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  1. So, clearly, it wasn't RP driving the cycle forward. Phew. At least, that was the case for the night turn. Mat! Noooo! Okay, for the sake of sanity, I'm gonna assume this is a normal game in terms of the actions available to me. In terms of my reads: Village: Mark, Aeoryi Neutral: JNV, Stink, TKN, Frustration. If there's two elims left and the game ends at parity, then D5 features only 4 people left, which would be a loss if we don't kill an elim right now. TKN, you have your kill ability, right? Frustration has 2 complaints on them. And then there's the vote kill. We could potentially remove 3 people at the end of this turn. What do you guys think? I think we should remove 3 people, leaving the three most village players alive, that way there'll be a good chance only 1 of them is elim at best. (If this game works like other normal games).
  2. I got some spare laying around: ....,,??!!.?.,"..",,,,*&(((!?!))) Enjoy Touché. Except I don't think you've ever seen my elim play. It's ... not the best. At least, it wasn't the last time I was an elim. But that was almost half a decade ago, at least. Here's an idea: how about we just vote everyone out. At least we'll find out what's happening once we get to the other side, hopefully. Jk I don't even know what direction of discussion to pursue at this point. Feels like everyone's talking past each other, mostly because there's nothing concrete to talk about. @STINK you intend to complain at anyone?
  3. I feel like you're Village. Better not say anything yet, honestly. If you're elim, then this is really good play because the only reason I have right now to suspect you is that the elim team looks terribly unbalanced otherwise. Which is not a reason I'm taking seriously at this point. Idk what's going on, but 3/3 lynches with no elim flips, no leads would usually make me think the elims are really good at this. BUT this is a blackout game, so I'm more keen on betting that we're not using some mechanic(s) that we ought to *nudge nudge, wink wink*. In my current position, the only effective actions I can take are: Gather investiture Pass investiture If I have a mage role, then I can use my ability PM someone Complain at someone (but my charge is exhausted rn) Vote for someone (only in day turns, not rn) RP to advance the cycle (maybe, not confirmed) Ask the GM questions? Something to do with items? I don't have one, and I've heard other people haven't been able to do anything with them. Either the solution lies in these actions, or it's something we haven't tried yet. Personally, I haven't passed investiture yet either. Has anyone else passed investiture? Does it have any side effects? Has anyone else done anything not in this list that might have had any effects? I'd actually like to test it out by not having any RP this turn, then seeing if it repeats, then having RP if it does. I usually don't RP cause I'm bad at it, but I can try, if it's to advance the game. It's not been a constant of SE, from what I recall. Early SE was full of RP (say, until LG 20, maybe?) But later SE had some games with almost 0 RP. Didn't make it any less fun for me, but I'd wager there's people who were at least mildly disappointed by the meta change.
  4. Hey, if it was RP that drove the turn forward (the mention of Narrative in the Write-up makes me agree with this theory), then we could just not RP right now and complain someone out instead. That's withhold the NK from the elims in an otherwise dicey N3, no? Thoughts?
  5. Szeth was never declared as removed. I suspect that part could have just been a joke on the GM's end. But that leaves the blank writeups unexplained. Idk.
  6. Yeah, I was wondering for a bit if time was secretly passing, but just that we weren't being told. But I gave up on that line of reasoning. So, is no one else gonna complain? Complaints should refresh at the end of next cycle anyway. Also, I do believe Matrim and Araris are tied at 1 vote each, from each other, no?
  7. Welp, at least we can do more experimentation with 24 hr turns So, my complaint got used up when I complained at Exp. However, I did also recieve a clarification that complaints will get used up if you use them on invalid targets (I think someone had said something about this in the thread earlier as well?). In any case, voting for people clearly isn't working. We're just repeating the same day again and again. At least with complaints, they go through even with the time rewind. So far, we have complaints on 2 people (or was it 3?) Frustration (from Araris) Exp (from me). Was there anyone else with a complaint on them? @Szeth_Pancakes Complaint laid on a player carry over across turns, right? I.e. if Araris complained at Frustration last turn, and 2 more people complain at Frustration this turn, then will Frustration hit the complaint limit of 3?
