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  1. With the recent resourcepack with the temporarily revoked new mapgen (src), it turns out that changing the world height limit with a resourcepack is possible. And I think it could go beyond the current max, only the mapgen would not build there. So with a resourcepack we could make fit Urithiru in the world.
  2. Wouldn't it be more convenient to do it as Realms or other kind of server? If people download the world and build individually, how do you plan to merge their creations? I guess Worldpainter can do it, but what if two people try to build the same city? Also, please, please do the End (or Nether) into Shadesmar! If it's Java, I could help with building, depending on how often my MC will crash (it does that a lot), I'm not great at it, but not terrible either + I know the setting reasonably well (= read the books about 3 times and know how to use the wiki) + I know how fortifications work (= watch Shadiversity a lot).
  3. Why wouldn't it be possible? The Returned aren't presented as undead (cough, Twilight, cough). I mean, yes, they are brought back to live, but they have all normal functions, like breathing and eating and they bleed. and while they do run partially on the Investiture, they are more like fairies (=not quite human, not quite spitit) than undead (=dead but running around). All Returned can have kids, same for the Heralds for example. Yes, that's an unusual take on the undead trope, but IMO it makes sense in-setting.
  4. [Generally, this all.] Don't forget he'll be the first one to be a dual-order Radiant. But then, I have literally zero opinions on Kaladin that are not controversial, so..
  5. I'm pretty sure we have a confirmation in more than one WoB that canon answers to this kind of questions (Beyond, life after death and CS being an actual soul not just a simulacrum-like imprint, general eschatology) won't be ever given. Which, in my opinion, is a good decision. Nearly all books I read that tried to tackle this area ended up… not that great and often a little cringy.
  6. I really liked Venl as a character (the start was boring a bit, but I like her as a person)i. I love Navani, her science, her sismance with Raboniel. And her becoming a Bondsmith. I like the Sibling too and I get why they disagreed and I think they had all the right to do so, but the situation (mostly Moash) forced them and now it's awkward for both them and Navani, which is very interesting. I didn't like Kaladin swearing the 4th Ideal, I really don't like that Kaladin followed his character fault (overprotectively took Teft from the Fused which had a big chance of getting them both killed and the situation seemed like Teft would be a lot safer given to the Fused) and it turned out it had been the right thing to do and Teft died besides that, not because of that and generally, nothing bad came out of it. (But I don't like Kal as a general rule.) I'm totally OK with the Wit/Jasnah thing, though I'd be same level of OK without it. I just… it's not that I don't care, because it's good. I just don't have a preference about it. (Though I don't think this relationship will last, unless they both change how they approach it, ie start trusting each other more.) I loved the "Shallan killed her spren" twist, but I hoped that more drama will come out of it. I found Moash quite boring and I'm still not in the "storm Moash!" camp. He would one of the less interesting to me characters now, if not for the fandom reactions around him. I still find the interactions between Shallan's personas, and the personals themselves, rather boring.
  7. A couple days ago on the Discord I came up with the theory of Kaladin being a direct heir (ie: eldest sons/children line) of Tanavast. This would fit with Lirin&Hesina being his actual parents, and also with Lirin too having this "moral code above all else" thing going on. But I agree that it would be a little too tropey for Brandon, unless he can find a good spin on it. However I also like the hypothesis that this "son of Tanavast" refers to Kal's bonding with Syl, it's a very elegant reading of it.
  8. Nightblood started with 1000 Breaths, but is absorbing Investiture when used and I not all of it leaves as the smoke. Some stays and accumulates with time. I can't link an exact WoB, but I remember Brandon saying something along those lines, or at least that's how I interpreted it.
  9. As I read this, the kidnapped women are his descendents via the lines that had shown a good Allomancy genes.
  10. Why haven't I seen this topic earlier? In order of controversy: I don't like Kaladin, I don't think there's a single scene in his PoV I enjoyed. He's the least interesting and and emotionally engaging PoV. I… he just doesn't work for me, I don't care about him and I'm sick of seeing the hype about him everywhere (hence: my profile). And no, I'm not a happy-rainbow-never-had-depression person. Also I think his character arc is (in terms of narrative quality) worse than other characters in SA (not that I am at the position to judge, but anyway). I liked Shallan the most in tWoK and now after RoW, but in WoR she was boring, except flashbacks. I really liked her flashbacks. Her personas are boring too, because they aren't as interested in Cosmere lore as Shallan. I don't have any strong emotions, or almost any emotions at all towards Moash, except secondary ones, ie emotions I have about emotions that other people will feel if his story goes this or that way. Which are strong, because people invest themselves emotionally in him, on both sides. Harmony isn't that good. Sure, he's trying I guess, but the thing he did to Paaln (and to Wax, but mostly to her TBH) crossed the line. Lift is actually funny. Spensa is great. Generally, teenage girls aren't all cringe. I don't care much about Renarin's ships. I wish he had more PoVs, but romance is near the end of the list of "things I want to see Renarin doing". (Cool magic is probably on top, dealing with his insecurities in social life is second). [RoW-related opinions redacted] Rithmatist is actually really good. Steelheart isn't bad, it's just very unlike Cosmere. Same for Legion. Elantris is by far weakest of Brandon's books. It's still ok, but not very good and the only reason I'd reread it is to find more Cosmere lore in it.
  11. Eri

    Alphabets, typography and similar [Cosmere]

    My ideas for where could the alphabets go and stuff. It will include stuff from various planets of Cosmere, so putting this under "general art".
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