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Systematic approach to the evolution of Scadrian alphabet - take 2 (with some corrections)


Edit: There's an image size limit? :( I really prefer having it all in one image. Here's a Google Drive link to full-size of it.

From the album:

Alphabets, typography and similar [Cosmere]

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Yeah, I can barely see the image, will have to use the link. Hmm... you might have to give open/public permission for file viewing.

Ooh capitalizations, I checked and it's canon, I completely missed it



Looking more closely at the [Steel Alphabet] font, it looks like we're missing some information. Note that the tin symbol for 'e' and 'i' are slightly different: the dot is in a different location. I suppose that the dots are diacritical marks, then.

Any other diacritical information we should know about the Steel Alphabet (or Alethi, for that matter), Peter?

Peter Ahlstrom

Moving the dot to distinguish vowels is a modern innovation, within the last 100 years by ALLOY OF LAW. I suspect that dots may be gone entirely (except for the two changed vowels, and maybe "capital" letters) in many fonts by the time you get to the second trilogy. Numbers might get a moved dot too. The placement of the dots in the original symbology has to do with Allomancy, but they're largely superfluous in writing.

The Feruchemical symbols (which are in the RPG) are evolved from the same root (the ancient symbols you can see in MISTBORN 3), but I don't know about their use in modern writing. It could be something like the hiragana/katakana distinction. But that's just speculation right now.

Miscellaneous 2012 (May 7, 2012)

Also, agh, right, Scadrians use base-16 numeral system... 

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