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  1. I would wait a bit before jumping to this conclusion, the immediate aesthetics of the Nightmares and the Midnight Essence are similar, but in practicality they don't seem to work very similarly at all. It's possible that they (and the Midnight Aether?) tap into some kind of similar framework for a type of entity in the Cosmere, though.
  2. Yeah, but I don't use them super often, I find that when I actually writing my philosophy doesn't exactly mesh well with a lot of Brandon's
  3. Yeah, kinda. When things get REALLY bad it led to spawning horrible cancer monsters once. Also, in my head "air" was a specific combination of Red and Blue crystals, but I might make that Purple.
  4. It's really less "magic" and more "stupid fake science", which is usually not my wheelhouse, but I've had fun with it so far! Anyways, here it is, tell me what you guys think! The "Magic System" is basically a weird form of science in this setting, that all the technology is based on. Around 200 years ago, these magic crystals were discovered to have the ability to filter the energy inside of them to produce stuff depending on the color (Red = Fire, Yellow = Light), etc. These crystals are called "Chromine" and this energy is called "Chromatic Energy" By distilling raw Chromatic Energy, you can filter it between crystals to combine their effects (Red + Yellow = Lightning/Electricity), and laying out crystals in certain ways within a "circuit" can produce new, more complex effects (laying out multiple Red Chromine crystals in the right circuit pattern can produce ambient heat instead of actual fire). The vague domains associated with each crystal are: Red - Fire Orange - Earth Yellow - Light Green - Life Blue - Water I want to have Purple Chromine that somehow lets you have like, radio and internet but I'm not sure what domain to give it. Additionally, Green Chromine also mostly creates or controls like, tissues. Stuff like disease prevention and immunization is mostly outside of its wheelhouse and normal medicine like vaccines still have to exist. Additionally, raw Chromatic Energy has some interesting properties. Notably, sometimes it leaks out of impure crystals and, if not contained properly, can seep into the environment. If this happens enough times, the environment can warp, creating weird fantasy biomes, like a rainbow forest filled with giant crystals, or a city where it's always night and all the animals are bioluminescent.
  5. Yes, on two fronts. 1. Moash did nothing wrong /s 2. A huge part of this whole Kaladin/Moash/Amaram arc is about being consumed by revenge and Odium Hatred. Giving in to blind rage and hate has been universally deemed by the series thematically to be a bad thing.
  6. With regards to the Jasnah policy thing, we also haven't really seen much of Jasnah yet this book. We don't know the outcome of any of her political decisions yet, we haven't really looked into Alethi politics yet in RoW. We've got like 100 more chapters, I'm sure there'll be more dimensions to this situation
  7. Yeah some of the A plot guys have minor chapters.
  8. I disagree, Kaladin's pretty clearly part of the A plot involving Urithiru. Shallan and Adolin in Shadesmar are the B plot, and Dalinar and Jasnah in Emul will probably be the C plot. After the last chapter I think Kaladin/Navani/Venli/Renarin/(Rlain or Moash) is a pretty solid prediction for the major A plot POVs.
  9. No, they died once like 6,000 years ago and became Cognitive Shadows. Now when they die, the Oathpact intercepts the Cognitive Shadow before it disappears and keeps them "alive"
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. It sounds like they imprison themselves
  12. Honestly, I was very scared that all the hype would sour the actual reading of RoW for me but honestly? This is already looking like it might be my favorite Stormlight novel. Something about the character writing and the action just seems so tight and high quality right out of the gate. Kudos to Brandon.
  13. "Using that Light, she peeked into Shadesmar: the Cognitive Realm. Timbre pulsed to Concern. They’d tested Venli’s other power—the ability to mold stone—only once, and it had drawn secretspren. A kind of specialized spren that flew through the city, watching for signs of Knights Radiant using their powers". I don't think her Shadesmar sight is tied to Envoyform - as far as we know it just works as a translator.
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