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The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

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That cosmere planet was prone to violent volcanic eruptions the entire calendar year, so people had to live in special domed cities to protect themselves.

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Unfortunately, the Ronduran Postal Service (RPS) had a maximum weight limit for all shipped items, and the heavily spiked hamsters exceeded the limit, causing the entire shipment to be redirected to Central Processing for inspection.

(I doubt we could possibly have the longest thread on the forum, since Random Stuff has been around for a long time, among others. We'd need to exceed 200 pages or more.)

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The pres. of RAPA received the baked goods at the RPS, interrupting his original task. The workers joined them for a lunch break of assorted pastries. The hamsters took this oppurtunity to escape... very slowly due to their lazy nature.

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