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  1. What @Aspiring Writersaid lol. I've watched the livestream, listened to the audiobooks, and read the books. I know how they're pronounced... That doesn't make it easier to say. Renlain is life! :-)
  2. I'm rereading the series and passed the part in book one where Elend was going to be assassinated. Vin jumps in and battles a handful of mistings and two Mistborn. One of the Mistborn, of course, was Shan. I wasn't able to find who the other one was. All the info on him I could find was that he was male. However, having just finished book two.... Its Zane isn't it? Male, Mistborn, working for Straff. Seems right. The big point against it being Zane is how easily Vin beat him, but she could have just been lucky. Also would she have recognized him in book two if this was the case? It was dark when they fought and I don't remember if they were wearing masks? Has everyone already figured this out? Is this wrong? I can't stop thinking about it lol.
  3. Whimsey! Let chaos rule. But for real, Devotion probably matches my personality best. I'm a huge people pleaser but I don't think I would be a perfect fit either (too selfish lol). I do like Dominion, Cultivation, and the idea of Whimsey. I would pick one of those.
  4. Has anyone tried saying Rlainarin out loud? Its impossible lol. Renlain is the more sensible choice by far!
  5. What if the lines don't represent the oathpact per se, but instead represent Nale's connection to the other Heralds? The vibrant one would be his connection to Ishar since they seem to have stayed in contact and respect each other still, while the broken one is Taln for his betrayal? The others are all weak because of them not interacting very much over the years.
  6. Oooooo juicy. Unless they viewed the singer's as in the right. If they did form a bond it would most likely be with a Singer (false desolation and all that). We've seen that the Bondsmith has some influence with their spren. Maybe they were convinced the Singers were in the right. Not necessarily disagreeing with you. It would make a lot of sense for BAM to be Odium's. If she was 100% Odium however, why all the drastic changes to spren and singers? Again, I don't disagree per se, I'm just exploring options.
  7. What if BAM became the spren of all three Shards? If there's a spren for Honor(Stormfather) and a spren for Cultivation(Night watcher) and hybrid spren Honor+Cultivation=(Sibling) could there be a spren of all three? If BAM were connected to all three Shards her imprisonment would affect all aspects of Roshar. That would mean a total of 7 Bondsmith spren. Honor=Stormfather Cultivation=Nightwatcher Odium=? Honor+Cultivation=Sibling Honor+Odium=? Cultivation+Odium=? Honor+Cultivation+Odium= BAM?
  8. @garlick totally what I was thinking. Once Odium became fully invested in the Roshar system, there were bound to be some changes. I believe BAM is the pure Odium bondsmith spren. I think Sja-anat is also trying to become one. Maybe she'll be the Odium/Cultivation hybrid? Any guesses for the Odium/honor hybrid?
  9. I'm sorry. You're totally right, its unrealistic to think everyone will have all the WoB memorized:-) I was irrationally annoyed for whatever reason. I apologise. I still think the simpler interpretation of the WoB is the correct one though!
  10. That's... A really twisted way to interpret that... I guess technically possible, but I wouldn't bet on it. (Also instead of saying "citation needed" if you already know of the WoB you could just post it and explain why you disagree. Just a thought.)
  11. Axindweth is most likely a Terriswoman and is almost certainly a feruchemist. The dragon had been confirmed as cultivation's vessel.
  12. We don't know who the other two shards are yet. Harmony is definitely writing the letter. I'm not exactly sure. He has a hard time doing anything and I believe the other two are actively avoiding him for some reason.
  13. Huh? The assassination attempt was a fail... Meaning it was sent later. Ch 97 is where Rabonial almost died but hadn't sent the note book yet. By ch 106 it had been sent thus El having it. To repeat myself: My only point is that Navani did have a plan, it just didn't work.
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