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  1. And then, with a small noise, the bakery that had always existed, but also never had, disappeared into the greater cosmere.
  2. Yzabet stuck her head back in. "Are we gonna have anyone be raised from the dead? Hint hint, there are some people who I'd LOVE to see again." Overhearing Xinoehp, she nodded with a sad smile. "I'm surprised more Dark aren't here."
  3. Yzabet served Truthless, then glanced at a clock on the wall. "I'll be right back. Ele, you take care of things on my side. No spikes." She hurried out the back door.
  4. A silent troupe of spiders descended from the ceiling, leaving cookies in the hands of everyone on the light side. Yzabet leaned over to look at Ele's notes.
  5. Yzabet have him the look of a patient cashier. "What type? We can also do personal customized cookies for the more.... discerning custumers."
  6. "Good to see the old TUBA Mime Battalions back in conflict." Yzabet commented, lazily leaning against a glass display case right by the line. "It's been a while since I've seen them in action. Ele and I" - here she pointed her thumb towards the Dark side of the room - "thought that it would be nice to get some of the old gang together on both sides of the line, see if anyone comes back from the dead for some of my cookies."
  7. Yzabet made a complicated hand gesture, and the walls wove together, fixing the hole. Any close watchers would have see thousands of tiny spiders remaking it. "No assasinations, please." Yzabet said, then glanced over at Ele. "Your people will stay decent?"
  8. "I've been ignoring time, breeding spiders, and traveling through Shadesmar." Yzabet said. She absent-mindedly tossed a cookie to everyone in the room. She gave a friendly smile to Snip, waved at Voidus, then looked over at Archer. "Can I help you?"
  9. Yzabet grins, then hugs Ene. "Whatcha up to? Do you want a free cookie?"
  10. "So," Yzabet said, a spider weaving a web between two fingers. "Who do you know is still alive? Do you think anyone who was dead will show up? I wouldn't mind a kiss from my Rhazien, or to say hello to..... who else has died?"
  11. Somewhere, there was a small street full of small, friendly stores. And suddenly, there was a store that had both just appeared and always been there. A hand carved sign above the double doors proclaimed "Light and Dark Bakery", in a friendly font. Stretching from the sidewalk outside into the kitchen in back, there was a painted red line, dictating which side was "Light" and which "Dark". The bakery was mirrored on both sides, even in its inventory, save that those goods on the "Dark" side had spikes in them. A woman on the "Light" side, brought forward from ages past by some strange and mystical power, chatted with a person who had no physical form on the "Dark" side. They spoke of days gone by, back before all of this messing around, when all that any of this had been was simply whether or not you should tell someone that they had a spike in their cookie. @ElephantEarwax, as Himself @I Am Witless, as Yzabet Summoning all of the old-timers to kick back, enjoy a cookie, and engage in non-violent RP for the sake of old times. Light and Dark Bakery welcomes you.
  12. A small spider watched with interest, then began tapping away at it's thread. This was news.
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