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  1. I feel like Vin might be an edge dancer. It has been a while since I read mistborn but Vin never liked being in the spot light and enjoyed moving and twisting around when she moved or burned metal. She is similar to Lift in that way. Elend I feel like would be a truthwatcher since he seeked the reveal the truth or a bond smith because he want to unite all people together without fear. Again it has been a while since I read the books but this is the impressions I got from the characters.
  2. This could imply Kaladin then because he did bond with the oldest honour spren. Syl was around before the Recreance therefore could insinuate that Kaladin could reach ascension.
  3. I find the concept of " honour isn't dead as he lives in the hearts of men" really interesting because honour is personified in SA but having him shatter, it depersonified honour. It would be cool to think honour decided to die so he could ultimately win by reaching the hearts of every person, therefore outmatching odium. It would also parallel what odium did to create the fused. therefore the game plan was for honour to reach every human to outmatch odium and defeat him?
  4. She could have killed testament by refusing or lying about testament's existence which could in turn kill it since she is only telling lies to it and denying it being attached to her. Otherwise I have to agree the only way to kill it could be just failing the first ordeal.
  5. It could be the journey back? He could be pardoned. Who knows except Brandon?
  6. That might be just my family then because I never saw my second cousins or great aunt as family but family friends. Just a strange family dynamic I guess
  7. The Australian paper back pages are super thin like a bible. I wrecked the paper a little bit just buy holding it with sweaty hands (it's almost summer here). But that might be because the single book is so huge they couldn't use thick paper but when it comes in two parts hopefully it will be stiffer paper that survives tears and sweat
  8. It could be possible that the relation of Kaladins maternal grandmother and Aesudan grandmother or grandfather was like a close friendship (similar to how second or third cousins or even great great uncles are kind of friends but don't really see themselves as family?) it could explain why Aesudan knew the song, because his grandmother. Or it could be Kaladins grandmother was engaged to a relative of Aesudan but chose a dark eyed business man. I have a feeling light eyes would have liked to keep it in the family so having his grandmother engaged to a distant relative would have been seen as the norm. I hope these two possibilities make sense?
  9. I'm not sure if I missed this or not but doesn't Dalinar admit in the book that the duel will most likely not be a traditional duel? As in he is unsure how the fight will happen, the rules of the battle and what it actually entails? Because if he wanted to Odium could just make it like an episode of wipeout and whoever survives the shenanigans wins? That's what I thought of when I read it. Not a stand alone sword aginast sword type of thing but a chaotic battle to the death type of thing with all these obstacles and stakes.
  10. As someone who has ADD I'll be honest. I do become distracted like that. I could be talking about a book then somehow got talking about chemistry or language. It is possible to be like that. I don't think anyone really has demonstrated ADHD in the books unless you really want to stretch it to Lift (and I mean stretch) but Rushu the ardent (the one with Navani right?). She seemed fine to me. In fact she was probably more like me because I too would get distracted by something else while doing another.
  11. I'm fairly sure Rock did something perceived by his culture as severely wrong (I don't remember exactly but his place in his family said he was meant to be a cook and he fought which goes against that or something i don't remember too much). To me it sounded like he was going to be impriosoned or executed and he would come back to meet Kaladin when Kaladin eventually hits the dust (sadly), because Kaladin had probably in Rocks eyes reached Godhood or something like that.
  12. I am trying to understand. Do you mean is Ishar manages to make a spren appear in the physical realm with a physical body, the heralds can use this knowledge to become their physical forms to curve mental deterioration? Kind of like using spren as a testing ground to see if it works the other way or something like that?
  13. This is most likely reasoning behind Gavilar because he sounds like he was consumed by passion which is odium but I don't think his purpose was to bring odium back. I do agree with this.
  14. It could be like someone else said and they wanted to bring Taln out of Braize but not bring back the Fused. It could have been a misunderstanding that Gavilar meant Taln as their god not the Fused. Therefore, Axindweth would have been working against him and why she was chased off the planet.
  15. I thought this book did a good job at highlighting these very human situations. Raboniel euthanised her daughter because she knew there was no way to undo the damage of constantly being reborn does to the daughter. She did mention she tried to prevent it using different scientific tests. But unlike Moash who kills with "mercy" is unemotional and doesn't understand how the person feels at that moment. Similarly to the honour spren who treat the deadeyes like the ardents treat the mentally ill, they lock them up and don't give them a voice or try to understand what they are going through. Following tradition on how it has been said to work but refusing to try something new. I don't know if that all makes sense but I think you teased out some parallels in the book that make it unique.
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