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  1. Congratulations, stick! One round was already rough when I was in, so I can imagine how rough it can be to make it all the way to the finals!
  2. vote count: Araris(1): Mat, Aeoryi TKN(2): DeTess, Araris DeTess(1): Frustration Aeoryi(0): Aeoryi, TKN STINK(2): TKN, Aeoryi @Frustration, Which situation do you believe is better: no vanilla villagers pass any investiture, elim vanilla pass investiture to elim mages to let them power out their abilities more often. vanilla villagers gather and pass investiture, giving it to others at their best judgement, resulting in both villagers and elims getting some investiture, but more to the village than the elims? @Araris Valerianif you do intent to move your vote to me, could you do it soonish? I won't be around for the last 8-ish hours of the cycle, and I'd prefer to get to respond to a move like that... I don't really like the STINK vote. They're low active enough that their death, even if they are an elim, won't teach us much now.
  3. In addition to what Araris mentioned, I also feel like the text and the verdict don't really match here. Like based on your description I'd expect an elim-leaning verdict? What pulls Mark back to village in your eyes? Signs of a TKN-Aeoryi-mark team? (mostly joking here)
  4. May I ask what more exactly you're hoping to hear from me? I've been sharing reads and placing votes, so is there any particular question you want an answer to?
  5. Pretty sure that might not be possible. At least, I checked if [real life] violence could be used to take them out, and got told that wasn't possible. Not sure what I think of the sudden roleclaiming unrelated to the actual question at hand. Could just be enthusiastic villagers, but could also be elims trying to build up a last-second alibi. Also not entirely sure what tot hink about the immediate roleblock assumption, given that it could have been a protect, though I suppose people could have assumed it would be listed in the writeup before the GM threw doubt on that. Araris is and remains among my top subjects, but I'm not certain to what degree I want to lock in that train this early. Instead, I'll vote TKN. I don't like their position in the Archer train. Retaliation votes at that point in the game aren't really where a villager should be imo, and I don't like the 'forgot I had a vote' excuse at all.
  6. That seems an odd thing to forget... If you'd remembered, would you have moved your vote? And if yes, to who? If not, why not?
  7. So are you suggesting an Archer/TKN team, or do you think Archer was merely trying to pocket TKN?
  8. I don't like the Szeth exe once again being brought up. Has there ever been a time when a blackout game got won by exe-ing the GM? Otherwise it's just a massive read herring distracting from actually useful discussion focussed on catching the elims. Speaking of which, I want to finish my reads list. archer So, I already stated I don't like their continued focus on Szeth, and though it is accompanied by game-solving thoughts, I don't think trying to solve the role of the MG in the game has any real likelihood of helping to find the elims (hence my earlier smokescreen suspicions). However, their frustration does read as genuine, which is more villagery as someone with privileged info wouldn't be as likely to feel frustrated that way I think. Overall putting them in Neutral. Don't really feel like executing them right now, but don't read them as village either. Unrelated to my read on you, @Archer, but I ran into this post by you: What exactly did you mean by your PM with experience being closed now? Did you get like an official 'this PM is now closed' message or something like that? JNV I'm actually getting a slight gut village feel on JNV. They've been more active in thread than in my previous games with them, and seem to actually be looking at stuff like devotary's posts to solve the game. @JNV If you had to vote one of the players right now, who would you vote? mark Hmmm, I'm getting good vibes from them, they are trying to solve the game and seem focussed away from red herring. They're also old guard though, but I don't quite remember how scary they used to be. For now slight village lean, but keeping a close eye on them. frustration I disagree with their attention on Szeth, and their voting ahs been a bit odd, but their confusion seems genuine and feels like they're not in a doc with someone they can ask questions and advice from. Leaning village for now, but will keep an eye on. STINK very quiet, has yet to explain why they voted archer, should be able to do a bit better than this. Elim lean, mostly because I know they could be posting slightly more in-depth things, but I also realize that this isn't alignment indicative for them. Just, if they continue like this they will remain inscrutable, and some of the other people I put in Neutral should become clearer as the games goes on. So my current suspects are STINK, Araris and Aeoryi. Putting my vote on Araris for now.
  9. Elims generally get the doc links in their role PM, so right when the game starts. Generally pre-writing a post on mechanics is NAI, though admitting you did so is slightly village leaning, in my opinion. I've done that once or twice in the pre-plague era, and it's a nice way to have a post ready at the start of the game, with the added benefit it won't be tainted by knowledge of your alignment if you are an elim.
  10. Ehm, I don't think it establishes anything about me not submitting the night kill. I didn't pass any investiture N1 (just got some from Devotary) so my action is unaccounted for. I realize I'm arguing against evidence getting me out of hot water, but in a blackout game I'd rather avoid muddying the waters about what actions got taken any further. As for your reasoning on initially suspecting me, I don't think I understand? It seems you're saying that looking for suspicions D1 is an elim tell which seems really weird to me (and I'm pretty sure I've been looking for suspciions D1 of every game I've played so far).
  11. @STINK, any particular reason for voting Archer? I'm going to try to go over everyone to get a better grip on the game, starting from the top with TKN: TKN: Hasn't said much game related yet at all. They made claim about a [real life] role. They expressed a very mild suspicion of Aeoryi and a mild village read of Mat but apart from that haven't contributed much at all. They have mentioned they have trouble getting into the game, and I don't think an elim trying to lay low would do so. So very very slight village lean overall. Incidentally @Matrim's Dice, I highly doubt the kill on devotary had to do with denying the village info unless TKN is evil, as otherwise TKN would have made far more sense as a target. Speaking of Matrim, they're next. Matrim: Don't like how he opened the game saying he was finally village... did that last game as well and he was a neutral then. probably NAI at this point, but it feels like filler. For the rest though, I'm getting good vibes off of Mat. They're engaged with the game and putting out reads and attempts to solve it.. I don't disagree with some of their reads, btu they at least seem to be coming from a village mindset. araris Few posts, unexplained vote on mark ( @Araris Valerian, why did you vote mark). kinda went back and forth on whether the push to vote Szeth was elimy or village. Don't like how little they've committed to any sort of reads. Slight elim lean. Aeoryi I really don't know what to think of the shift in their play style. It's a lot less focussed and game-solvey than in the previous game which would make me think they have a reason to be less focussed on wanting the game solved (IE, an elim). But it's also incredibly obvious. I also don't know what to think about how self-defensive they got, but that might just be a new player not yet used to execution pressure. For now they're in my 'suspicious' pile.
  12. Can you explain what you mean by this? If anything I've been doing the opposite I think, countering such a nove a move by experience. I highly doubt devo had a scan as I can account for both their actions. D1 they gathered investiture, and N1 they gave it to me. More as a general comment: you get told who passed you investiture, which might allow for some people to get cleared from submitting the night kill (I think, was 1 action per turn confirmed?).
  13. So, I've been looking back a bit over the votes last night, but without many flips yet it's difficult to draw any solid conclusions. I initially thought there would be something useful there because of the three-way tie before devotary broke it, but Szeth is highly unlikely to be an elim, given that he's the GM. I don't really like how Mat threw me into the tie without any explanation though. @Matrim's Dicesome explanation of that vote and/or the PoE you posted would be nice.
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