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  1. Oh wow, I had almost forgotten about this thread. Sure, whatever sounds good. If we can kick the Meeting into gear, we may declare it the conclusion (for now) of WHiE.
  2. Amazing game, Joe. There was so much going on. I’m a bit disappointed in my own performance this game—I should have come forward as extortionist earlier, etc. However, @TJ Shade, @The Young Pyromancer, and others played very well. @Bugsy, I almost had you! Too bad death got in the way.
  3. Excuse me, I've been trying to be helpful, but I don't find it helpful to simply rehash what's already been thoroughly discussed. That simply clogs up the thread in an already very active game. I've been checking in on voting discussion, I've been trying to do analysis. I wouldn't take offense if you simply didn't think I was helpful, you can think what you like, but I don't like being called out for a kill.
  4. Vote Tally Coda (1): DeTess, Megasif Pyro (2): Silberfarben, TJ Shade HH (1): Megasif Wilson (1): Matrim, Wilson Bugsy (0): Sart Devotary (0): Matrim Sart (3): Bugsy, Pyro, Matrim Matrim (1): Sart I find it interesting that Matrim has changed his vote twice. I'm definitely suspicious (of him), but currently the focus is finding Bleeder. The main Bleeder arguments I've seen are Bugsy (Sart), Sart (Bugsy), and Matrim (Sart). Note: two of these are from Sart, who is a target himself. Bugsy It is convenient to focus on possibility #4 because it narrows down our suspects. I agree with Sart's approach to #3. However, #1 breaks our chances of a clean process of elimination. While killing is more effective for Bleeder, C1 is the most likely time for Bleeder to use her scan. Throwing around too many kills could making it easier for others to track her down faster. Bugsy's alibi holds up, but there is still the possibility that Bleeder!Bugsy used the scan. This extortionist is likely the same one that trolled Pyro. Sart This all lines up. Sart's knowledge of Wilson's roles is the biggest thing for me in this accusation. Sart does have an alibi, which is included in the quote below: Sart says it himself, this alibi has some flaws. But with anything, it could or could not happen. Generally, this alibi doesn't change anything, and requires we wait out the cycle to confirm. Unfortunately, we can't really do that. Matrim Sart's accusation of Matrim is based on IKYK, which is by nature confusing and doesn't present much evidence. I am already suspicious of Matrim, but I think it is much more likely that he is an Elim. Sart's shift of attention to Matrim also makes me more suspicious of Sart. I'm most suspicious of Sart.
  5. I went back to do some analysis, and there are a lot of posts to sift through! Elkanah Did not vote C1 and voted on Fura C2. They approached the outing of Straw very cautiously, yet decided not to vote on them, instead focusing on Fura. I read this as distancing. Elk expressed mild suspicion of Fura throughout C2, but there they didn't bring much evidence forward. Since we know that Fura was a Constable, this puts Elk in a better light, but its seems their vote on Fura was more of a distraction from the main Straw lynch. Add in this role conundrum and I'm pretty suspicious of them. Understandable. I agree. I'm putting my vote on Elkanah for now, but like Kynedath, I'll see how the cycle progresses.
  6. Why would you be opposed to lynching Pyro this cycle? Bartenders can't kill until next cycle.
  7. I'm going to pretend that Karnage didn't just do that. Yeah. The village's main objective is to kill all the Constables. All Bleeder needs to do is kill Winsting, who doesn't exist until Flogs dies. The ones really in a mess here are the Elims, because their objective is the slowest burning. They have to disperse the party, which can be achieved through a perfect storm of inactivity, Escorts, and death. Flogs doesn't really need to tie into that. The real question is if the Gambling Tycoon ability was burned off by the lynch last cycle or if Flogs' ability superseded it. If it wasn't, then Karnage is still immune to kills this cycle. If not, then he's toast. @A Joe in the Bush in a purely hypothetical situation, if the player with the Flogs role happened to also have the Gambling Tycoon role, and was lynched, would the lynch count for that "first time you would die"?
  8. I haven't said much because I remember now that I'm frankly poor at analysis. Often, I can make up for that with RP, but in this game, and especially C1, my flowery prose cannot help me. About my "waffling": in all my time as an SE player, I still haven't surmounted the D1 lynch question. Even now. I see both sides of the issue, but I can't come to a firm personal conclusion that I'll take to every game. Of course, now that there are a handful of lynch candidates being pushed, a discussion on why not to have a lynch is futile (though we could still pull it off). Let's have a look at the lynch then: Four players have met the three vote minimum: Sart (4), Straw (3), Karnage (4), and TGK (3). The almighty Joe has said that ties result in both parties killed. With this in mind, it would be possible to have a 4-way tie. That gives us a potential for 6 deaths C1 (that might be a record...). I don't like that number; I think it is too high. So, I think we need to consolidate our votes, or else we'll end up with a mountain of corpses. Of the 4 candidates here, I don't feel strongly about any of them. Sart doesn't really give me any bad vibes. Straw has been an amazing contributor, and so I would hate to lose them so early. Karnage's posts have been hit-and-miss, but that is mostly a gut read. Finally, TGK is a new player, and I don't have a good feel for them yet. Thus, I have no conclusions. I'll put my vote where it won't do much damage. Matrim's Dice, though your posts have been largely NAI, I have an off gut read about you.
  9. Lord Verduex sighed when the first shots rang out. Why is so hard to have a party in Elendel these days? \ With both Elims and a SK around, there will be plenty of kills each cycle. The lynch will certainly hasten that. Normally, I shy away from a cycle 1 lynch, because the chance of hitting an elim or getting useful, usable information out of it is low. With at least two deaths coming each cycle, adding another C1 is a bit much. However, as has been mentioned before, these kills are likely to be village, as the Constables are aware of who the non-Constables are. If Bleeder attacks this cycle, she'll be shooting blind, so there's a higher chance of Elims dying to Bleeder early on. The lynch is the village's opportunity to direct a kill, but as I mentioned above, our chances of hitting elims are low, and for Bleeder even lower. Though, it would be amusing if we lynched Bleeder C1...
  10. Yeah! A lot of people in this game I haven't played with for a while! It's almost like it's the AG...
  11. The University was put in lockdown after the massacre, as it was called by most. Students were sent home, authorities prowled the campus, and the Crockery was emptied. Under normal circumstances, the widespread release of largely unstable people would be met with alarm and protest, but the Crockery discharge paled in comparison to the Massacre on the Horns. This discharge was in part due to the surprising amount of nobles that had been admitted to the Crockery; their houses came calling once news spread and demanded they be released. This was how Onur walked out of the Crockery, after spending most of a year inside the padded cell. He left walls covered in scrawled notes, arranged in a fashion that only he would understand. His whole life, it seemed, was left on those walls. The Onur before this incident would have scrambled to save those notes, to hoard their knowledge; the Onur now walked slowly behind his parents' steward to the carriage, determined and different. He could remember, now. And he had some questions that needed answering. Thank you, @little wilson and @Elbereth! This was a crazy game, and you guys put so much work into it. I'm just a little sad that I got put out of commission so early on . For the thread: I continued to do RP through the GM PM after my insanity. It provides some basis for the change that has come over Onur.
  12. But is that the most fun option? For real though, whatever's best for the GM.
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