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Rosharan alphabet reform


One day I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if team Kholin* went full Sejong the Great and decided to make a writing system that's actually useful?" (I'm not saying the scripts are unrealistic, most RL alphabets aren't useful either). Bu "useful" I mean easy to learn, based on phonetics, similar to already existing glyphs, but more logically constructed etc.

So that's my vision of how it might look like. Far shot from canon, but I like playing with other people's worldbuilding.

If idea of such reform happening doesn't make sense to you and you haven't read OB, then please read OB.

If idea of such reform happening doesn't make sense to you because the war and all and they don't have time… well, yes, I know. Maybe they'll have more free time in the gap between book 5 and 6?

[It's mostly useless but if anyone wants to use it for something, you're welcome.]

*  I mean mostly Jasnah and Dalinar

From the album:

Alphabets, typography and similar [Cosmere]

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