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On 1/22/2022 at 8:54 PM, Mwindaji said:

just have to mention that I once walked into a library, found a fun book in which a princess runs off and finds a dragon to capture her (or something along those lines). I proceeded to sit in the library and read it all then and there, absolutely loving it. Since then, I've wondered from time to time what that book was, and it wasn't until you mentioned Dealing with Dragons, and I looked it up that I was able to figure out what book it was, so thanks for that!

I ADORED that series as a kid. Still one of my all time favorites. I have all four books in hardback on my bookshelf

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Hi everyone,

This is the same post I used on the Forums introduction. So, I will add a little more to the bottom.

 I am someone who loves to write, although I am not sure if I could consider myself a writer. I have always written different things when able. Mostly my own extended epilogues to my favorite movies, video games, or stories, and on occasion writing poems or short stories. I am here because I was inspired to write a novel (and have finished the first draft), all while following Brandon Sanderson's lectures online.

This kind of started last year after retiring from a 20 year military career and found myself sitting on my butt doing nothing. I enjoyed the Mistborn series thoroughly and began asking myself, "Can I write like that?" Sadly the answer is "No", but through listening to him I have been improving this craft and enjoying it more. Maybe one day I will be able to say I am an author, but for now I am not sure I fit the title of writer. So, for now, I am excited to meet new people and see what is in store for me all while putting my work out there for willing beta-readers. 

I think I can claim I am multi-genre in likes and style, but with my preference being sci-fi. The above mentioned book is a sci-fi universe without aliens. I play it off as if we discovered how to leave earth and the galaxy, but never discover another intelligent species. This leads to planets becoming the equivalent of countries and governments regressing to monarchies while politics changes to control it all under one umbrella. That is all below the surface iceberg stuff. I am both nervous to see what you think while excited to edit it into a finely crafted tale. 

I say all that to then add that I will get to that in time. I am still in my personal editing stage to ensure that each chapter carries the same tone and that I have all the parts written out. Right now I am just introducing myself and letting you know what brought me here. I also look forward to reading everyone else's work, although I am not sure how qualified I am to be critique anything. lol. 

Take care,


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Hi! My name is Nadya and I am a writer based in London.


I've been writing on and off at uni and then during my PhD (not PhD thesis implied). Then later on I discovered literary translations and realised that I want to put more effort in my stories as well.


I currently have a complete draft of a novel, which I need to edit and I am trying to produce more short stories as well as writing flash fiction and a serialised novella for my website.


The book I fell in love with in the past year was "The Coral Bones" by E.J.Swift.

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Found this forum through the writing excuse podcast, which I in turn through Brandon Sandersons youtube lectures. 

Not a native english speaker but I try my best hahah. 

Been drawing since I was small and I suspect that I am and will always be a better artist than writer. But hey! Atleast I can make my own fan art

Right now in school for game graphics and can at most spend time on my writing on my free time. Don't know if writing books will become a career for me but I do have a passion for story telling and have been wanting to improve my craft for a while. In the middle of a writing project that is probably faaar too big for me but I keep on. 

Duller than grey rock when it comes to books. Remember liking War Horse by Michael Morpurgo and the Earthsea book by Ursula K. Le Guin.

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On 7/31/2023 at 0:45 PM, strange24 said:

But hey! Atleast I can make my own fan art

Well I for one am jealous ;)

Welcome - we'll look forward to seeing you around the forum and, whenever you're ready (no rush, as you know) your submissions.

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