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Naming Shardblades

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1 hour ago, Inky said:

Big Storming Sword

BSS for short.

I'll start with some references: Callandor, Anubis, Luck&Pluck, and Justice for book and show references. Next onto the music references: Jailbreak, Bohemian Rapsody, Black Betty, Thunderstruck, Epitaph, Love Train, Holy Roller, and High Voltage.

No points for originality here. 

Finally on to some that I came up with myself: Moonsliver, Virtue, Hellclaw, Dawnbreaker, Starsilver and Plainskiller. 

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For a flame-looking one, Nightfire or Baringer Shemesh (very rough Hebrew for Sun Bringer)

For a more traditional spike/sword, Hopebinder

Cultivationy one, Tsuyoi Ha (Japanese for "Strong Leaf")

Windrunner-like one: Unsu (the name of one of my favorite kata that translates to "cloud hands")



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Big Daddy

(Ya better wear your brown pants today, boys, cuz Big Daddy's coming for you.)

The Great, Fearsome Fluff

(I shall strike you down where you stand. For no blade can match the the radiance, the all-humbling glory of the Great, Fearsome Fluff.)

pika PIKA

(Shardblade, I choose you!)

I apologize for my relentless immaturity -_-.

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