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Mid-Range Game 53: Unmade, Remade

The lights were beautiful to Sja-anat.

Each light was a tiny flame, a soul or a spren. There wasn't much difference in the long run. Some were brighter, some were darker. And others had that slight tint, the tiny bit of rightness that she'd granted them.

She'd been working on that. It had been hard, but it had worked and it made her proud. She'd successfully Enlightened spren without the other Unmade noticing their alterations. Odium may have noticed, but he was distracted as of late. Something about that Kholin fellow. 

Regardless, Odium had boundaries. Sja-anat's power had been Remade; his influence was too faint to directly limit her anymore. He'd notice that eventually. And Odium could not stand defiance for too long - he'd send his Unmade to bring her back, Unmake her once more, and teach her a lesson while they were at it.

Sja-anat smirked. Well, it was time to learn just how far she could stretch this. 

LG start, LG D4 start, same thing.

Hello! Welcome to Mid-Range Game 53: Unmade, Remade! This game is a modified conversion game centered on Sja-anat's attempt to defect from Odium's forces and bring down the rest of the Unmade along side her. Please note however this game is RoW-spoiler free (I made most of it about a year ago) and has all the Unmade together... because.

General Rules:


The factions are the Loyal Unmade of Odium and the Defectors, led by Sja-anat, who will be the only Eliminator at the start of the game. This is a modified conversion game. The Defectors have a doc to conspire in and a faction kill, although players cannot submit a role action (including Sja-anat's Conversion) the same turn they submit the kill.

PMs are closed unless specific PMs are created by Dai-Gonarthis or Envoyspren, in which case they will be opened or closed by the GM.

There is an execution every cycle, with no vote minimum and randomized ties.

Turns/cycles are 48 Hours long, with rollover being approximately 12:00 PM (Noon) PST.

Order of Actions is Roleblocks--> -->Protects/Vote Manips/PM Abilities-->NKs/Executions-->Conversions-->Scan Abilities

Unmade Roles:

  • Moelach: The Specter of Dreams, the tracker. Moelach can target one player, and will learn the identities of all players who visited that player. In addition, while Moelach is alive, players will get Death Rattles that can be typed up and will be posted in the writeup upon death.
  • Nergaoul: The Living Thrill, the vote manipulator. Nergaoul can target a player and move their vote to another player.
  • Ashertmarn: The Heart of the Revel, the roleblocker. Ashertmarn can target a player and roleblock their actions for that turn. In addition, Ashertmarn is immune to roleblocks.
  • Re-Shephir: The Midnight Mother, the action stealer. On Odd turns, Re-Shephir can target one player. One random action that player took this cycle will also affect another target player of Re-Shephir’s choice. This ability will not be triggered by Conversions. Re-Shephir will not learn the action that is duplicated, but the target will. (Think a redirect, except the action affects both targets instead.)
  • Yelig-Nar: The Blightwind, the protector. Each turn, Yelig-Nar may target a player to protect from Night Kills. They cannot target the same player twice in a row, but they can self target. 
  • Chemoarish: The Dustmother, the night killer. On Even turns, Chemoarish can target one player to be killed. 
  • Dai-Gonarthis: The Black Fisher, the PM creator. Each turn Dai-Gonarthis can create four 1-on-1 PMs, which last until Dai-Gonarthis is killed. They do not need to contain Dai-Gonarthis, but may do so. (These PMs will be created at the end of the cycle by the GM.)
  • Ba-Ado-Mishram: The Eldritch Order, the role scanner. Ba-Ado-Mishram can scan a player and find out their role: what type of Voidspren they are, if any, or which Unmade they are, if any.


  • Sja-anat: The Taker of Secrets, Elim leader. Has X conversion charges which they can use to convert players (Unmade or Regals) to the Defector/Elim faction. Converting an Unmade requires 2 charges, converting a Voidspren requires 1. Sja-anat will also consume conversion charges to survive where she should not. Surviving an execution requires 2 charges, surviving a night kill requires 1. Sja-anat is immune to Roleblocks, and cannot use the Elim kill and her conversion on the same turn. 
    • Note: The conversion charge number will be revealed at the start of the game, but I'm planning for it to be approximately 1/4th of the total player count.


