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The Koloss sat deep in Thought.  He wasn't sure how he was suppose to achieve the task Ratel had given him.

Acquire as many Shards as you can. he said.  Failing that, learn how they are contained in the first place.

The Koloss reached up and scratched the side of his head dislodging his Hat in the process.

Careful.  It won't do to lose that.  It's brought me nothing but Good Luck.

Still deep in Thought, the Koloss stood up, straightened his Hat and set off to fulfill his task. By any means necessary.

The Collectives Thoughtful Koloss is joining.  His Lucky Hat is just along for the ride.

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Sneaky, @Alvron, slipping in to sign up while the post was still hidden. Welcome to the game, though!

To @everyone else, signups are now open for AG 5! Get your phenomenal cosmic power while you still can!


To those who don't want to announce that you are playing the game (because anonymous game and so on), please include both @A Joe in the Bush and myself in your signup PM!

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Well, I think I've participated in every Shard Game Seonid has run (missed the early ones run by Joe, though). It was a small post that Seonid made in the Random Stuff thread to try and get more players to join his LG21 Shard game that got me into this whole crazy thing. Since this game is a swan song of sorts, I may as well return to my very first character that I ever played - Vathir, the Nalthian Rambleman. (I didn't know at the time how deeply accurate that could turn out to be for me - I've been rambling on for a long time now...)

Vathir, now white haired, slowly stood up. Nalthis, his old home, had been destroyed - it pained him slightly to realise he couldn't even remember what conflict that had been anymore. So many dead... his memory was filled with people who had vanished into the mists of time. And yet, Vathir stayed on. Always returning, always watching as slowly all those he knew passed into the Beyond. And now, there was a storm on the horizon. Another day, another battle. Vathir could just... not go, but that had never been his way. Slowly, he clambered up, and began to walk towards the clouds in the distance - wondering how many of his friends he'd see die this time.

Vathir had held it all. Granted the Shard of Devotion by the Almighty, and lost it again. He'd died, and been reborn, and had died a second time. He'd changed sides more time than he could count. He'd watched the agents of Hoid rise and fall, and Shards change hands over the course of centuries. He'd had friends and enemies. He'd seen the creep of suspicion turn friends against friends, the joy of victory, and the price of defeat.

And now, it was time to see it all end.

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Well, I suppose another shot at Dominion of the Cosmere couldn’t hurt. 

Darrel, hawker and peddler of assorted Shard-invested items, former Shardholder of Dominion, and a man with an abiding hatred of rug merchants, has set his eyes on a second Shard. He has no identifying features, except a pair of pink leather gloves, dyed unevenly, from which a black steam rises and fades. 

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The streams of fate that flow unseen midst the Realms often favor some, carrying them on the currents to greatness, grandeur, or tragedy. Everyone knows their names.

But curious is the soul, normally stagnant, that is swept up in a new flood. For every metaphorical door has been opened for them.

What shall they choose?


Of course I wouldn't pass this game up. Tarm is way out of his league.

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I was so planning on pinch hitting the next LG, but I started playing SE right after the last Shard game, and was disappointed I missed it, so I will arrange my schedule to be able to play. 

Please sign me up as Bo Ring

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I'll sign up for an AG, whether it is anonymous or not. I think it's kind of fitting that I'm playing the last game of the first person I killed as an elim. Seonid, I still apologize for killing you N1 in AG2, especially given that that game started on a night cycle. :P

I don't see the point of giving my character a name beyond any sign ups post RP, so yeah. No name for me, I guess. 

Mark IV, signing up for AG5.

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The Returned Steel compunding edgedancer will return to face his ultimate nemesis once again. The story will be told. Worlds will tremble at the speed of his passing. Steeldancer, the character, makes his triumphant Return. Hopefully this time I’ll get to finish my story before I die. 

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I'm happy to see all the interest in this game! We're drawing close to the minimum number of players to run this game, which is excellent (this game has a minimum of 21 players). Unfortunately, there are only 30 anonymous accounts. So, in the event that we have more than 30 players who want to play this game, the following procedure will be followed:

If we get more than 30 players, the last 15 people to sign up and anyone who joins after 30 people will be grouped together, and players from that group will be randomly chosen to fill the last 15 slots. Any who are not chosen will be signed up as pinch hitters.

Also, some slight edits have been made to the rules. First, Dominion's investment role, the Dakhor Monk has been brought back into line with the remainder of the investment roles. It now lasts only until the end of the following Day Turn instead of lasting until the player uses the ability.

Second, the Factions and Win Conditions section has been edited to clearly communicate that any faction reaching a win condition will trigger the end of the game, and if multiple factions reach their win condition on the same turn, all of the factions with a completed win condition win.

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2 minutes ago, Karnatheon said:

Can each player only be in one faction? 

Signing up. The game looks awesome!

Yep - each player is only a member of one faction. Also, each faction will have a doc to communicate in.

Other rules clarifications from PMs:

Ambition will be listed in the Cognitive Realm doc as Ambition. If they choose to provide their account name, that's a choice that is up to them.

Returned count as living players, while Shades do not.

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These are the fastest signups I’ve seen in a long time! This’ll be great!

edit: by my count there’s 4 secret signups by now. 19 on the OP, 15 I count(not counting Lum and Karn since Seonid hasn’t edited his post since then). 

Edited by Mailliw73
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Other questions/rules clarifications:

Ruin's planet destruction happens at the end of the round.

A roleblock cannot block other roleblocks, but you can redirect a roleblock unless you were roleblocked yourself.

Order of actions: 


Protect/ extra life

All other actions


Action scans


EDIT: I reserve the right to update this if I forgot something

Edited by Seonid
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