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  1. It takes investiture to move it, not sustain it. And we might be reading different wobs but the one I'm seeing specifically says that zephyr spores created normal air, not invested.
  2. Dawnsingers are just Singers who predate the arrival of humanity and Odium https://coppermind.net/wiki/Dawnsinger.
  3. I'm going to voice the dissent. Even with purified Dor the battle goes to the shardbearer. The crystal itself doesn't seem to be invested so a Shardblade would cut it. The shard bearer then has two options. A simple lunge through the chest of the golem to twin twinsoul ends it. If twinsoul cam make a golem w ok th a deeper chest then the length of the Shardblade it will take longer, but it took an entire jar for the golem and a second to sustain it so the shardbearer just needs to lop of a limb, forcing twinsoul to replace it, like 6 times to reduce the armor to nothing. The only way twinsoul wins is if he kills the shardbearer before they figure out what is happening, but he isn't going to have a fast win against shardplate.
  4. The biggest thing that makes me say he is not a Stoneward is the description of them working in teams. Dalinar is notoriously independent insisting on taking on any challenges himself, often by himself. Though he isn't anymore, in his past he was incredibly unreliable and flighty. While that has changed, reliability is hardly a core attribute of his. Edit: I think the biggest thing that highlights this is his refusal to even tell people his plan to deal with Odium at the end of RoW. "Don't worry about it, I'll do it by myself," is not very stoneward.
  5. What would happen if Nightblood was wielded to kill someone who is pretty objectively not evil. Directly against his intent. Maybe they are just incredibly virtuous. They've made mistakes, but nothing that's evil. Dedicated their lives to helping people, impacting personally the lives of 100's and making systems that help 10,000's Attentively, someone who's morally neutral, nothing that great or terrible. To take that to the extreme, they are totally innocent. Popped out of the womb 5 minutes ago. Let's run with the last because I think it's the most solid. Someone picks up Nightblood and stabs a baby. I can thing 4 things happening. 1. It fails. Nightblood doesn't cut. Baby is fine. 2. It backfires into the wielder in spectacular fashion. 3. It works but Nightblood is seriously physically, cognitively, and/or spiritually damaged. 4. Some combination of the above. Thoughts on the issue?
  6. And that is the most popular gut reaction I've seen. But, why? What makes him a Stoneward?
  7. First let's comb through the elsecaller entry from the radiant quiz. Lots of stuff that's applicable. https://www.brandonsanderson.com/the-ten-orders-of-knights-radiant/ Though typically scholars "the Order is open to many different types, so long as they want to improve themselves . . . They seek self-improvement and personal betterment in their lives, but aren’t limited to one specific theme or set of Ideals." That's Dalinar to a T. Furthermore, "They have their share of scholars, and often a large number of theologians, but also attract those who are interested in leadership." Dalinar (though he would deny being a theologian) fits both of those secondary traits. "They are good at encouraging others, but some are known to set their sights upon the things they want and then seize them." Another two check marks. "they tend to be among the best tacticians, and are logistical geniuses." Though we haven't seen him deal too much with logistics his time as highprince of war highlights his tactical genius. Lastly, he has already sworn the second ideal of the Elsecallers. You might be thinking "what, we don't even know what it is!" I disagree. The Elsecaller oaths are similair to the Skybreakers in pattern and we already know the core philosophy of the order. "I will reach my potential." And he swore it during the battle of Thaylen Field. "If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man."
  8. But what about invested matter. It seems that invested matter has more fundamental energy. Could it just be E = Mc^2+I and we need a way to quantity I?
  9. First, this isn't going to make much sense unless your caught up with the The Lost Metal Release chapters including today's. Second, I am a amateur physicist at best; I've completed a (singular) college physics class. So Wax just invented nuclear bombs. Fun. But good old E=mc2 isn't going to quite do that for us with investiture in the mix. Harmony has confirmed that we need to get an I in there somewhere. To my mind the I has to modify the m. c2 is a constant and isn't going to be affected, energy is the output. The two simplest results would be E = MI c2 or E = MI c2 I could also see E = MsubI C2 allowing for a far more complicated relationship between M and I. People who are smarter than me please tear this to pieces. I've put this in the cosmere spoiler area in case you want to involve RoW physics somehow.
  10. It's been forever since I last posted, but let's go. An extension of a previous post a made way back when, now with new arguments! So, feurchemical savatism. Impossible right? Savantism occurs when the spiritweb is overloaded with investure and feurchemy only gives you back investure you naturally had (less even because of the diminishing return problem) so theres no way to become a savant. Wrong. There is a mechanic that allows the spiritweb to be overloaded with feurchemical investure and we are actually introduced to it all the way make in TFE. Compounding. No before I go forward I want to state why I think this is true. Because it makes sense. Savantism is a cosmere constant. Its seen (minor SA) The overload of power results in savantism. I would posit we have actually seen two feurchemical savants. TLR and Miles. I'll go over Miles first. Savantism has a give and take. In our one canonical metalborn example of savantism, Spook, we see the benefit of huge increased power and the detriment of absolute reliance. Miles we see the same thing. He uses so much but never once do we see him consume gold with the express purpose of compounding. This could be an oversight, but I suspect he is just hugely efficient. His savantism allows much more power output than Sazed's x10 prediction. He also doesn't feel pain which I could argue equally is a benefit and detriment. I believe Wax says at one point (correct me if I'm wrong) that he would also just drop dead if he ever stopped tapping. Certainly a detriment. Above all else though I propose his main detriment is is delusion. Even when stripped of all his metalminds he truly believes he is invincible. Miles is anything but stupid; I don't believe he would think that without a magical effect. TLR is next. He is theoretically a savant x33. Every power plus Atium. But it is atium savantism, if I am correct, that he definitely has. He has to do it constantly for 1000 years and every year he has to dedicate more than before. I don't think it would be possible for him to maintain without increased efficiency from savantism. Much like Miles I believe his detriment is his delusion of immortality. The man is a genius (likely due to his compounded memory and mental speed). He shouldn't have fallen into so simple a trap of being taken out by the very power who made him who he was. Investure induced madness is where he fell. So what are your thoughts?
  11. Lmao, stop trolling my posts, Eric. Is that all you do here?
  12. That's interesting, I read it, I didn't listen.
  13. But he could just be saying spren as a general term. Any cognitive entity can be referred to as a spren, and as a Rosharan native Sigzil would be likely to do that.
  14. What kills that for me is that Auxiliary is not an Honorspren name. It doesn't follow the same sort of pattern.
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