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Quick Fix Game 71: 5D Shard Game With Multiverse Time Travel*

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It’s not a word you hear every day, but it’s the only one adequate in your present situation.

No doubt the news has already overrun T’Telir like wildfire.

Those who Return always do die eventually, of course – some believe it is the calling and purpose behind their second life, to offer their divine breath as a blessing to others. But the breath of Dawntrue the Merciful was casually and blasphemously extinguished with the twist of a knife.

Worse, it was one of his own priests that did him in, or so all the evidence suggests. Who else would have that level of access to the palace? Who else would know when and where to find Dawntrue alone?

You are in mourning, and you have politely but firmly been refused the right to leave the palace grounds. You have each other’s company, and the knowledge that some of you are murderers.


Priests - Win by eliminating the Heretics.

Heretics - Win by outnumbering the Priests.

Core Rules

  • The game is divided into 24 hour cycles.
  • Every cycle there’s an execution vote. Two vote minimum. Ties decided randomly.
  • Every cycle the heretics can choose one player to kill.
  • Everyone gets 1 PM. You can include as many others as you want, you can open it whenever you want, but you get to create exactly 1 PM in the course of the game.
  • If there is a Day 1 execution, the victim is flipped normally but becomes Returned. They can no longer vote or take actions and don’t count towards win conditions, but they are unkillable and untargetable, and they can still speak.
  • The last 2 members of the Heretic faction left standing become Lovers. If one dies, they both die.


High Priest: In order to perform your duties, you possess the Third Heightening. This allows you to distinguish colors particularly well, especially green from red. You may visit another player every cycle. Every visit after your first, you learn if the player you visited has the same alignment as the previous player you visited.

I will plan to close signups on May 5 at 6:00 UTC, and start the game an hour after that.

Rollovers will generally occur at 7:00 UTC.




1. RoyalBeeMage
2. TheRavenHasLanded
3. Kidpen - Tethan
4. Aeternum
5. Weaver of Lies
6. Aeoryi
7. The Unknown Ajah
8. Spark of Hope
9. Cash67
10. Wierdo
11. Archer - Double the Drifter
12. Kasimir - A nameless mystery person on a holy quest to outnumber the elims?!


1. Quivil

Quick Links

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Posted (edited)

Rules Clarifications

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  • I mean, it's true from a certain point of view... there's a Shard, and there's time travel into the future......... 👀
  • If you ask me for a player minimum I will probably bite you
  • OOAs aren’t real and can’t hurt you (unlike me if you ask for a player minimum - see above clarification)
  • Once you create your one (1) complimentary PM, you can't add people to it after the fact
  • If you're Returned, don't be concerned! You aren't quite dead, don't lose your head! Even though you died you can still confide in people. You can use PMs the same as anyone else.
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Tethan was shocked when he heard the news. A god, dead by the hands of her priests-and not just any god, his old god. This might just be enough to bring him out of his very longstanding retirement....

Hello! I have been craving murder and lies lately. I'm in :)

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2 hours ago, DrakeMarshall said:

Joining has successfully been done by you, mission accomplished

I appreciate how you've progressed from a bald pfp to one with a buzzcut like it's growing out again

The next one will just be me, since my hair will be about the next stage in a couple weeks.

Or not. Buzz is superior after all.

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2 hours ago, The Unknown Ajah said:

What's your secret? What kind of bait did you use to lure in all of these test subjects players?

Isn’t that now 3 first time players?

how has this happened so fast?

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19 minutes ago, RoyalBeeMage said:

Isn’t that now 3 first time players?

how has this happened so fast?

If you're counting me, I am just a very infrequent player

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