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  1. I enjoy a variety of song genres, but right now I'm exploring the impressionist era, and artists such as Chopin and Debussy. I also really enjoy playing video game music!
  2. When is the next "stuff your face with french fries" Day? Well, the good news is that it can't smile creepily at us anymore.
  3. Why are people afraid of feet?
  4. Unfortunately, he chose to eat lunch in his mom's basement, where he was rudely interrupted by the sound of a vacuum from upstairs.
  5. I've been a Brandon Sanderson fan for a few years, but only now have I gained the courage to make a 17th shard account. I once read all of Oathbringer in a day on a dare (although my comprehension was not the best). Other than reading, I really like card games such as mtg and yugioh. I enjoy writing, playing piano, and martial arts. Anyone else a hapkido person?
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