  • Each Unmade is a unique role, and are guaranteed will be present at the start of the game (assuming we get at least 9 people).

Voidspren Roles:

  • Stormspren: Has a passive extra life.
  • Smokespren: Once per cycle, a Smokespren can either cancel a player’s vote or add a vote to a player.
  • Decayspren: Once per cycle, a Decayspren can roleblock a player.
  • Nightspren: Once per cycle, a Nightspren can target a player and learn one player who targeted them that cycle. If they had multiple players who targeted them, they will discover one at random. Has a passive Death Rattle upon death, even if Moelach is dead.
  • Envoyspren: Once per cycle, an Envoyspren can create one 1-to-1 PM, which may or may not include the Envoyspren who made the PM. These PMs will close when the Envoyspren dies. (These PMs will be created at the end of the cycle by the GM.)


  • Voidspren Regal Roles are not unique and are not guarunteed to be in the game. Their presence will be determined by player count.

Death Rattles:

  • A Death Rattle is a written will that will be posted in the writeup upon a players death. Every player gets a Death Rattle while Moelach is alive (including Moelach), and all Nightspren get Death Rattles when they die either way.

  • Every Death Rattle must be under 100 words, or be a single image (with less than 100 words in the image, thank you). In addition, Death Rattles cannot contain Player Names or Role Names to show their cryptic nature. Nicknames for either are fine. Codes are... puzzles and riddles are okay, full-on encoded text and the like should be avoided.

  • No one can preemptively read or edit a player’s Death Rattle. I promise.


I'm the GM, I currently don't have a coGM. I kind of want to try this without a co-GM though. @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM.

The game will start on Saturday, September 18th, at 12:00 PM / Noon PST. Let me know if you'd like to join or have any questions!


Player List:

  1. @Matrim's Dice - tbd
  2. @xinoehp512
  3. @The Unknown Order - Jimmith
  4. @Elkanah - TBD (not to be confused with tbd)
  5. @Araris Valerian - Winnie the Pooh
  6. @|TJ|
  7. @Frozen Mint - Emma
  8. @Azmine_king
  9. @Elandera
  10. @Tani
  11. @Droughtbringer
  12. @Chantara - Veeda
  13. @Kasimir - Aizu
  14. @Illwei

Spectators/Pinch Hitters:

Quick Links:

(What did I miss)

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So, it would be a little difficult for me to run a Conversion game with 4 players. And by “a little difficult” I mean “the Elims auto-win if Sja-anat isn’t exed D1”.

Signups will likely be extended by a few days. I’d prefer to get at least 9 players to have the full range of Unmade, but I could manage with less.

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Welcome to all the new join-ees!

Unfortunately, I’d rather wait and see if we can get some more players to at least get over 9. So I’m going to delay signups end until Monday at Noon PST. If nothing changes by then, I’ll figure something out.

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It’s come to my attention (thank you TJ) that 9 players each as 1 Unmade would be… really unbalanced. So unless another 3+ people join (yeah right) then Unmade are no longer guarunteed to be in place. That might cause a delay (depending if @Devotary of Spontaneity needs to approve a change like that because I essentially said the Unmade are guarunteed) but I think without that in place I can run with 9.

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On 9/17/2021 at 2:42 PM, |TJ| said:

I'll sign up as well! Would be v busy till Tuesday if the game begins before that.

@Kasimir, a conversion game seems right up your alley, what say? huehuehuehue :P.




I'm retired. And busy trying to save Golarion, what are you doing >>

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41 minutes ago, Araris Valerian said:

Who wants to bet that RNG will put me as the sole starting elim? I'm on a 6-game streak right now, if serial killers count.

So basically you're saying that by induction, lynching you D1 is as good a strat as any? :P 

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