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  1. Guyyyyys!!! 
    I’m applying for my first real job! (Detasseling doesn’t count) It’s at a plant shop, and I really hope I get it! It seems like a really good environment!

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    2. Ranryu



      *screaming* the one with the green and red logo?

      also, me too! i just applied for my first job ever last night for a cashier at a retail store!

      Nope, one with green, black, and white.

      Oooh! That sounds fun!

    3. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Sounds better than my job...

    4. shortcake



      Sounds better than my job...

      Don't you work in a retirement home?

  2. Oh yeah. A very well informed kid told me that you can win the game by going on TV with the pope and saying “I win the game”
  3. I don’t exist (perks of being and imaginary friend), so I don’t think, so I don’t participate in the game.
  4. I have a question for y'all.

    Would you consider yourselves chaotic? Why?

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    2. Tea Leaf

      Tea Leaf

      HCl time!

      Everyone drink up!

    3. The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      :D HCI! Now I don’t die!




    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood



  5. What would you do with a million dollars?
  6. Hmmmm... So we need to give you sugar and play the aww yeah video on repeat?
  7. I swear I’m not lying right now. It all started when I accidentally reflected him across the y axis and translated him three units to the left.
  8. Man. Today was a little weird. In a good way, mostly.

    I got to skip sem and sleep in a little, because my parents wanted me to be rested for AP testing.

    Speaking of it, AP testing is so dumb. 150 kids in a gym for three hours. We wasted so much time, and for what? A test score that most colleges probably won't accept anyway? At least the class itself was pretty interesting. It'll definitely help me with my worldbuilding skills in the future.

    After that, the school just gave us two periods off for no reason, which was GREAT. My friends and I just wandered around doing stuff.

    And the most important thing: We actually had a good youth activity! Usually they follow this pattern: Everyone but me is fifteen minutes late, we do some pointless thing like painting nails or "planning" future activities that will never happen. This time was different. It was all youth of all ages, and we went to help some older ward members and their neighbors with yard work. It was great! We had fun AND actually did something to make the world a better place. I don't feel like I wasted an hour of my life. And, the best part, our hard work caught the neighbor's interest, so now they'll be taking missionary discussions!

    Oh and a song recommendation: Two Birds by Regina Spektor. It has a really interesting low brass part.

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    2. The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      …is that what some wards subject the YW to? The nail-painting thing? The YM in my ward do a lot of planning, but for the most part we end up doing the activities. Basically the only planning meetings we don't follow through with are the combined ones, and the few we do use are picked by th YW and subject the YM to horrible things. For example:


      The time we had a silly idea (I say we but I mean the YW) where we'd go to Goodwill, and the YW would pick out 3 outfits for the YM to wear and vice versa. The reactions from the YM ranged from silence to vehement objections (me). Well, the YW planned the combined activity not yesterday but the week before, and guess what they picked? Yeah. The "Fashion Show". So we went to Goodwill and the YM picked outfits ranging from androgenous to female (cuz we're chivalrous and follow the codes), but guess what kind of outfits they chose? Mhm x-small to medium female outfits. For teenage boys. Oh, did I mention the size 9 women's heels I had to put my size 11 men's feet into? The other thing I wore, for the main outfit was a sequin. Robe. For a 5'1" girl.  I literally had to put it up over my head so it didn't suffocate me. I'm 5'10". So yeah. at least I got a $5 Chickfila gift card for "The Craziest Outfit". That is the story of how I cross-dressed. Otherwise known as the day I died inside. For some reason I feel like @Being of Cacophony needs to see this.


    3. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Yes he definitely needs to see that.


      The YW in my ward are...actually, let me rephrase that. I'm the only YW in my ward who's over 13, the closest in age to me being my sister. We've pretty much given up on doing anything, and when we do stuff...man it just stinks, y'know? Like, dude! I'm a competitive mountain biker, I'm happiest when I'm covered in dust and sweat and blood, and then these ridonkulous peeps are like "if you do girls camp in a place without wifi i'm not coming" and it kinda drives me insane, but whatever. I have other humans.


