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Hello, @Lecky Twig. Glad to have you onboard. I'd by happy to read some short stories,. We seem to be getting pretty much exclusively novels through at the moment, so that change of format alone would be refreshing. 

8 hours ago, Lecky Twig said:

I like to barf all my ideas onto a page, never even reding through the complete draft of the story

This does give me the shivers, I have to say. I presume you would read through them before subbing them here? :o;)

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Hello :) I'm Jessica, but I prefer to be called Moshi ( xD its my "internet" name).

I'm a peruvian (so english is not even my native language xD) graphic advertising designer, writing is really one of too many hobbies I have.

I guess in hindsight, I really started writing way back at school, drawing manga strips :P for my and my friend's amusement (xD I was one of those girls the teacher always scolded for drawing instead of paying attention to class). I tried to draw a couple of manga books at school, but I was (and still am, to be honest) very slow at drawing, which leads to my hobbies branching into Painting/ilustration and writing separately.

Even though I stopped writing after college, my mind kept daydreaming and creating characters and stories, so 4 years ago as a personal growth challenge to myself, I decided I might as well write those ramblings down and actually create something so all that time and energy my brain uses up making those things don't go completely to waste xD.

Since I am a stubborn dummy, and I only read fantasy in english, I can't but write fantasy in english as well.


TLDR: Writing is a hobby. I'm a noob. English is not my native language, so I'm very bad at it. Here to hopefully improve a bit.

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1 hour ago, Moshi said:

Writing is a hobby. I'm a noob. English is not my native language, so I'm very bad at it. Here to hopefully improve a bit.

Hi!!! Welcome! 

Your English is much better than my Spanish! If at any point any of us say something you don't understand, please let us know. 

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Hey, @Moshi,

Nice to meet you, and welcome to the group.

As someone who also has too many hobbies, I can relate. At least I manage mostly to 'ignore' the other ones while I concentrate on writing, although they can cross over, such as when I get a chance to write a song in the context of my writing.

You will find others on here who 'art' (like @Snakenaps and @karamel for two), so there is plenty to talk about, apart from writing.

For what it's worth, I don't think you are 'very bad' at English at all!! I wish my Spanish was that good. My second language is French (from school, and maaaany visits to Paris), but my cousins live/lived in Spain, and my uncle worked there for decades, so I have been there some too, but really only can order four beers, ask for the time, and ask ?Hablas inglés? :rolleyes: 

I am sure, when we get a chance to read your stuff, we will remember that you are writing in your second language and not give you a hard time over grammar, etc. (Although of course if you were going to publish, a good, solid grammar edit would be necessary, as it is for everyone.)

I look forward to reading your stuff at some point :) 

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welcome to reading excuses @Moshi! I also don't think you need to worry. If you hadn't mentioned that english was your second language, I never would have guessed! And as robinski said, I think you will get along just fine with everybody. There are lots of artists here :) (I also got in trouble a lot at school for drawing when I was supposed to be listening XD) 

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Welcome, @Moshi! Glad to have you on board. I am, personally, completely hopeless at drawing, but we have a few artist types on here so you are certainly in good company there. As for writing, well, you're preaching to the converted on the joys thereof :) 

As a critique group we're mostly geared towards revising for publication but you are absolutely welcome, of course, to submit your stuff. When you do get around to submitting, feel free to let us know where you'd like us to focus our feedback and we'll critique accordingly!

And, I don't think we have you on the group mailing list. Whenever you want to hop on that, send @Robinski and myself a PM with your email so we can add you, as that's what allows you to receive others' submissions and participate in the group. No obligation to critique while you're not submitting but it IS a useful way to get oriented to the group.

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@Moshi Welcome!! 

I've always daydreamed and made stories in my head too. I was very inconsistent about it unil after I was out of grade school a few years and settled into a job and house that I finally started to consistently write them down and  I have not stopped since. 

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2 hours ago, Theoryspren said:

Hi I am Theoryspren and I have always loved writing. Problem is I am not that good at it. However I have recently rediscovered it and am trying again to write a full novel.

Hi! Nice to meet you! 

Writing is a skill that can be improved and critique groups are a great place to learn and improve if you are open to feedback.

And I find a learn just much from critiquing other people's work as do from getting my own critiqued. 

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19 hours ago, Theoryspren said:

Hi I am Theoryspren and I have always loved writing. Problem is I am not that good at it. However I have recently rediscovered it and am trying again to write a full novel.

Hi, nice to meet you :). You are in the right place, welcome.

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Hi my name is Valerie and I have always loved to read and to write.

My main motivation  for joining this group is to try and improve my writing with an ultimate goal of eventually writing something good enough to submit to the Writers of the Future Contest. I first learned of it when I was 11 or 12 and have  dreamed of entering. Why haven’t I? 

Fear of someone other than myself reading my work and lack of confidence.

I love the Writing Excuses podcast so this group seems like a good fit.

outside of writing I am horribly dyslexic and so my forum posts will be littered with typos and such (I promise I do better with my writing as I use text to speech and other tricks to self edit that I just don’t bother to do with forum posts.)

I’m a mom of two girls and a physical therapist with a speciality in orthopedics and currently working in a second in pelvic health.

as far as autors I love, there is Lois Mcmaster Bujold). Jane Austin, Brandon Sanderson (of course), Molly Harper, Gail Carson Levine, and about a bazillion others. I read about 2-3 books a week, easy. I don’t like horror, especially torture porn type stuff. But can read and enjoy just about anything else.

That’s probably a good overview!

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Hello, everyone! 
I'm Christen. I went to school for mechanical engineering, and while I almost squeezed in enough extra classes for an English minor, it put a bit of a hold on my writing until a couple years ago.  I started working on some writing projects on and off then, and buckled down a little more seriously on an epic fantasy project last year.  My husband is working on writing and producing some audio drama projects as well, and at some point, I'm hoping to officially team up with him to do some short audio drama pieces of side stories from my world.  I've always preferred longer writing projects to short stories, but there are some ideas in my head that I think world work well as short audio dramas. 

Both fortunately and unfortunately, some of the stupidity of 2020 means that I now have a whole lot more time for writing, so I ended up making it a goal to finish the first draft of book 1 of that project as part of NaNoWriMo.  It certainly has a lot of work to go (the wordcount is way too high. There are a number of magic system and worldbuilding details that need to be introduced earlier on.  For starters), but it's pretty cool to have it at the point where recruiting other people to look at it is going to be more useful than having me sit here and stare blindly at it for the foreseeable future.

Some of my favorite authors are Megan Whalen Turner, Lois McMaster Bujold's World of Five Gods books, Sherwood Smith, Terry Pratchett, Sanderson (of course), and for something completely different, I recently read Wendell Berry's Jayber Crow and really enjoyed it, even though I almost always usually stick within the fantasy genre (it even took me a long time to branch over to sci-fi for Skyward, though I'm glad I did, because it's probably one of my favorite Sanderson books)

Looking forward to getting some input from readers here, and to reading some things that other people are working on! 

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