM if I do end up running it.
  7. Recently read Rage of Dragons by Evan Winters. Man do I love that book, it's so excellent, emotional, gripping, and relatable. I really recommend it if you've done the sport of wrestling, there's a strong message about what it takes to be the best. One of my favorite books ever. I also finished Under Heaven. It was a very interesting book, though I felt the ending suffered a little from the (film) LotR problem, though that may have been caused by the circumstancesthat I read the ending in. I'm a little disappointed at how little it scratched the surface of a really intriguing world, but the writing was excellent as expected. I kind of felt it every time the main character said "it was to honor my father." I've had people congratulate and look up to me for things that I just kind of had to do, so it was quite relatable on that front. On the same trip that I finished Under Heaven, I also finished rereading the first Hunger Games book. Pretty good book, I enjoy it every time. I noticed on this read how closely the movie followed the book, particularly in the interview section. Like, it was perfectly word for word for description lifted from the page. I'm currently listening to Maze Runner. It's a bit odd, returning to Dystopian after a pretty long time without reading any, but it's a good book. It's a clever writing tactic to use the character's amusement at the slang to gradually get the reader used to it. I'm only about 12 chapters in, but I've had enough details spoiled over the years that I'm really looking forward to what comes next. I switched from the audiobook to a physical book on The Burning White, looking forward to finally finishing it. I also also started Old Man and the Sea, which is looking to be an interesting read (I only read the forward so far).
  8. I've been looking a lot into Guy Gavriel Kay recently, and Tigana might be a good fit with those ones you've mentioned. Really amazing book and an excellent starting point to Kay from what I've seen and heard.
  9. I finished aBoS&S a few days ago. It's a excellent book but wow is Snow despicable. On my first read I felt all the sympathy that everyone seems to and a sort of "how does this boy turn out so awful," but on this read through I saw all the red flags. Still don't completely understand the ending, but what can you do. I'm reading Kings of the Wyld. It's delightful and a good example how to do proper try/fail cycles. Lots of "Yes, But" type things here. Still listening to the Burning White (goodness why is it so hard to remember its name). I kinda forgot just how much happens in this book alone. I'm a little bit sad at the low quantity of Gavin chapters, but Kip's fun and it isn't too bad with Teia and Karris. I'm not having any problems with the new VAs anymore, so that's good. I'm also starting Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay. It's interesting so far, but I'm only just starting it. I was super impressed by Tigana, so I'm hopeful.
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