    4. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus

      i did need to see that. I also don't know why, but I needed to see that :P That does sound like something several YW in my ward would do to me, and what you did was something that I would probably do, so... maybe that's why.

      Glad you had a good day though Ranryu! Which AP test did you take? APHG?

  9. Bassoon: practiced, cleaned, discovered to be broken (stupid school instruments from the 70's)

    Dinner: made and cleaned up

    Hands: Drawn (badly) in every conceivable position plus a few that aren't physically possible

    Memes: created

    Little bro's minecraft skin: created, downloaded, and ready to play with

    Garden: weeded

    Friend: not in possession of the Book of Mormon I offered her (she said no she didn't want my religion)

    Homework: procrastinated 

    Chocolate: eaten

    Oranges: Also eaten

    grammar: baddened 

    Status: updated


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    2. Ranryu


      Enlightenment: reached

      Thanks: given

    3. The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      Hearts: broken

      Lives: destroyed

    4. Just_a_Fan


      Hotel? travogo

  10. They laugh and turn red and then kiss/snuggle. we’ve tested it on multiple couples
  11. You the know the best way to annoy non-single-pringle friends? Show them the studio c aww yeah video (look it up), then go "awww yeah" every time they try to kiss or do something romantic.
  12. So my parents decided they wanted to reduce my phone time by forcing me to take all the fun apps off of it. That's fine. I get it.


    Now I have free time. LOTS of free time.


    (No teacher on this planet could assign enough homework to keep me occupied all day :P)

    I wanna learn to do something fun. Drawing, maybe? I definitely didn't spend the past hour just drawing hands in different positions.

    What do you guys think I should try?

    (Please nobody say bassoon. I'm procrastinating because it's so heavyyyyy and baaaaadddd soundinggggggg)

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    2. Ranryu


      Basically? Yeah.

      Seriously considering replaying ff6 and then writing a fanfic with a more cohesive version of the plot. Would anyone approve of that?

    3. Exotic Almond
    4. That1Cellist


      Might as well replay it at the very least. It's probably worth it.

      I mean I've already beat it twice and have 130 hours in the game and counting but...

  13. In some ways, yes. I envy my younger siblings a little. My parents call me their test run. They didn’t know what they were doing with me. My siblings benefit from what they learn.
  14. Hey guys, I’m gonna rant a little. :P


    Okay universe, you win. I got the message. Aren’t you proud of yourself? It’s my job to be the healthy, responsible one. It’s not like anyone else is going to do it. They all have their own problems.

    If I feel sad, there’s always the person who’s grandpa just died.

    If I feel angry, there’s always the person who lashes out in violent fits of rage.

    Scared? Well I can’t be, because I’m the only one onstage who isn’t having a panic attack.

    When I’m lonely, someone else is always actually alone.

    When I consider the noose, there’s always my friends who cut themselves.

    If I have relationship difficulties, there’s always the person who’s ex is making their life terrible. 

    Confused? Good for me, but everyone else is confused too, so put on a confident mask and pretend that I know what I’m doing.

    No matter how I feel, it never seems real when our next to someone else’s emotions. It seems more like a bid for attention— a childish cry for someone to look at me and care about me. It’s selfish. Clearly I’m the one who’s supposed to just be okay— the one who doesn’t need anything or take anything. You hear that universe? IT’S FINE I’M FINE EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY FINE

    Beyond that, I haven’t been super active on the shard lately. My life’s gotten kinda busy, but I hope it will settle down soon— I want to join another RP. Maybe in a few weeks, when school gets out.


    I’m kinda excited and kinda afraid to leave my school and never come back. In three weeks, I can say my test run of life is officially over!


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    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue


      We all try our best. The things you feel are valid, even if they don't seem justified.


    3. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist


      No person's feelings are unimportant. And the fact that you feel that some others have a priority of some sort shows that you are an empathetic and caring person. But you still deserve to have support and have your feelings acknowledged. 


    4. Exotic Almond

      Exotic Almond

      This is too relatable.

      Just try to remember that no matter how hard anyone else has it. Your feelings are still 100% true and valid. When someone else's grandpa dies that's sad for them but you can still feel sad.

      We're here for you.

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