  8. Mat, what did you think your faction was and what made you realise it wasn't a faction game? I never felt there was any ambiguity my role/alignment description. ------------------ That's literally all I got (it's well past my bed time now :/ ). Apart from that fact that most of Mat's posts seem much more like a v!Mat trying to get people to participate and trying to figure things out rather than an e!Mat trying to misdirect the village. Of course, it could be an e!Mat trying to get people to participate, but I'd rather leave that possibility suspended for the moment. That leaves Araris. I'm really starting to suspect Araris isn't elim either, but given my strong village read on Aeoryi, assuming Araris and Mat aren't elim leaves TKN, JNV, Frustration & Stink. Which doesn't exactly feel like an entire elim team. ------------------- That aside, I'm going to try complaining at Exp. At the very least, if I survive the day, I can ask the GM if my complaint was used up. If it was, then it seems promising that dead players are complain-able. Which would mean they were still in the game, which would likely mean they still have a role to play. On that note, I wonder if we really managed to complain Szeth out? Cause there was no removed announcement in that turn's writeup. Edit: Anyone who wants to try complaining at Exp with me, feel free to do so. Apparently Frustration also has a complaint from Araris, and TKN is also an unlynched player from the "last" turn.
  9. Oh, I kinda .. forgot about that vote. DeTess. My bad. Speaking of gut reads, I cannot shake the feeling that at least one of Mat or Araris ought to be elim. If I list of the players, we have left: TKN Mat Araris Aeoryi JNV Mark Frustration Stink And no confirmed elims so far. So, the elims (if they even exist, because idk how this thing works anymore) have to be from this group of people.... --------------- I was going to go on to give an explanation of why I think at least one of Araris or Mat ought to be elims (cause active and old players etc) but I'm starting to think it's possible none of us are elims. If I take some interpretive liberty, we have, from the LG OP: Notice the Affected win condition is that they win if they can't possibly be defeated. Not, "if they outnumber the village". @Szeth_Pancakes can the Affected win without reaching parity? My theory is that we're possibly making elims as the game progresses. My first guess would be that dying in a certain manner (exe vs night kill) could possibly flip your alignment. Notice that even if someone's dead, they're still technically in the game. I'd be interested in trying to complain out one person killed by the day vote and one person killed at night (there is only one, I believe?). We have eight people. Worst case, we'd at least ideally be able to complain out 1 person for sure. --------------- That aside, though, if I stick to the narrative that complaints have no special role apart from a group kill OOG objects that people have don't have a role to play There's very little to discover about hidden mechanics in this blackout game and try to figure out who the elims are in the poeple remaining alive, I can't shake the feeling that at least one of Mat or Araris has to be elim. The other teams just don't make sense to me (I can discard possible teams with me in them cause I know I'm not elim, just saying). I'm gonna do a post-by-post analysis of one of them (cause I don't have the energy for both). Let's see what that yields. ------------------- All that aside, would anyone like to try complaining at Exp? Edit: Can't say I didn't have it coming, but yeah, if this is exelo (it is exelo this time, right?) then I'm gonna have to fight it. Give me a bit.
  10. We won't know until we try, no? Besides if I assume simply that complaints don't kill, then devo isn't dead either, which gives us just a little more flexibility. I find it unlikely that complaints would kill villagers but not kill elims, when they're such an infrequent mechanism (albeit only 3 are enough for removing someone). That being said, we were warned that we shouldn't use complaints for game related purposes. And, to be honest, I don't feel like the GM has really lied in the game. Half truths are one thing, but don't think there's been overt lies.
  11. I intend to make a more meaningful post later in the day, but maybe we could try complaining at TKN instead of voting them out this time? That also frees up the vote to be used elsewhere, albeit we have less information than I'd like. And the complaints only refresh 3 turns from now, so we'd be without complaints for a bit. But, it might be worth a try. In fact, we could lynch multiple people in one day, like in Devo's first post (or was it DeTess?). If we're at ExeLo, it doesn't necessarily hurt us to kill more people for the chance that we might net more elims. But coordination might be a problem, especially with (what is likely) 3 rogue elim complaints in the mix as well.
  12. Idk about you, but DeTess' entry clearly reads differently than the others, no? I played a game where someone's (Aman's, obviously) alignment changed when we got him back from the dead. I wouldn't be surprised if DeTess had something similar happen to her. Especially after she was removed from the game. Rude Edit: You guys do have a point in that voting for DeTess right now won't be helpful though. DeTess.
  13. Maybe DeTess is also viable? I wonder what she's up to rn.
  14. Fair enough. Though, a quick scan through the end of D2 didn't show me you or Archer saying you were going to be AFK toward the end of the cycle. Did you and Archer say that some time earlier in the thread? N4 clearance is actually too late, I think. We currently have 9 people. So, 3 until parity, if we assume 3 elims. One dies right now, one tonight and one D4, so by N4, there's a very real chance the game will have ended. Makes me wonder - maybe the elim kill requires investiture too? Maybe that's why no elim kill last night? I mean, that's some mishandling on part of the elims if that's the case, but interesting to think about. Regardless, doesn't really change my vote here.
  15. You could just PM me. That is, if you think there's anything to be discussed in PMs right now. My seconds on the list are either people whom I get more information for from your lynch or people I have no read on due to not much being said in thread
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