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  1. I put a spin on my Nano journey this year by not letting myself decide on the project and instead posting it up for a vote. And also by not letting myself start in any way (except document prep) until November itself hits, so no worldbuilding, no character creation, and no brainstorming. urrently the timeloop story is winning the vote, but if anyone here wants to vote on it too, I'll shove the options into a spoiler box for size.
  2. Oh see that last one makes me think it may be making a major appearance in Era 3. Makes me wonder if it's going to end up tying in with Scadrian punk culture, should that show up like I think it will.
  3. Happy birthday Invo!! 

  4. You know, I thought I'd specified that my initial ideas were mostly for limbs but I guess I forgot to. My bad! I'll edit.
  5. We've seen prosthetics and assistance devices created already in the cosmere, but what Investiture system do y'all think would be best suited for creating them? I'm torn between Awakening (for obvious reasons) and AonDor (for even more obvious reasons), but I think Allomancy could potentially have a shot if the prosthesis was metal. Edit: Allomancy was mostly a good idea for limbs, something I thought I'd mentioned and apparently didn't! I stand by AonDor being best for most forms of prosthesis though.
  6. Welcome! Who's your favorite character so far?
  7. I wouldn't go that far, it just happened to have come up on one of the pages I was looking things up for armor stuff on. I could see that. I honestly might keep it anyway under creative license because as much as I hate to say I got attached to a meaningless mechanic like serrated armor messing up armor, I totally got attached to it. Or maybe not. I'll keep thinking on it. They were kind of meant to invoke that (because I kind of thought it was a good concept even if it needed some work), and I do agree that it seems like they'd be restrictive at first but that's what the Methods are for (it's absolutely my attempt to rescue one of the few things I've enjoyed about the few 4e games I've played). Let's take your War Wizard/Peace Cleric as an example. This is absolutely not something possible at low levels, naturally. You'd need at least two levels in Wizard and at least one level in Cleric. And with the breadth of things you mentioned doing, you're probably what, level 5 overall? Let's call it level 5 for ease. That's 25% of the way through the maximum level of any one class in DnD, even if most campaigns don't make it that far and even if it's spread across two classes. Keep that 25% in mind. In Archetype, you get a new Method (or a deeper Method) every five levels and a chance for a new Archetype every ten. Call it level 10, so you've got three Methods (level 1, level 5, and level 10) and two Archetypes. Double Caller could work, or Caller/Hammer, depending on how often you actually intend on waltzing yourself into actual melee range. More than doable. If your level 1 Method was Ranged Magic or Evocation Magic or Elemental Magic, you can spam one-Act bolts of fire/ice/lightning from the back or throw up walls of stone, fire, or wind with no issues. That's two of your mentioned functions covered without a single level-up. But lets say you got tired of spamming spells and hit level 5, so you take your second Method as Summoning or Combat Magic. Whichever you take, take the other at level 10 alongside your new Archetype. Now I know that seems like a long time to wait, but the first ten levels of Archetype go really fast. It's not intended to be an arduous journey, though numerically it seems that way because I forgot to mention the maximum level of Archetype: 50. Level 10 is only 20% through the total progression of a single character. It's the end of the tutorial, essentially. I'm anticipating a lot of campaigns starting at level 10, just like a lot of DnD campaigns start at level 5. This was probably my fault for not explaining fully, but I promise, the variation is there, especially with custom spell creation. Also, I've changed a few things: Racial Statistics are now Origin Statistics and you now get 15 Skills instead of 10 (the bonus 5 get chosen by your TM).
  8. Okay so puns aside, I've been thinking about this: and I'm almost wondering if it's a way to fix the issues with the thing that was confirmed possible in TLM. (Spoilering this because I'm not sure how long it'll get) (It didn't get that long, I just don't feel like taking it out of the spoiler tag)
  9. I think if you managed to store enough for that, you'd turn yourself into jerky. Likewise, I think heatstroke would be the least of your worries if you tried to trap that much heat at once.
  10. There was an old Hunger Games thing that happened a few times. I can remember being a Gamemaker for that at least once. I don't think I've got time to participate this time, but it'll be interesting seeing how the introduction of Metallic Arts changes the planning and execution of ideas.
  11. You know, I thought about using brigandine as the term for that level of armor but decided it was less recognizable than studded armor. Didn't want to give people another thing to have to adjust to while they're trying to learn an entire new RPG system. Also I figured it didn't make sense without the term "brigand" existing really at all. Variation is the spice of life. Glad you don't think it's too complicated, I was vaguely worried about it coming across as being too many dice to roll for one interaction. I'm not honestly sure too much either, but it seems like armor that has a higher chance to actually catch the serrations would suffer worse than something like an actual breastplate that would generally refuse to give the teeth purchase. If I can ask, what do you think about the Archetypes themselves? Too general? Too specific?
  12. As promised, let's talk mechanics now. Not everything is going to be released publicly, or even all in this one area, in case I do decide to take this to Kickstarter level (if I can ever get it good enough to deserve that) and get things into production. Anything that's been left out has probably been left out deliberately for that reason. Also, if anyone knows a lot about armor that they'd like to drop knowledge of on me, go for it. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not an expert. The next post I'm planning on making for Archetype is a magic breakdown, because that's been long overdue at this point. Basic character creation mechanics: Skills: A turn in Archetype: Rolling: Damage and Armor: Thoughts are welcome! I know I still have a lot of work to do on the armor stuff. Taglist: @Frustration
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