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  1. Thanks for offering to babysit! The battle plans are on the counter, and the wedding cake is in the fridge for when you need it. Thanksfordoingthisbye! Is this some kind of orchestra joke that I'm too band geek to get?
  2. Potato posed an interesting thought yesterday. Every liquid has something in it. Does that make every liquid a soup? If every liquid is soup, does the word soup even mean anything anymore?
  3. Yes, sort of. It's not inexplicable, I just don't get enough sleep. TPBM watched a trumpet stick their instrument inside a trombone's bell today.

    I love jazz band. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, hands down. For once, no disaster halted our performance, and we were in tune!!

    The varsity jazz band was phenomenal!! I hope I can be in a group that good one day.

    post-concert adrenaline rush. This is fine.


    Now who’s ready for the post-concert adrenaline crash and subsequent week of feeling depressed for no good reason?


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    2. Ranryu


      We played easy versions of It don’t mean a thing, save the last dance for me, and this Latin rock song called solera.

    3. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      That's so fun!

      Did you get to solo?

    4. Ranryu


      Yes. In every song. It was more fun than I expected when I started!

  5. Um... I'm pretty sure that it's illegal to launch our science teacher into a volcano via a catapult. Sure you can! All it takes are five easy payments... of your soul.
  6. I love the idea of this thread. I’m just gonna watch and see what you guys talk about.
  7. What kind of animal did you throw at the police officer? It's complicated, but basically yes.
  8. I am so so done with this stupid society.

    Why can't the world be like my backyard? Flowers, grass, trees... AND NO ANNOYING PEOPLE. No depressing politics or sad news or pointless arguments. Just the wind, the clouds, and the dirt. No talking, just humming. The endless expanse of sky instead of a cold war bunker school/prison.

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    2. Morningtide
    3. Morningtide


      AHH that's not how you spell that and now it's bothering me. *Precisely

    4. Telrao


      Scudding society! Who's with me for DEFENESTRATION??

  9. Did you know that our class voted you "Best Eggplant Of The Year" again? Ah, that's unfortunate. I would've gone for the bedazzled dictionary, honestly.
  10. Potato: *hits me* me: are you clapping aggressively? Potato: there’s a difference between clapping and slapping. me: *outside leads her hand* Potato *hits me harder* I’m tapping, I’m tapping! And another one... @Potato's Wit: Sandwich mitosis. Me: Unlimited sandwiches! You eat one, and two more appear! Potato: Just like Hydra! Me: Hail Hydra!
  11. It is though, right? There's always someone screaming, and when people come to your house, they get assaulted by a tiny army of children.
  12. Welcome to the Shard! Which cosmere character is your favorite so far?
  13. Are you sure it’s a good idea to drive your rocket in an umbrella factory? You forgot to mention the flaming robot tenrecs of doom.
  14. WE GOT HALCY QUOTES!!! “I have a sword. It’s long and metal and covered in pink stuff.” “I’m good at hitting things on accident.” “My whole life is a lie.” “Sometimes I like people who are weird, and sometimes I don’t like people who are weird and would rather throttle them over the hump of a camel.” “I’m good at breaking things.” ”Dragons with explosive dynamite in their bellies and then they swallow the fire in their fire pouches thingies and then they go boom.” “I can think, therefor the world is not a simulation. I have solved the problem.” “If I am a simulation then whoever made the simulation is cruel and mean and I will kill them one day. Do not doubt me. I am capable of killing anyone I want to.” *reads* “how to contact yourself in a parallel reality, and, how to shift reality.” *laughs* “which one should I read next?” @The Halcyon Girl
  15. Mmmm you know that feeling when your mom comes home and your brothers are covered in the remains of the popsicles that were supposed to be for everyone?
  16. Did @shortcake ever interact with her? @The Halcyon Girl @The Halcyon Girl @The Halcyon Girl
  17. You steal it out from under other people's noses that's why
  18. So guys I did a fun thing.

    As you know, I practice the martial art of hapkido, and I absolutely love it! I love it so much that I started thinking about how I could share it with my peers at school. I talked to my masters and emailed my principal, so if all goes well, my school will have a self-defense club next year!

    (take that, wrestlers. We're cooler than you. noimnotinsecureyoureinsecuregoaway

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    2. Ranryu


      (Sorry almond, not at your school, remember?)

    3. Exotic Almond
    4. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      That's insane!!

  19. "Who gave you permission to murder me?... Me? Oh, right." - @That1Cellist
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