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  1. I doubt it's psychological. Lactic acid has nothing to do with tiredness. It rarely hurts immediately, it's more of a "the next day" kind of thing. I'd relate the tiredness more to a sugar crash. Your body had a bunch of energy. Now it's gone and you feel extra tired. It's a natural response to any kind of stimulant affect(and the more powerful the stimulant the worse it hits. I had to talk to this one woman after she came off Cocaine and... It was like talking to zombie that got woken up at 2 AM.) As for the Reshi thing... That's a lot more complicated. But as far as damage goes, we know cuts heal so it stands to reason torn muscles would heal. We just also know Stormlight can shapeshift you into the true expression of yourself. But that's... Different from altering your neurology, which fundamentally changes who you are away from the true expression of yourself. More than anything else, you are your nervous and endocrine systems. They're kind of... All the most important parts of you. The rest is just fuel and structure to keep those going.
  2. I'd argue sensory overload is absolutely not something that Stormlight can deal with. Sore muscles are caused by physical damage and lactic acid. Stormlight heals physical damage and purges toxins, which Lactic acid can easily be seen as. Sensory input is part of the body's structure. You can't heal away the way your neurology is set up. There's no physical damage to heal. No foreign chemicals. Often times it's literally a lack of certain chemicals, something we know Stormlight doesn't heal because it's not putting more Seratonin into Kaladin's veins to help with his depression.(There's some budding research that suggests some of Autism's symptoms my be alleviated with Oxytocin(The hormone Not Oxycontin which is an opiate) which would fall into line with that, but it's new and divisive for a number of reasons.
  3. Addiction is an identity characteristic in a lot of ways. And Stormlight healing is all self-perception. So Teft sees himself as "an addict" the same way I see myself as neurodivergant and Kal sees himself as Depressive. If Teft instead blamed everybody else... The unhealthy in denial of reality thing to do as we see it, he might have had the addiction cured. But I suspect anybody with that outlook wouldn't be able to take wind runner oaths anyway. That said, while the physical addiction might be removed, it's unlikely that the emotional and neurological factors that leave someone vulnerable to addiction could be healed. They are indelibly linked to a person's identity the same way things like Depression or ADHD or having good eye-hand coordination are. Stormlight doesn't rewrite DNA or memories. It just removes damage. Which... Stormlight has addictive qualities, so that becomes its own issue.
  4. Yeah. And there's a WoB out there that Taln didn't break. So instead we have a case where a few things are true. A: Shallan Killed her mother on the night Gavilar died, sending her back to Braize to be tortured. B:Shallan's Mom is now running around on Roshar and going to show up for a epic levels of OOF! for Shallan, having been the catalyst for all the terrible rust that's happening. Followed closely by her Mom being killed like Jezrian was-permanently. Freeing things up so that the big 10 seen at the end of OathBringer can become new Heralds. (Shallan, Kaladin, Renarin, Jasnah, Dalinar, Venli, Szeth, Taln, Shallash, and Lift.) Bets on Shallan breaking starting the chaos that happens in the back half as well for Maximum OOF there as well.
  5. It has to be Wit for one(With white haired Hoid for alternate)and then Hoid's Cryptic for the other.
  6. I'm not sure that disproves anything yet. It disproves the Renarin part but the rest can be language shifting over time. My dad's name is Michael and that means "Who is like God" But it has other linguistic origins.
  7. On the topic of Brandon Words I've been using Gibbletish regularly since I read WoK.
  8. So , I was listening to the audiobook today and I got to Chapter 94. In the Epigraph Kalak mentions knowing the truth of the Nahel Spren. I think it breaks up as Nah El bond. Nah is something like "of" if I'm remembering right from Renarin's name. I think the bond is of El. He found a way to convince the Spren to bond humans. There's more, I'm not sure how or what it is. But there's something there.
  9. That was part of my thought process. But why would he be 16? Not 10. And why would Ishar have lied about killing him? I suspect he's from Ashyn. Someone that's managed immortality without being a Herald maybe. But someone that knows a whole lot.
  10. She's the blind one. Also Otherland is one of the most relevant and accurate Sci-Fi works of the 90's/2000's. So many things right about internet culture.
  11. This is a real thing. You can go essentially psychologically blind. Your brain reacts an overpowering stimulus by shutting off your ability to see. Your eyes work. Your nerves work. Your brain doesn't process it. And because it's a mental thing, not a physical one Stormlight has nothing to do with it. The last fictional character I came across that referenced this was Martine from Tad William's Otherland.
  12. His Boon and Curse are likely gone. Or at least not really relevant anymore.
  13. It feels inconsistent to have the same Spren be able to materialize as two different physical substances. I can see intent being involved, but it should still be the same metal every time a Spren manifests. There's weirdness there that I'm on the fence on.
  14. Not sure I like that. It says weird things about old Fabrials. Can you sharpen a part of a Soulcaster and cut someone with it? That seems off. Maybe Shardblades are a different manifestation than other Fabrials, but that's odd and uncomfortable in the sense that there's two different metals from the same spren.
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