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  1. 20 hours ago, Edema Rue said:

    *realizes I post on here WAY too much*

    When you have this conversation:

    (spoilered for length)

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    Person, seeing my shirt: “MISTBOOORRRRNN!!”


    Person: “I love mistborn!”

    Me: “Me too. That’s why I have a mistborn shirt.”

    Person: “Have you read any of his other books?”

    Me: “All of them.”

    Person: “All-”

    Me: “ALL of them.”

    Person: “Oh…”

    Me: “Oh.”


    Is their "oh" mean "me too"?

  2. On 4/12/2024 at 12:49 AM, RacingEnthusiast11 said:

    You're definitely deep in the Cosmere when you find yourself eyeing your friends suspiciously, wondering if any of them might secretly be worldhoppers. It's like a real-life game of Spot the Cosmere Connection! Who knows, maybe you'll stumble upon a fellow Sanderson aficionado who can share in your excitement for all things Cosmere. Keep your eyes peeled and may the Shards be with you!

    When you wear all your Sanderson shirts when you're in public to maybe meet a fellow fan.

  3. We had to make a poem imitating the rhyming scheme and rhythm of The Raven.

    I made mine about the Cosmere.


    The Fangirl


    Once there was a Cosmere theory, and I felt I should be leery

    Of it, since it scarce had reas’ning, save one line in Stormlight 4.

    Child champions? Loved ones dying? The Stormfather has been lying?

    Theories, theories, leave me crying, Moash learns to hate no more?

    Theories, now my brain is broken, I’m too deep in Cosmere lore.

    All of this, and so much more.


    Eagerly I scan the wiki, hoping answers will come quickly,

    Who is Hoid, and why is it that he can now use AonDor?

    What’s a wob? a Word of Brandon? Does this man write books at random?

    Oh, the snare that is this fandom, tearing heed away’s a chore

    Frost’s a name I now have heard… guess he’s a dragon who can soar?

    All of this, and too much more!

    Also I got to go on The Coppermind for homework. Which was fun.

  4. 18 hours ago, Through The Living Glass said:

    When you're playing telephone with friends and you can't think of anything so you say "Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king."

    HAHA!! I'm pretty sure that I did that exact same thing.




    YKYASW you misread Seth as Szeth.

  5. 39 minutes ago, Highprince10 said:

    YKYASF when you want to give other people in your life a code phrase so you can know if they are a kandra later. 


    2 hours ago, The Stormfather said:

    (Actually the difference isn't that much, but we have the hardcover rhythm of war and it's like, three pounds.)

    Oh my gosh it's SO HUGE. I love it.

  6. 3 hours ago, Duxredux said:

    Uh... hate to tell you this, but he basically signed that agreement the moment he took up the Dawnshard. Unless Roshar invents immortality, he will outlast all of his friends in Bridge Four. That's what it means to be an immortal among mortals and versions of this concept have been reiterated over and over in literature. Whether he stays or goes, so this  It's a continuation of his choice to retain his Torment rather than trying to siphon it completely away. In many ways, at this point retaining his Torment(s) and hardships is his choice and he's turned a corner in his choice to regain his frayed honor and conscience. What's different here is that he has permanently left Canticle better than when he found it, and that he himself has become a better person.

    Basically, not every good friend you meet you keep for life. I was a counselor for a youth camp and it was basically my job to create an environment where temporary friendships could form and people could come out of their shells and learn more about themselves and others and grow. A weekly cycle of getting a new batch of teens, learning all of their names, doing my best to learn about them and care about them before letting them going out to normality and trying to gear myself for the next week. Life is not a youth camp, but those days can still be special and everyone involved can grow from the experience. Just because it's temporary doesn't mean it's not worthwhile or happy.

    Well, my problem isn't mainly that he can't see his friends again.

    What breaks my heart is that he can't ever rest or stop running. And now he doesn't even have Aux to keep him company. I am sad.

    21 hours ago, Treamayne said:

    I took this as unreliable narrator POV. Afterall, what he really says is (TSM Epilogue):

      Reveal hidden contents

    He’d likely never know what happened to Rebeke, Elegy, the Greater Good, and all the other Beaconites. Because he couldn’t afford to look backward, didn’t dare bring the forces that chased him anywhere near people he cared about. If he ever returned there, they’d know the place meant something to him.

    Which, of course, does not account for the eventual defeat of his pursuers, allowing him to resume all of his personal relationships. It's not that he can't see his friends again, it's that while-depressed-after-losing-aux he cannot see an optimistic future through his depression. 

    You make a good point! I hadn't seen that.


    On 2/18/2024 at 2:00 PM, Immortal Platypus said:

    I actually loved SM's ending. I feel like we never get sad endings from Brandon, and I was happy to see it. I felt like the entire book was kinda built upon the idea that Sigzil's life was sad, so I loved that the ending matched the theme.

    I suppose... I don't agree, but fair enough!

  7. aaaaaah

    Okay, I wasn't that sad when Aux died. Although I did get spoiled so that might be part of it... but... that last line of the book? He can't see his friends again? I'm not okay with this! I'm not! I'm not i'm not imnot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh nooo i wanted a HAPPY ENDING this isn't resolution

    (I finished it like 10 minutes ago in case you couldn't tell)

  8. 11 hours ago, Edema Rue said:

    When, in preparation of possibly meeting other sanderfans, you wear a cosmere shirt, Dragonsteel hoodie, mistborn earrings and necklace, about 20 pins on a lanyard, and also paint taynixes on your fingernails. And carry around a water bottle and notebook, each of which have several dozen Sanderson stickers on them.

    What was the possibly meeting other Sanderfans?

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